The Future of Corporate Gifting for Employees

Choosing employee gifts can from the company doesn’t need to be another task to complete. Instead, it can be a fun and enjoyable experience choosing gifts that your employees will enjoy and gifts that will make them feel appreciated for the hard work and dedication they put into their jobs.

While traditional corporate gifts have included things like water bottles and bogs with the company logo on them, using gift-giving as a marketing tool isn’t the best way to show appreciation. Choose gifts that celebrate your employees. Here are four ideas of employee gifts that are feasible for all companies regardless of size.

  1. Plants for Increased Productivity

Plants for Increased Productivity

Lively Root offers the perfect corporate gifts for employees who care about green spaces and a green lifestyle. Their quality products include a wide range of plants and supplies for growing and caring for plants. Green gifts are a great stress reliever and have known therapeutic benefits. They can liven up the home or workspace and show your employees how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

You can choose plants that require little care, like succulents, flowering plants that will remind them season after season how appreciated they are, or low-key greenery that requires love but won’t be overwhelming to care for.

  1. CBD Products for Wellness and Relaxation

CBD Products for Wellness and Relaxation

CBD products offer a range of health benefits as a daily dietary supplement. You can buy CBD products in the form of CBD oil, tincture, lotion, balm, and salve, but gummies are making a name for themselves as one of the more popular CBD products on the market.

Companies like GummyJoy offer CBD gummies free shipping so that you can save on the overall costs of corporate gifts. CBD is a fun and practical gift that acts as a stress reliever and enhances rest and recuperation for your hard-working employees. CBD gummies come from the cannabis plant, but they do not contain THC—meaning they don’t have psychoactive effects. CBD products are popular for promoting relaxation, easing occasional anxiousness, and assisting in symptoms related to discomfort which all bode well for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Food


You can give food in the form of a gift basket or box or a gift certificate. Around the holidays, many companies gift hams or turkeys to help lighten the financial obligation of the holidays. Fruit baskets, veggies trays, and snack boxes are great gifts and can be shared at family functions. A wide range of companies specializes in food gifts offering perfect corporate gifts that are delicious and beautiful.

You can also buy food gifts for the office so that employees can access snacks throughout the day. While this isn’t directly an employee gift, it will improve the office atmosphere and make employees feel more appreciated. It will also create a positive business relationship between your company and the food gift companies so that you can get a good deal around the holidays.

  1. Subscription Box

Subscription Box

There are hundreds of different kinds of subscription boxes filled with gifts surrounding a specific theme. They can have drinks, personal care items, snacks, books, jewelry, and more. There is no limit to the types of subscription boxes you can find for your employees. Although box sizes vary, most come with five to seven items, so there is a fun selection around the given theme. They come already packaged and ready to give. You can buy a one-time gift or a series of boxes that will be delivered to your employees over several months.

The goal of employee gifts is to make the employees feel appreciated. While you have to work within a budget, it is essential not to make employees feel like you chose as cheap gifts or provided some benefit to the company, like marketing materials. The gifts should be focused solely on the employees, and when they feel appreciated, they will work harder and feel more loyal.

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