Proxy War Techniques Employed By Israel Killed 2,700 in 70 years

Proxy War Techniques Employed By Israel

Proxy War Techniques Employed By Israel Killed 2,700 in 70 years

Israel’s formula for its state sponsored killings over the last 70 years of its being has been revealed in a comprehensive book by Ronen Bergman. The 600 plus pages book has been chronicled on the basis of hundreds of documents and about 1,000 interviews undertaken by Bergman. The writer who worked earlier for the Yediot Aharonot newspaper as an intelligence correspondent managed to get information by persuading several Shin Bet and Mossad agents besides the militia to open up. One such prime information giver was the former Mossad head by name of Meir Dagan who expired in early 2016.

The book has got its title, ‘Rise and Kill First’ from a passage in an age-old Jewish Talmud reprimand which encourages the individual to arise and slay off the person who comes to eliminate him. The passage proved a source of justification for all of Israel’s state-sponsored killings. Bergman cited the example of Yasser Arafat’s death to be one of its outcomes though he downright refused to give more details.

Bergman mentioned that a number of Israeli techniques of proxy war like pilotless aircraft technology, systems of command and control, techniques of collecting information; war-rooms have all become an important part of the American and its allies’ arsenal, today.

Bergman stated that his work was not easy; he faced a lot of hurdles in his research work for the book especially from Israel’s Secret Service agencies. Though the missions on a large part accomplished whatever was set out to be achieved, he has broached the legal and moral issues attached to such killings sponsored by state. He revealed that the near- end to attacks on Israeli citizens in the earlier years of 2000s was not because of erection of the West Bank Barrier as thought of by the world but more due to the large targeted killings undertaken by the country.

The number of such targeted killings carried out by the country totaled to a minimum of 2700 in the last 70 years.