Make This New Year’s Resolution In Favor Of Nature

Making The New Year’s Resolution

Every year you make a New Year’s resolution that revolves around you. This includes resolutions such as being fit, being financial strong, quitting smoking and drinking, and so on. All these resolutions revolve around you and are focused on you. Hence, this year let us decide to contribute to our mother nature. Here are some tips for a resolution that can help in favor of mother nature.

Making The New Year’s Resolution

Change The Infrastructure

We are all fraction of the system and the system is defective. Unless you are living off-grid with no generators or batteries or technology, growing the whole thing from scratch and not employing public services, your main duty is to modify the infrastructure of the system: at home, at work, in your garden, through hobbies, wherever & whenever you have been. Not everybody will get it and even amongst those who do get, they will be challenged. Change the infrastructure in such a way that it contributes towards the nature and not against that.

Use of Resources

Whether it is electricity or water, wastage of the resources has always impacted us as well as the nature. Rising use of non-renewable energy sources causes damage to the nature along with our health. The scarcity of essential resources such as water is also experienced. Hence, let us make a resolution that will help us avoid these cases and improve the current situations. Make a decision to stop wastage of water and other resources. Use of vehicles such as cars and bikes must be done for long-distance routes only. Prefer walking for small-distance. Install a solar panel that will use solar energy and save the electricity as well as the bill.

Seeing the big picture, there are many ways by which you can help the environment. In addition, after contributing, you can also keep your deeds as New Year WhatsApp status so as to spread the word.