Sony’s MDR-1000X Hits The Shelves

Sony’s MDR-1000X Hits The Shelves

Sony’s MDR-1000X Hits The Shelves

The new Sony MDR-1000X launched in the market will give a tough time to its rival. Even though it comes at a price of $400, arguing on whether to purchase it or not will be waste of time as it comes with cool features. Let us have a look at the features.


Like said earlier, the new Sony MDR-1000X does not have an outstanding design. And this is what makes it special. The simple design grabs our mind and makes the usability quite comfortable. The Sony MDR-1000X looks like any other normal headphones which goes unnoticed and comes with soft leather that covers the outer cups. These cups don’t support any buttons or logo, keeping the overall look simple.

Complete control

Now, the buttons are present below the left cup next to the cushion. They include power, ambient sound and noise cancelling. But the thin design makes it difficult for the user to press the right button. To the left hand side of the button is the input for the auxiliary wire. All other functions are performed by touch.

Quality of audio

The Sony MDR-1000X gives a great output when used wireless. It gives a full of rich bass, aesthetic and near-to-natural sound quality. Those who prefer uncompressed music can make use of Sony’s Hi-Res Audio by making use of the cables. Also it has a battery life of 20 hours which is more than enough.

Overall the quality of the headphones is normal, considering the price range. Those who prefer flashy pair of headphones, this is not a place for you! Whether you buy this pair of headphones or any other pair, you’ll always want to take off the headphone to listen to person talking to you—not because of the chance of missing any part of the conversation but to avoid looking a jerk.