A strange unreleased device by Google has got the approval from FCC (Federal Communications Commission). On the basis of the description, it appears like it might be an upgraded edition of the Google Wifi router, which has not seen an update since it was first rolled out in 2016, as per media.

As media reports, the new hardware was actually generated by a firm dubbed as Murata Manufacturing Co. below VPYLB1CQ (the FCC ID), with Google enrolled for a “Change of Identification Request” that might give a new ID by FCC ID (A4R-1701AA1) for actually selling and marketing the device.

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As for the device itself, the filing by Murata offers us a pretty good look of what it may be: a dual-antenna hardware that can give Wi-Fi on the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, which seems a whole lot similar to mesh router. Although it appears to be a router, there is very little to imagine about the new gadget.

On a related note, The FCC earlier claimed that it is re-launching its hardware certification initiative in the middle of the partial government closedown, preventing a possible delay in rolling out new electronics and phones. The FCC claimed this week that it was reopening the Equipment Authorization System, reversing a move declared on January 2, 2019. Various other FCC programs will stay unavailable, and the FCC is not providing support employee for the system till the shutdown concludes.

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Most of the electronics should get FCC certification prior to hitting market, and a prolonged conclusion might theoretically delay their roll out. Earlier, the Telecommunications Industry Association alerted that phone supplier may have to slow the release of new 5G handsets if the shutdown carried on. The worry was specifically pressing since the firms frequently declare new goods all over the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event, which will occur in Barcelona, Spain next month. The actual odds of ending the ending the program were decided.

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