Laughter Get Murkier… Renuka Moves Breach Of Privilege Motion

Laughter Get Murkier… Renuka Moves Breach Of Privilege Motion

The fracas over PM Modi’s comment on Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury shows no sign of abating as the latter has put up a breach of privilege motion against BJP Union Minister Kiren Rijiju. This was for his mocking Facebook post about PM Modi’s comment on her laughter in the Rajya Sabha early this week. During a recent speech in parliament Ms. Chowdhury had been reprimanded for laughing loudly at the claims being made by PM Modi that prompted him to compare her laughter to Ramayana serial’s characters.

In the post that has irked Ms. Chowdhury, Mr. Rijiju had put up a video clip of Ramayana’s 1980 series in which demon Ravana’s evil sister Surpanakha is seen cackling loudly along with a video clip of PM Modi’s dig about Ms. Renuka’s laughter in the middle of his speech. Though he did not take any names, this comment of the PM led to a spate of internet memes and jokes on social media that speculated about Ms. Chowdhury being compared to Surpanakha who was a powerful negative character in the series.

Though Mr. Rijiju’s post disappeared the next day, he posted the Rajya Sabha video with PM Modi’s comment on Twitter without the Ramayana clip. But Ms. Chowdhury’s anger has not abated and her party members have demanded an apology from PM for lowering the dignity of his office by making such comments. Making light of her behavior as only a politician’s denial of PM’s remarks they have also asked him to reprimand Mr. Rijiju for the offensive shared media post.

However, the ruling BJP party members remain unfazed. According to them it was Ms. Chowdhury who had insulted PM Modi by continuing to laugh and make comments during his speech even after being reprimanded by the speaker. They feel that Ms. Chowdhury should apologize first about her behavior instead of accusing others.

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