Finally The Wait for The Second Terminal For Mumbai is Over

Finally The Wait for The Second Terminal For Mumbai is Over

Mumbai at last initiated its work for the new airport after nearly 20 years of the first proposal. This new airport with ease a lot of congestion that is present at the moment and jets can land at their scheduled time without running out of space.

PM, Modi place the foundation of the International Airport in Navi Mumbai. It is projected to be built on nearly 2,866 acres of land, around 22 miles southeast side of the present airport. The new facility is likely to deal with 60 million travelers every year after completion. The project, however, is running slower than the schedule with issues right from approval to interruptions in the bidding process.

Vistara’s COO, Sanjiv Kappor opined that Mumbai Airport lacks slots and this is high time to have a new airport in Mumbai so that new airplanes can be added, also clearing some congestion for the existing airport.

As per local officials, the 1st phase of the new airport with one runway will start operating from December, 2019. It will handle passengers around 10 million every year. Around $62 billion will be required to expend on the new airport.

The previous year, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport created a world record by managing 969 airplanes within 24 hour period. That is the maximum for any airport that operates just 1 runway.

Badly delayed

Mark Martin, Martin Consulting LLC’s CEO said that this is a must in Mumbai.

Congestion in a present airport indicates that an airplane spends 45 minutes to an hour on an average, circling over the head to find a landing space during peak seasons. None of the airline was able to take off or land two-third of their airplanes on time in the month of December, in Mumbai.

The CEO of South Asia, Kapil Kaul stated that India requires significant increase in the productivity of the runway, closer to global benchmarks.

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