Engineers arrested for racing General Motors cars

Two engineers of General Motors have been arrested for racing the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingrays in the Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Alexander Thim who is 27 years of age and hails from West Bloomfield and Mark Derkatz who is 30 years of age and from Windsor, Ontaria had been clocked in by the state troopers of Kentucky on the night of Wednesday for clocking a speed of 120 mph and 100 mph in a zone of 45-mph respectively as per recent reports.

The Bowling Green Assembly is the only location that is building the Corvettes which was the model the employees had been taking for a drive while they visited the plant as per the company. The sport cars’ sticker price begins from $60,000.

The state troopers in Kentucky had been able to detect the alcohol sent on both these employees. In the statement given by General Motors, they said that they had been aware of this incident and were currently in the process of investigation.

The statement further said that Safety was their priority and it overrides everything else. A representative of Chevrolet has said that the company did not want to say anything apart from this at the moment.

There was also a third driver of Corvette who had also been involved but this person had not exceeded the limit and had thus not been arrested

Thim who had been driving a red Corvette is also an employee who works for the company is the co-chair of a resolution team at the company as per the reports.

The cars were then removed from the scene and had been taken to a tow lot where they had been collected next day from the owner.