what size caps for 1858 remington

with only two hands, juggle the fresh loaded cylnder onto the Arbor Pin, replace the barrel, and drive home the wedge, (Bearing in mind that ones horse might be objecting quite strenuously to all the Booms, Bangs, cracks, and the whine of Shells going past hie ears!.

Subreddit dedicated to discussion of Black Powder firearms, historical use, competition and reenactment. Once a year I strip them right down to the last screw, wipe the mixture of oil and black powder residue off them,(Never found any rust!) I have a Uberti 1847 Walker. (Of course, if you want the value of a gun to quadruple, just buy it from me and wait five years.)

They are both shooters and I believe they will have a blast with this next time I visit. I mean business.” A 1902 newspaper account described what happened next: “The highwayman bundled the passengers out of the stage, lined them up with their hands in the air, and beginning at the head of the line, made a systematic search of the pockets of some of them, standing behind their backs as he did so, and shifting his big revolver from one hand to the other as occasion required. Fingers on triggers, especially that Civil War vet. Fosters quit making the tap o cap a short time ago Dont know why it was and is a sweet tool to have And We can still get the tool made by a few tool makers out there …fyi there is a gentalman out in california who will make one at a resonable price that wont break the budget You see then we have our own Quality Control rite in our own hands thanks for listening … steve jones, Your email address will not be published. With .40 grains of Black Powder I get about 400 ft-lbs of Energy. Following is all of the information I have about the gun and the nipple size.

Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. The .44 ball over 35 grains is enough to kill a horse. The strong Remington frame made it fairly easy to convert the pistol over to metallic cartridge use, as firearms technology rapidly advanced after the Civil War.

That is true. Java, from Plymouth MA. Of course, only shoot from distances from which you know you make clean, ethical kills.

Thus making it almost impossible for a cap to fall into the workings of the gun. I can put up to 60 grains into each chamber, though I usually use 40. Despite my kill, in my opinion, it’s not strong enough but fun as a backup which is why I used it. Does anyone know what size cap is to be used with this revolver?? And the story of the bungled robbery illustrates the high reputation that the Remington six-shooters had with good guys and badmen alike, even in the sunset years of the shoot-’em-up era. Also what size round ball and also is this the correct powder, they have this powder in my area. The other was a blued adjustable-sight Old Army that was just sheer round-ball hilarious to shoot. Eugene V. Debs, American Socialist leader and first president of the American Railway Union. Depends on the nipples you have on the gun, amigo. If you load it with 30 grains, you get about 200 ft-lbs energy. Meat harvesting is what’s done here in Texas. It just looks cooler (IMO) than the navy, walker, or dragoon. Also on the note of black powder, someone with a lesser felony conviction can own a black powder gun as long as the magazine cannot be altered to fire “High power center fire ammunition” (45-70 and .45 colt cowboy rounds do not apply). :). Got a pair of Ubertis, one stainless and one blue (Thunder and Lightning). I now have two 58’s one with a conversion (to 45 colt cartridge) cylinder from Midway that works great, and no black powder fouling. Same thing with the barrels. Your email address will not be published. Friends (very few of them) are welcome to spend the night on the sofa, be on the back porch at sunrise, and harvest a doe with his thanks. I have developed a load for this gun, I call, “The Medical Examiner’s Special!” I call it thus, because I am convinced that anyone who tried to assault me, and who I hit Fair & Square twixt Wind & Water with it, well, the only Doctor who would be able to assist the person thus shot, would be The Medical Examiner! Some shot high except a .36 Army San Marco Colt 1851 Navy. Kevin Jonas II, musician, actor; oldest member of the pop rock group Jonas Brothers.

Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. About 150 ft-lbs Energy Tatum O'Neal, actress; youngest person ever to win a competitive Academy award, for her performance at age 10 in Paper Moon (1973). Nope. The 1858 Remmy is my favorite gun. Thank you! I know! Cabela’s however must have done some research because the page for my revolver on their website says to use #10 caps. In between, he was granted US Patent No. Bullshit!!! Mausers, Lee Enfields, Mosins, Krags etc. Not to put too fine a point on an excellent review but the Preacher killed Marshal Stockburn at the end. The stock italian nipples are wierd. Some were mentioning movies in which the Remington 1858 made an appearance. If you boil your cylinders in a saucepan, then fish them oout with a slim piece of doweling, by the time they are cool enough to touch with the hand, ALL the water will have evaporated from the heat,and you can start right in re-loading them. There is some variability between brands of caps as well as manufacture of nipples. 1858 Remington Steel Starting at $400.00.

