yamaha wolverine x2 speed limiter removal

Please complete the fields below to send your friend a link to this product. Yamaha designed and developed this newest two seat platform to be the ultimate recreational UTV. Is the flash still a good Idea. What was surprising was it performed the same under a 'more load' condition. To start viewing messages, We do have tunes to support the aftermarket exhaust systems. display: none !important; Even with the stock exhaust, this motor feels more powerful and responsive.

I saw over the weekend that Weller Racing has apparently defeated the speed and rev limiters the X2/X4. The special edition R-Spec model comes with aluminum wheels and very high quality KYB’s that are fully adjustable, and offer even more resistance to bottoming and fade. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

The Throttle and Drive by Wire adjustments also contribute to the above performance a lot, but I also want to touch on a few other noticeable areas. This performance is noticeable throughout the entire RPM range and I don't notice any symptoms or indications of LOP (lean of peak) or ROP (rich of Peak). Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. We have developed a dyno proven performance ignition timing curve as well as fuel curve specific for the X2 or X4 Wolverine. Dismiss, Designed by Bienvenu Motorsports Powered by Motorcycle Enthusiasts, I allow the Site owner to contact me via email/phone to discuss this enquiry. Flash-Tune FTdataLink ECU Remap & flashing interface cables eliminate the need for the following plug in devices and gives you YEC race kit like performance and features. Proposition 65 regulations for cancer and reproductive harm. I saw over the weekend that Weller Racing has apparently defeated the speed and rev limiters the X2/X4. **. 4P_BNKT_13 – FTecu FlashTune kit for 2018+ Yamaha Wolverine X4 & Wolverine R £ 398.10 – £ 400.10 Excluding tax Flash-Tune 4P_BNKT_01 FTdataLink ECU Remap & flashing interface cables eliminate the need for plug in third party fueling devices and gives you YEC race kit like performance and features. All rights reserved. Your 2018 Yamaha Wolverine already has a standalone ECU and now you can get a cable and software to re-program it! The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock.Please enter your name, email, and phone number below. While this new ultra- quiet, high-performance motor is a huge deal, Yamaha has made a whole slew of other improvements to the two-seat Wolverine as well. The additional payload made virtually no difference in the handling, as we would pull it out for most of the photo opportunities, and you really couldn’t even tell. - With our in house ECU programming we modify the following: Specify what you want when ordering in the notes or call us with any questions. With FlashTune from FTecu there is no need for third party fueling devices like Bazzaz or PowerCommander when ECU tuning your Yamaha Wolverine. Going to 28" tires and then pairing with the ECU flash/Exhaust will offset any power loss you would have with the tire change. The X2 shocks are plush enough to soak up the small chatter bumps, but still have enough bottoming resistance for the bigger bumps and g-outs that sneak up along the trail. I've read similar reviews and that's why I'm hesitant to get the flash as it seems the main benefit is to break the speed limiter but I don't necessarily need that right now. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Enhance your engine today with Magnum Yamaha CDI Box ! With the ECU flash the vehicle in all stock form (tires, clutching etc....) will run to about 57-58 mph. 480-507-4771.

We found ourselves leaning on the edge of it a handful of times, but we were also driving on a handful of wide open, flat dirt roads. Great product, did exactly as explained! We don’t mean yelling at them, we’re talking an actual human conversation while driving.

You will also notice that it’s virtually vibration free, due a counter-balanced design and vibration isolating, and minimizing rubber dampers. Fuel/Timing tables have been adjusted slightly for a better air/fuel mixture which does allow the engine to also run slightly cooler but will not cause any rough running symptoms. We have developed a dyno proven performance ignition timing curve as well as fuel curve specific for the X2 or X4 Wolverine. The 850cc X2 has plenty of HP to blast up the tougher hill climbs, but it is just as happy slowly and comfortably crawling up difficult terrain. Plus with Cooling fan activation lowered by 10 Degrees.

THE WOLVERINE X2 EPS Clearly, the biggest news in Yamaha’s 2019 UTV lineup, the all-new Wolverine X2 gets a purpose-built, twin cylinder 847cc motor and a radically new chassis. ×  I recommend doing exhaust and the flash first before any clutching if you plan on changing exhaust. – Power Commander or other piggy back fuel controllers Interested in what to expect with the exhaust and ECU flash. Toronto Snowmobile, ATV and Powersports Show. I feel the Weller Racing tune has really hit the sweet spot on this 847cc parallel twin. This ECU Re-flash is great for all types of riding/racing.

