Retail stores announce change of operating hours

The shoppers have been going quickly to the grocery stores for the stocking up on the essential supplies like the cases continuing to be rising in United States which caused the gridlocks in parking lots and inside the store aisles. The items such as hand sanitizers, toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, hand soap, canned goods and water which have been flying off the shelves. A few of the stores have been already placing limits on the buying of certain items because of the increase in demand. .

Ralphs, Walmart and the Whole Foods have been among stores which have announced the changes to the regular operating hours for the helping of the workers a lot more time for stocking of products for the performing of additional sanitizing

For Walmart, the stores had been normally opening 24 hours are going to be opening from the 6 a.m. to the 11 p.m. till there is further notice as per the company in their blog post on Saturday.

Ralphs, is a subsidiary of the Kroger had announced their stores are being open temporarily from the 8 a.m. to the 8 p.m.

The Whole Foods has been known for the opening access of sample product testers had announced recently the nixing that the option for helping of preventing the spread of virus. The chain of supermarket had also announced that there are going to be modified hours of the operation.

The local stores such as Stater Bros have said that they had devoted to the making of this pandemic response as being easy on the customers and also the workers as possible.

They have been bagging the groceries at the location of store in Redlands.