Uber changing its regulations to comply with the AB5

The year is 2020 and it means that the Assembly Bill 5 in California, which was a law that had been passed in the previous year and had been designed for improving the livelihood of the gig workers has come into effect and Uber has become the first company that is trying to take steps for the evasion of this law.

On the morning of Wednesday, the giant in ridesharing had emailed as many as 150,000 drivers in California that had alerted them to the changes which will be impacting how the operations of the company are taking place in California

The email contained the said changes which include the replacing of pricing which was done upfront with an estimate for the rides made apart from car pools or with the other passengers who would be sharing this expense.

Therefore, instead of giving the rider a firm price upfront, the final price is going to be calculated when the trip ends on the basis of the actual distance and time that has been travelled explains Uber.

This law has forced Uber and a few other companies which rely on these independent contractors to make these contractors the employees of the company which would mean that the company is going to pay their drivers a standard rate of the benefits and are going to guarantee a minimum wage for them. This also applies to the freelancers which include the artists, musicians, writers and a lot more people who have been now experiencing the consequences of this law that had not been intended when the law came into being. Uber has made a lot of changes to give the riders a lot more control over their rides.