A great design of a pistol. You should have. Pour boiling water down the barrel, than put a couple of dry patches down there, and your bore will be like the detergent advert! LaHood was put down by the miner the Preacher had been helping using a buffalo gun at about 5 yards. I have three Sheriff’s Models, and consider them SO GOOD, I carry one every day for Self-Defense! For effective ignition, a ball has to fit tightly in the cylinder, and consequently a bit is shaved off when loading. Drones are easy to hack or shoot down. Originally published in the February 2006 issue of Wild West. One of the frustrating things new black powder cap-and-ball shooters encounter is that there is no dimensional uniformity across different brands if percussion caps of the same ‘size’. Art Garfunkel, American singer, one half of "Simon and Garfunkel.". To subscribe, click here. One of these has been on my list of “stuff to get” for a long, long time. I shot it once in the neck using a 200 grain 45 acp fmj bullet and about 37 grains of 777. Thread starter george wilson; Start date Jan 22 , 2014; george wilson Global Moderator. I was watching them in the 80’s and was able to watch all of the Clint Eastwoood movies multiple times. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to harm to me and mine. Even the success of its rolling block rifles and revolvers wasn’t enough to keep the Remington family out of bankruptcy. So I fire the shotgun first now, and cuss at the rammer, and have 9 chambers of wholy fun otherwise. Making a repro 1858 Remington revolver shoot accurately. Hodgdon Pyrodex P Muzzleloading Propellant Powder, More posts from the blackpowder community. By the way; it is a pretty decent movie in the class with Quiggley Down Under….almost. Sorry for misleading anyone. They fit just about any cap and ball firearm. The driver, Ed Bryan, was eating a sandwich, and he had just turned the reins over to passenger Joseph Fisher. Also, using silicon-impregnated caliber-specific wads between powder and ball forecloses having to smear grease into the chamber mouth re: chain firing. I recovered a bullet somehow,and … I have developed a way of cleaning and loading, that if followed EXACTLY, will give YOU the same degree of Reliability as I have! Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! Personally, I think he’s nutso! Any gun made before Jan 1 1999 i is an antique gun, and requires no involvement of an FFL holder. It is the reciever/frame of any gun that is the controlled part, basically the receiver or frame IS the gun, legally.

A #10 is a #10 sort of.

Scott was identified by a tattoo of a heart on his right wrist and by the passengers who had seen his face when Isham ripped the gunny-sack mask, cut with eye-holes, from the robber’s head. He joined the union army enlisting on Staten Island New York august 22,1862.Yesterday I loaded the Remington 44 caliber with 27 grains of FFG black powder and a 44 caliber ball from midway.At 20 yards it shot a nice 3 inch group. My advice is to buy the gun and cylinder, forget that the combination will cost about the same as a modern revolver and enjoy the heck out of it. Very cool stuff.

One can shoot all day on a pittance.

About 132,000 were made from 1862 to 1875, and it is now commonly called the New Model Army. Put some lube over the ball to prevent chain fire. I have several cap-and-ball revolvers, all made by Pietta. My very first Cap & Ball Revolver was replica of aaan1860 Colt Army Revolver. Me too.

Tops all my Glocks, Berrets, Sigs, AR’s, AK’s etc…. On clening, don’t whatever you do mention water, on a web site run by some guy named John Fuhring. I hated to see my 1858 lose the battle, but it was by far the coolest looking piece in the flick in its spotless mickel plate with no sign of holster wear or powdwer burns. No. Well its interesting still.

They seem to be a perfect fit. Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to continue to bring you high-quality content. That’s not meat harvesting. The nature of the weapon makes no difference; one is just as deadly, and in the same way as the other.

The six-shooter, serial number 111482, remained in his family until it recently went into a private historical collection.

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