will lye damage cast iron pipes

Galvanized pipes are were dipped into molten zinc to make them last longer.

Lye can corrode aluminum so make sure that there are no aluminum utensils in the sink. Existing cast-iron or galvanized-steel metal pipes in older homes likely no longer have any zinc coating remaining. These cleaners use live enzymes or bacteria that basically eat the clog.

ABS was a first-generation plastic pipe, that can’t rust.

You cook, you eat, you wash greasy pots and pans and dishes and the grease goes down the drain. You can easily identify copper drain lines or water-supply pipes.

But if you want to outsmart the system, remember that there’s a much cheaper alternative. Help With Clogged Old Cast-Iron Pipes.

This post is about non-food grade lye.

But because they’re so powerful, we suggest using them as a last resort. This Article Discusses The Risks Of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners. Sewer Lines Require Maintenance. If not used as directed, there may be increased risk of damaged pipes. Apparently, the price of Liquid Sosa has nothing to do with higher quality or superior effectiveness.

HomeProPlumber in Plano, Texas also provides maintenance & repairs for all brands of Central A/C, Gas & Electric Furnace, and Heat Pumps. The zinc eventually wears off and rust begins.

We’ll explain how chemical drain cleaners work, how they can cause damage and what you should do instead to clear a partially or completely clogged drain.

Lower Heating Costs – 20 Less Common Ways – Part 1, Power Surges can Damage Everything Electrical.

PVC is a white or light-colored, highly durable plastic that has shown a history of outlasting all other pipe materials. It is way more expensive because it is branded and because it is easier to use. HomeProPlumber provides full service plumbing maintenance, repairs and replacements for every plumbing component in your home. Many people have concerns that liquid drain cleaners may harm pipes. All Rights Reserved. PVC pipes can soften and eventually break. Enzymatic drain cleaners contain bacteria-cultures + concentrated enzymes that break down the organic substances that cling to pipes (discussed above). Then, Speedy discovered pure lye in powder form. Leave it to do its job for a half hour or so then flush the drain with hot water. Enzymatic drain cleaners were originally used for septic tanks (where city sewer is not available).

*4  The bubbles of hydrogen gas agitate the mixture to help dislodge the clog. Here’s how to safely unclog drainage with lye.

Just contact us and we’ll send over a reliable plumber who can clear your drain fast. Before using it, open the windows and make sure that there is sufficient ventilation. It’s available in just about any hardware store. HomeProPlumber in Plano, Texas also provides maintenance & repairs for all brands of Central A/C, Gas & Electric Furnace, and Heat Pumps. This article’s goal is to set the record straight about chemical drain cleaners, and to put a spotlight on any danger they present.

Home and Garden: Integration of Art and Science, Origin of the Margarita and Where it Got its Name. 2. If you have used a chemical drain cleaner, don’t attempt to clear the drain with a plunger, drain-snake or any other method that could splash or expose you to the standing water. Speedy suggested that I write about it and I’m guessing it’s because he feels that people ought to know that there is a much cheaper alternative to the expensive Liquid Sosa. Since chemical drain cleaners typically create heat, the misuse of chemical drain cleaners may create the risk of breaking the glue bonds. C-109.

At this point, call for drain cleaning.

Using rubber gloves is advisable.

You can mix it with water or, for maximum effect, you can pour the powder directly into the drain hole of the sink. CAUTION:  Use the products listed below only before A Chemical Drain Cleaner Only. Heat will soften PVC pipes.

The lye is often mixed with small shards of aluminum, creating a reaction that generates heat to speed up the decomposition process. The 3 different types of chemical drain cleaners include: All the above drain cleaners are designed to complete an electron-transfer process-meaning the chemicals in the drain cleaner either take away or give electrons to organic substances (aka the hair, grease, food, etc that’s clogging your drain).

Enzyme  of drain cleaners does not have chemicals.

Some things to remember when using lye in powdered form.

These tiny living organisms digest the broken-down organic waste.

Privacy Policy, among the most dangerous household products, 2 Safe, Inexpensive Drain Cleaning Alternatives You Can Use Today, 3 Warning Signs You’ve Got a Clogged Sewer Line, 8 Signs You Need to Repipe Your Arizona Home, Caustic (lye and caustic potash drain cleaners), Oxidizing (bleach, peroxides, nitrate cleaners), Acid (sulfuric and muriatic acid cleaners).

*7. Just by breathing them in, you could experience stinging and irritated eyes and throat. Lye Will Attack & Can Dissolve These Metals: Though copper water supply-lines are common in homes, copper drain lines ares rare. Except for blockquotes, screen grabs and stock photos, everything © Connie Veneracion.

The cost of non-branded lye is only a fraction of the price of Liquid Sosa.

LonnythePlumber was right about the 1.5 inch cast iron. Even that did not solve the problem… Click Here To Read An Article About A First-Hand Experience Of An Injury A Man Suffered As A Result Of 2 Drops Of Chemical Drain Cleaner. Water Damage Caused By Cast Iron Pipes Water damage is the second most common type of insurance claim. You see, because they produce heat, chemical drain cleaners can warp or damage softer pipes like plastic and older metal piping. Making a simple mistake while using chemical drain cleaners and you could severely injury yourself.

We will arrange an appointment at your convenience and offer 24/7 Emergency Service.

Consumer reports suggests using chemicals only as a last resort.

Lye is caustic and in old pipes can mean a bad thing, the best way I know of getting lines to drain better is the use of a drain cleaning machine, alot on here like chemicals, but I rearly think any of these chemical cleaners work. First of all, there’s food grade lye (which is safe for human consumption) and there’s the non-food grade lye used for a number of things including soap making and unclogging drain pipes. PVC (plastic) pipes have a maximum operating temperature of 140 degrees. 2. In time, the build up can clog the drain completely. Actually, “sosa” is Spanish for soda. Dropping an open bottle of chemical drain cleaner, or other accidents, can result in catastrophic injury from splashed chemical drain cleaners.

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