PNB Fraud To Be The Mainstay During Parliament Session In March

PNB Fraud To Be The Mainstay During Parliament Session In March

PNB Fraud To Be The Mainstay During Parliament Session In March

The several crore Punjab National Bank scam and Rotomac topic are geared up to acquire all the attention in the second part of the Budget Session of Parliament. Congress is already planning to consult with like-minded parties to seek answers from the center about the poor condition of the banking sector in India.

A spokesperson from Congress, Manish Tewari commented that they will not let the issue fade until BJP government produces a satisfying answer.

He expressed that his party would demand response from the center not only on the PNB scam of Rupees 11,400 crore that involve Nirav Modior the Rotomac loan issue, but also on the trustworthiness of the whole banking industry.

Mr. Tiwari also stated the alleged letter of industrialist, Modi to Punjab National Bank as filled with arrogance and it could be make out from the tone of the letter that he would not repay the loan he owes. This arrogance is a sign that some powerful figure is backing him and no one can cause any harm to him.

Tewari also charged the government to ask banks to unveil the NPA details with the names of defaulters. The Congress will go to the bottom of this case and publicize the bank scam issue to general public.

Issuing a notice to the Abhishek Singhvi’s wife from Income Tax Department was an obvious case of political grudge.

He asked the government, whether it has any info about where Nirav Modi is and how his letter indicated a sense of powerful protection.

Challenging the claims of Piyush Goyal, the Railway Minister, Congress Leader, Manish Tewari asked him for a public debate over the issues of nonperforming assets during the reign of NDA and UPA allowances as well as on the condition of Indian economy after Bharatiya Janata Party came to the center.