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“ Early viewers to Channel 2 were also entertained by the two graphic mascots named Iris and Earis. We do not misstate our identity or intentions. However, I was told Channel 4 management wouldn’t let her do an interview until after she left the station. Picture featuring show sponsor Stein Brewery. 2 in 1954. Through all the changes during the station’s history, Ed Kilgore and Rich Kellman have been solid in their talents and continue to add to the station’s new found successes. What I'm about to write may sound blunt and unkind at times, but you should know the things many of us remember about Ron, and you can make your own calls about what is or isn't a positive, although I can kind of guess where you'll be on a couple of these stories. We will make corrections promptly and proportionate to the original reporting. Ms. Steele was a co-anchor on the 21 News 6 and 11 p.m. broadcasts from 1998 until 2004, before moving on to WGRZ Television in Buffalo, New York, where she anchored the news. Barton Street (studios) was decorated with tables and fake alcoholic drinks were served to give it a glitzy nightclub flavor. No content may be copied or reused without written permission from Forgotten Buffalo. Maryalice Demler joined the station in 1993 and anchors Channel 2 News at 5:30, 6, and 11. Barnes joined the station in 2016 from KRCR-TV in Chico/Redding, California and had previously worked at KIEM-TV in Eureka, California. He was a primary anchor through 1998 when he was named Senior Correspondent. Leanne Stuck is a reporter for WGRZ-TV 2 On Your Side in Buffalo, NY. Buffalo Web Design by. 2 and is the current Sports Director. That, and a nice pay raise, I'll admit, made the decision, but I was convinced I was coming to a winner directly because of Ron's enthusiasm.

Rachele Mongiovi: The Channel 4 reporter left the station last week, a move that was reported here weeks ago. If he were present, she said, he would finish, like he always did, with: "So long, be a good sport.". If you grew up in Buffalo during the late 50s and early 60s you most likely watch one of the live music shows that originated from the Queen City. During the investment boom of the mid-80’s, the price of television stations escalated at an unprecedented rate. TEGNA is committed to the highest ethical standards and dedicated to the principles of truth, independence, fair play and integrity. The news operation was horrendous at times.

(*) We will seek all sides relevant to a story. During his stop in Buffalo, Hunter lifted Ch. We stand up for Western New York by holding people in positions of power accountable to get things done and keep their promises. Ch. He was attracted to sports not for its glamour or entertainment value, but for its competition and value in developing character, she said. We do not accept gifts, meals or entertainment from any individuals or organizations that may be covered by our stations. WGR-TV became Buffalo’s outlet for NBC, with shows by Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Steve Allen, Ernie Kovacs, Buffalo Bob Smith and "Howdy Doody.". 53 television market. The rivals were the Niagara Falls Gazette Publishing Company, operators of the daily newspaper and operators of daytime radio station WHLD; and WGR Broadcasting Corp., owners of radio station WGR-AM. Jackie Roberts is a multi-skilled journalist at Channel 2 News in Buffalo, NY. Herman Pease was a former operations supervisor during the early years at Channel 2. Also inducted Tuesday were Merian, best known locally as host of Children's Theatre on WBEN-TV during the 1950s and 1960s, as well as the voice of Buttons the puppet; and Stan Roberts, former morning radio personality who arrived on the airwaves on WKBW in the early 1960s. Buffalo Web Design by Surdej Web Solutions. Ron also loved his threads; an example? .

He would later be known as Buffalo's Atlantic Weatherman.

We will respect the copyrights of others. You have permission to edit this article. For more information, visit www.TEGNA.com. Bill Mazur: Teamed with Roger Baker to form Ch. After graduation from Buffalo State with a degree in journalism, Armstrong was hired by WKBW, Channel 7 as host of the station’s “Public Affairs” show, followed by a stint as a public affairs assistant at WNED, Channel 17. The 2 On Your Side team has won countless regional Emmy awards, Edward R. Murrow awards, and several local and national awards for our reporting and community service as a station. But I can say this:  whenever I think about the days at Ch2 working with Ron Hunter, a smile will come to my face. As the strike was ending, WGR was breaking ground on the first new television building to be build in the city since the late 50s when WBUF-TV. Clint Buehlman and Bob Smith (Schmidt) on WGR Radio.

We are transparent about paid or sponsored content. Shortly before the 11 o’clock news I would ask...Where is the copy? Ron was THE most persuasive person I talked to when flying to Buffalo from Houston for a visit, since Houston was then the 14th market and Buffalo was then #22 (now close to 50, I think), and Hunter had me convinced Buffalo was the place to be. Oh, so you want an example? Maryalice Demler anchors Channel 2 News “On Your Side” at 5:00, 6:00 and 11pm each weeknight at... Melissa Holmes.

