Resorts closing down due to coronavirus

On Saturday, Vail Resorts had announced that their North American resorts are going to be closed on Sunday the 22nd of March as per the news release which is coming from the Rob Katz.

Within an hour, the Alterra Mountain Co. followed suit on Saturday that it is going to close the 15 of its resorts in North American.

Aspen Skiing Co. has also announced that on Saturday evening that it is going to close all of the ski operations at four of their areas just followed by the order of the governor of the Colorado state.

There was further a tweet by the Telluride Ski Resort that the Gov. Jared Polis had been planning the issuance of an executive order to all the ski resorts in the region of Colorado for closing down temporarily.

Katz had said that Vail is going to use this time for the reassessment of approach for the other parts of the season which is left.

Every scheduled employee for the Vail resort both the seasonal ones and the year-round ones are going to be paid as per this news release.

Polis further applauded this decision by the Vail Resorts.

Polis said that in a release on Saturday that he commends Vail Resorts for the difficult and responsible steps which have been taken by them and further urged the other resorts to take similar steps.

As he returned his rental equipment on this Saturday, Sarasota’s Brett Hendricks said that he had been planning to go to the Copper Mountain on this Sunday if the operations were underway still. .There are no further statements issued about when this is going to be opened