Rubber damping kills the rattles and vibration buzz, while an extremely quiet muffler design brings the exhaust note to almost nothing. link above. You can de-restrict and Unleash Your ECU in 7 Easy Steps! To start viewing messages, 4-seater fun with 2-seater agility. Flash-Tune 4P_BNKT_01 FTdataLink ECU Remap & flashing interface cables eliminate the need for plug in third party fueling devices and gives you YEC race kit like performance and features.
I see a lot of people talking about weller flashes. Is the clutch kit from Yamaha sufficient or do you recommend something different ? The factory sets them up very lazy and the throttle body butterflies are not pair to the throttle pedal. function effe85b0b830a828d2f1() { return WSM.Util.rot13('fhccbeg!grnznyonenpvat.pbz').replace('! Yamaha engineers have also designed the front plastic fascia with a steep transition to improve line of sight and trail visibility.

If you have a X2/X4, then you know how annoying the throttle inputs/results can be.

As I did several runs by myself, then took the wife and did the same runs again, I had the same results. Worth it!!! Also what is the top speed with the stock 26 inch tires? You can also directly import Power Commander III .djm or Power Commander V 5 .pvm and bazzaz fuel maps! In this flash we fix the lean spots in the fuel map the factory has for emissions. Yamaha continues its push into uncharted UTV territory with the 2016 Wolverine R-Spec EPS. Do you have fuel maps for aftermarket exhaust or will the standard tune work? With 27" tires and a machined Sheave they got 63MPH on the dyno. What your foot is doing will be the same thing the butterflies are! Yamaha is well known for building machines with high quality parts and materials. Shop now & Save big!

– Power Commander Ignition Module Things like quality door latches that are easy to operate, but won’t fly open on you going down the trail. Where many UTVs need the momentum to conquer a climb, the Wolverine will impress with controllable, smooth, bottom end power and traction that will impress in any terrain type. The Wolverine X2 suspension is designed to provide stability and confidence, whether at speed, or loaded down in the field. Just received my hunterworks sheave and weights, can't wait to install. This tells me that they really hit the spot while also staying within safe operating parameters. Yamaha went to great lengths to ensure this engine platform to be both ultra-quiet and ridiculously smooth. – Two Brothers JuiceBox We still are able to modify and improve on the stock ecu tuning however even if this kit is installed. This ECU Re-flash is great for all types of riding. 2019 X2; Stock Exhaust; Stock Clutch Free standard shipping We will select the shipping method. This ECU flash is well worth the money even on stock vehicles as the lower fan activation temps, bypassed speed limiter, and reworked drive-by-wire adjustments benefit any X2/X4. In a world of bigger, badder, better perception, the thought of reducing width, overall length, and suspension travel might seem like a step in the wrong direction. Their adjustments in this area not only remove any unwanted throttle fluctuating inputs, but also do not negatively affect throttle responsiveness. How does he know unless he has a dyno? This rugged side-by-side represents the next generation of offroad recreational and work vehicles. The additional weight was nowhere near its capacity, but still substantial for most UTVs. great communication from Weller, they answered all my questions. 2019 Yamaha Wolverine X2 Review- The 2-Seat Wolverine We Have Been Waiting For I don’t know how Yamaha does it, but its employees manage to keep a lid on machines that haven’t been released. This makes the car drive/feel so much better. With our machine running 28" tires we are able to reach speeds of 63 mph on the stock clutching. High quality plastic that will gouge upon impact versus cracking or splitting is another Yamaha trait that we can really stand behind. plus new features added with regular updates. purchasing big gun evo u exhaust and want to know if the ecu reflash will work with this exhaust and if i needed to purchase the big gun cdi or is the reflash good enough.  =  View online or download Yamaha YFM350FAS Owner's Manual Speed Limiter.
Just a ecu flash? before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The cooling fans are activated sooner than they are from factory settings so you may notice they run sooner than before but they will not increase the noise of the vehicle. The included software will automatically update when connected to the internet as new features are added! The Wolverine’s ability to crawl along efficiently was really impressive, and a big part of it is in the clutch- ing.

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