At TEGNA, you will find people from all backgrounds, interests and abilities, united by a common purpose to make a difference in our work, our company and our community. ET, and lead continued primetime national coverage beginning at 7 p.m. ET/ 4 …

On-air personnel included news anchors Pat Fagan, Jack Mahl, Phil Soisson, Frank Dill and Roy Kerns. Buffalo native Pat Fagan, Host of the Dance Party, performs a live commerical of Coca Cola. We value feedback from our community, including story ideas as well as comments and corrections on our coverage. The Bona athletic department announced Monday that the Bonnies will face Vermont on Dec. 1 in "Bubbleville.". He quickly conquered Buffalo and Miami before landing a hefty six-figure job in Chicago. Services were held June 9th at Young Tabernacle Holiness Church, 623 Best Street, Buffalo. Primary investors included furniture store owner Arthur Victor, City Counsel President Peter Crotty, liquor distributor Patrick McGroder and prominent Buffalo businessmen George Fruenheim and Norman Joseph. His made-up name fuses Ron Holman and Ivory Joe Hunter, two 1950s pop singers. 14 market. Not only that, Ron had a special animated opening made up, which featured a likeness of Ron, with his big buffont hair-do, running around with a microphone as if he's out getting the scoop. Here's one, and forgive me for forgetting the names, but Ron once did a tear jerking story about a young  girl of 9 or 10 years old who was dying, who gave a vital organ to a girl her age so that the ailing young girl could have a nice future. Scott Levin, co-anchor for WGRZ-TV Channel 2 News First at Five, Six, and eleven joined WGRZ-TV in September 1998.

(Also diverse voices). Maryalice was named morning anchor of Channel 2's "Daybreak" show when it debuted in September 1996. Elyse Smith is a Meteorologist at WGRZ in Buffalo, NY. The elves were used in advertising and promotions until the mid 1960’s. Meet the Team Scott Levin. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. She deserves all the praise she is getting over her work at WKBW-TV (Channel 7) during its glory days and at WGRZ-TV (Channel 2) and WIVB-TV after that. The Pepperdine University alum recently announced her career change […] Jeff Preval joined 2 On Your Side in August 2012, as a multi-media journalist.

Kevin O'Neill is a reporter and fill-in meteorologist on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY. Meet some inspirational "Women in Buffalo Television" in a WBBZ-TV special! Clawson credits his experience as an athlete at Lewiston-Porter for helping cultivate that passion for coaching. We do not allow sponsors of news to determine, change or restrict content. From 1972 to 1974, blue-collar, working class Buffalo became a stepping-stone for the would-be matinee idol. In 1988 (SJL Communications) sold WGRZ for $100 million dollars to Shared Tak of Tak Communications. 20 market in the country. 2 Weather Personalities: 60s Doris Jones, 70s Barry Lillis and Kevin O'Connell. Three decades of Ch.

Arrmstrong won awards for her works of poetry. Ron's life took some tough turns after he left Buffalo, and I'm not qualified to comment on any of that, since I only want to share my personal memories of this most interesting person who is no longer with us.

Catching up with names in the news while I was out of the country: Nancy Sanders: A local legend in media circles who has worked behind the scenes at all three local news departments, Sanders left her job as news operations manager at WIVB-TV (Channel 4) this week and is getting social media love from those she has mentored in a 45-year broadcasting career. Lauren Hall is a reporter for Daybreak and Most Buffalo at WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY. Maryalice Demler anchors Channel 2 News “On Your Side” at 5:00, 6:00 and 11pm each weeknight at WGRZ-TV, the NBC affiliate in Buffalo, NY. Circa 40s. Adam Benigni is the Sports Director and fill-in news anchor at WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, New York. Former Daybreak reporter Stephanie Barnes left WGRZ-TV in early September after nearly 2 years with the station. Arrangements are still being finalized by Zak-Thacker & Monbarren Funeral Home in her home town of Doylestown, Ohio. “I was called to work on Thanksgiving Day, said Pease who had since moved over to the sales end of the building.

Scott Levin, co-anchor for WGRZ-TV Channel 2 News First at Five, Six, and eleven joined WGRZ-TV in September 1998.

That is a very odd position for a news station to take and makes you wonder what the station was worried about.

Ron Plants is a Weekend Anchor - Reporter at WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY who handles general assignment reporting and Tipline stories for Channel 2.

WGRZ TV Anchor/Reporter. “Two bands preformed, “ remembers Pease. Dill joined WGR-TV from KARK-TV in Little Rock, Ark. It was not be until 1958 when NBC pulled the plug on its UHF experiment that WGR-TV would recapture its NBC affiliation. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. Kilgore has spent over 31 years at Ch.

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