Mandarin: Auspicious Plant For Chinese New Year

Mandarin: Auspicious Plant For Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year makes it a special time to tap the button of refresh on your garden and home. And this we will be marching into the year of the dog. Hence, it is a great period to look around and ask a question, “How can I make sure fine a good fine year this time?” Well, try growing or planting mandarins.

Just as most people exchange gifts on the Christmas Eve, it is normal to exchange mandarins at the time of Chinese New Year. Inside the Southeast Asia’s Chinese Diaspora, the fruit is so closely associated and ubiquitous with the festivities, there was no escape for the people living there. For days after and before, you are giving them, getting them, juicing them, and eating them, you need take to always having a couple of them in your handbag to exchange away in case you ran into a friend. Its sweet and distinctive citrusy fragrance attacks your pores and fills the air you go everywhere.

You are permitted to give different gifts, but make certain you involve a few mandarins as well (only whole ones and fresh please). Baking a cake for your grandaunt? Put a mandarin on it. Offering the neighbor some cookies for New Year? Toss in a few mandarins. And never, ever drop by anybody’s home at the time of the Chinese New Year without a few stuff (similar to 12 Days of Christmas, there are 15 Days of Chinese New Year).

What is so special of mandarins? In the Chinese-Cantonese language, the name for the fruit also sounds similar to the word for gold, so in the fortitude of offering what you need to get, houses stock up on the things by the basket loads to give it to neighbors, friends, and the expanded family.

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