Who Are the Best and Worst Presidents of America?

best presidents

What Should You Know About the Best Presidents of Our Country?

In the 18th Century, the nation America was created. And there are many differences between the world at that time and the world today. For this reason, it can be quite hard to make a list with the best presidents or one with the worst presidents. In the beginnings of our country, Great Britain and France ruled the world. They were powers of that century, and there were many wars started by these powers. And they had the goal of increasing the land or commerce area.

best presidents

That’s when the United States appeared and started to create a place for themselves in the world. It only took 60 years to gain independence. For you, that amount of time may seem very long. But from the viewpoint of a country in that century, it was a great achievement. And from them on, the domination of our country had started. America also participated in many wars. But the difference between our country and other powers is that we only participated in them intending to defend ourselves or our allies.

The 5 Best Presidents of Our Country!

In over 2 centuries, our country had many presidents. Some of them were a good influence, while others were the opposite. But from a realistic viewpoint, there are indeed 5 persons that can be considered the best presidents because they made more contributions to our country compared with the others. But there are also 5 of them that can be considered the worst presidents. Starting with the good ones, they were:

  • George Washington (1779-1797). He is the man responsible for the independence that our country got. And he made a lot of contributions even before he became president. His presidency started due to a unanimous vote of the Electoral College. Another contribution that he made was the neutrality that he imposed when the war between Britain and France took place. So, he is not only one of our best presidents. But he is also considered the father of our country.
  • Abraham Lincoln (1861-1864). This man was able to preserve our country after the civil war. And after that, he created the “Emancipation Proclamation”. And he was also the one that started the intercontinental railroad project. All these contributions helped our country enormously and put Lincoln in the history books as one of the greatest leaders that our country ever had.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961). Before becoming a President, he was the Supreme Allied Commander for the war in Europe. He had great contributions in the liberation of France. He also contributed to the defeat of Germany in WW2. And this experience also helped him while he served our country as its President. First, he made the armed truce between our country and Korea. And he made possible the US/USSR neutrality of Austria while also managing the cold war. He was the starting point of our military might because he understood that only a strong country has the ability to defend itself. There were 4 of the worst presidents in the period between Washington and Eisenhower. So, our country really needed a competent president like this one.
  • Ronald Reagan (1981-1989). This man contributed to the economic growth of our country. He was the one that made possible the change in legislation. And this increased employment and curbed inflation. And he also managed the tax code in a perfect manner that allowed our country to have the longest period of financial prosperity without any recession. He also continued the policy of peace through strength. It was through his efforts that forced the breakup of the Soviet Union.
  • Donald J. Trump (2017-2021). Our most recent President started his function with a focus on the economic growth of our country. He started to eliminate some of the regulations that inhibited businesses and economic growth. He also made possible a reduction in the taxes paid by both corporations as well as individuals. Next, he continued the economic battle. But he took it on the international front. He negotiated new treaties that are fairer towards our country and implemented measures that will stabilize the economy of the country. In the present, he changed his focus on the global crisis, which is COVID-19. The fight is still on, but the measures had been taken, and the victory is within sight.

The Worst 5 Presidents of Our Country!

Unlike the best presidents of our country, there is also the opposite type of list. In it, you will find the presidents that made almost no contribution towards its well being. They either made the wrong decisions, or they didn’t make one at all. While sometimes, the measures that they wanted to implement were against our Constitution. So, below is the list that I consider to be the least effective, or worst presidents of our Country.

  • Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881). This man wanted to reconstruct the country after the civil war. But he failed because he didn’t use the federal troops to maintain order. So, he didn’t gain the support of the Southern part of the country and failed to get the second mandate.
  • Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893). He made a series of bad decisions regarding the economy of our country. As a result, the treasury surplus of the country was reduced. The gravest decision that he made was the replacement of the tariffs with the federal bounties. This earned him a place on the list of the worst presidents.
  • Herbert Hoover (1929-1933). He was the main cause of the “Great Depression” that our country suffered. More precisely, his tariff act that increased international tariffs. The trade partners of our country took the same action as retaliation. And in the end, the great depression started. Many of the developed countries in the world, including ours, suffered because of his actions.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945). His actions worsened our country’s situation during the great depression. Fortunately, the Lend-Lease Program kept the country floating until the war started by Japan started, and the industrial might of the country started to be used.
  • Barack Obama (2009-2017). The last president that our country had before President Trump. He failed in his administration duties through the lack of effective measures. And he also failed in the diplomacy aspect with other countries. He bowed down to our adversaries, thus creating a weak image in their eyes. That is how he earned a place on our list with the worst presidents.