west facing house pros and cons

West facing house plans are ideal for people who like enjoying the setting sun. A north-east facing plot is best for all type of constructions, whether a house or a business establishment. Dining and kitchen falls east. Share with Nintendo - £100 voucher to be won, Share your tips for making learning fun for your children with VTech - £100 voucher to be won, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! We are here to help you plan something special and memorable. I fell in love with both homes regardless of their orientation.

By allowing your windows to be set high on the north side and by incorporating overhang shading, you will receive ample privacy, warmth in winter and shade in summer. Because its preferable to have more window openings towards the North to allow constant sunlight through the day. Lovely sunny mornings having breakfast. Get table and chairs for both ends of the garden.

Web design is an art. This direction leads to a happy and short stay and also encourages harmonious relations with family.

That involved some extra consideration on my part when researching listings. Our front garden is lovely and sunny but a bit too public to sit out for long.

If you are wondering what a west facing house is, this is a house that is located on a plot with a road on the west side. The good ship Karma Kerala / Helpmego To Pvt (India) 2nd Floor, Assochem Chambers, Opp Oberon Mall, N.H. 47 Byepass Road, Edappally, Cochin - 682024, Kerala, INDIA HelpMeGo.To Ltd 9 Reform Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH10 6BD - Reg No: SC179215, Advantages and Disadvantages of Facing West. Both this house and the one before were of that orientation. Pros: Beautiful sunrises, lots of morning and early afternoon sunshine and warmer east-facing rooms on winter mornings. From west to south, this is what you need to know. 9 If others’ land or sewage is there on west side, it is necessary to build a compound wall to avoid bad effects. When you have your online business, then having a blog for it is just the right thing to do.... read more, [ad_1] One of the best ways to get free website traffic, as we all know, is links from other sites... read more, [ad_1] A very good idea is to have these double-glazed to help reduce heat loss. Does your kitchen open out into the garden. They can damage plaster of walls, ceilings and destroy the beauty of the structure also. This article gives details of the pros and cons of building a new home and builders’ flat. Pros: beautiful sunrises, lots of morning and early afternoon sunshine, rooms facing east in the winter mornings will be warmer, and windows facing west in the evening will have beautiful sunsets. 4 If the rain water flow is not from west to east, regulate the water to flow towards north-east (Ishanya). The orientation of a home may not necessarily register with buyers as something of importance when buying or building a home… For ideal results you should avoid planning the house to be built on a T-shaped plot. If this is not done, bad effects may be the result.

There is a huge garden in the east. The question is: how many websites designed by real... read more, [ad_1] As I think about it, my home in Brooklyn Heights and my first Westchester purchase faced south, while my current condo residence faces east. Sunshine glaring in when you are trying to watch tv.

His real estate site is www.PrimaveraRealEstate.com. But as mumma says, get table and chairs for next to the house and the far end (if its a good size garden) so you can enjoy the setting sun too. Maximizing the amount of sunlight falling onto hard surfaces, such as polished concrete or tiles, helps transmit as much thermal heat as possible during cooler weather. Does anyone have any thoughts about the possibilities of this land? West facing backyards are too hot in the summer. I just did as I was told, but never considered the reasons why until recently. According to Vastu, a house built on a T-shaped plot diverts the positive energy in the house causing conflict in couples. 10 Heap of stone, earth or garbage on west is side is a good omen. 15 Make the floor of the central room (Garbhagriha) elevated compared to other rooms which will result in financial gain and fame.

If at all buying, buy it in somebody else’s name, demolish or sell the old house. As per Vastu, the main door of a west-facing home can be located in any of the two Padas, i.e. According to the drawing , in elevation the outer face shown with out plaster & brick face finishing is required by the architect then pointing is done on joints to protect the wall from penetration of rain water or moisture. Is north-facing really worthy of the reputation bestowed on it by real estate agents, and what are the pros and cons of the other aspects? As an architect you need to consider a number of factors when designing a west facing house.


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I like it, sunny breakfast. Why should cement pointing be done on walls?

The article will describe all the benefits and disadvantages of aluminum door. How do you relax when you have 10 minutes to spare? This one's west facing, and the predominant winds come from the west & south here, and they can be quite strong at times, rainfall between 800 mm - 1700 mm, temperate, snow only on the extremely odd occasion, summer temps average low-mid 20's (Celsius), winter say around 11 degrees.

12 Floor elevated towards west … Something else to consider if designing a double storey house – locate the stairs on the northern side and have large windows to capture as much of the sun’s natural heat as possible. I do like homes with east-west exposures the best.

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