vrchat user to known

We are very interested in feedback from our users regarding the Safety system. Choosing “Show Avatar” or “Hide Avatar” will override the Safety Mode you’re on, and show/hide the avatar and all features.

However, the system is far more than just determining if you can upload content — it looks at user behavior to determine “Trust”, which is an aggregate of many variables. Became known at about 200 something hours. you dont have many friends. I blocked him through the website, I … That is strange, if you are Trusted User since the system came out, you should be pretty deep into purple right now. You can find all of the icons in the safety menu. Let’s go over them in a bit more detail.

The API told me I was system_trust_legend, which is basically "veteran" rank. It is designed to keep users safe from nuisance users using things like screen-space shaders, loud sounds or microphones, visually noisy or malicious particle effects, and other methods that someone may use to detract from your experience in VRChat. ", You’re correct. “Hide Avatar” does the opposite — no matter what Safety Mode you’re on, that user’s avatar will be hidden. This system is designed to give control back to the user, allowing users to determine where, when, and how they see various avatar features that may be distracting or malicious if used improperly. Back will take you back to the previous menu, which is probably the Quick Menu. In my experience you just make lots of avatars/world's and add lots of friend, while avoiding being blocked/muted/kicked.

If you’d like to return the control of showing the avatar to the Safety System, just click “Use Safety Settings”. I generally do not speak in public worlds, but do talk regularly with friends and their friends in private worlds. We have prepared for these types of problems from the very beginning of the design of this system, and have the ability to adapt to rising issues quickly. The mod team said they aren't gonna do anything, so this is goodbye. Make Friends. Some helpful tips for submitting useful reports: - Include your VRChat username as well as the usernames of the involved users I mean, how do you even DARE block a hacker? * VR not required. If, for some reason, you want to hide your friend’s avatar, you can still do that with the “Hide Avatar” button.

1 friend for every 3-4 hours of gameplay does seem a bit on the lower side. I know the requirements are not clearly published but considering there are people that have hit known at 175 hours and trusted at 172 has me questioning the algorithm. As such, their avatar features will be completely on in all Safety Modes.

Just play the game. VRChat has extensive support for a large number of VR headsets and accessories, such as the Oculus Rift DK1, DK2, CV1 and S headset variants running on Microsoft Windows with or without the Oculus Home launcher, as well as the Android-based Oculus Quest standalone VR platform.

I've got an avatar ready to upload, and I'm just waiting to get out of the 'Visitor' rank. This will display the avatar and all avatar features, no matter what Safety mode you have currently active. If you wish to customize Safety to your own liking, you are free to do so via the Custom Shield Level. When you’ve chosen a “Safety Mode”, you can select each Rank to see how avatar features of that Rank are set. Their Trust Rank displays below their avatar thumbnail, and the thumbnail is highlighted in the appropriate color . In a future version, users will receive a notification when they transition Trust Ranks. Avatar and shader development was the only thing keeping me playing. You can override these settings on a per-user basis in two ways. Welcome to the VRChat Documentation hub. All rights reserved. I got about 9 friends. The text at the bottom also changes as you explore the menu, and helps inform you about the UI element you’re pointing at.
When you open your Quick Menu, you will be able to see more information on user’s nameplates, as well as view information on users. A typical nameplate will never look this busy, but we turned them all on just to illustrate them. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Users can have "hips only" for additional tracking fidelity without the need for left and right foot tracking. I did, but it's weekend so I doubt I'll get a response until monday. To illustrate this, here’s a screenshot of the Safety Menu: There are four main elements in this Menu to pay attention to. All ranks from “Known User” and upward also have the ability to toggle off the display of their rank on their nameplate. I regret buying a fullbody setup. If, for some reason, you want to hide your friend’s avatar, you can still do that with the “Hide Avatar” setting in any mode. you don't have many avatars uploaded. In the middle are the actual settings for the Shield Level you’ve selected. The game was released for Microsoft Windows as a standalone application compatible with the Oculus DK1 development kit on January 16, 2014, and via Steam's early access program on February 1, 2017.

Or can you share your stats/stories? [4] Depending on the headset used, models for the respective controllers will appear while the player is navigating the in-game menu. Also, it's not that hard to get back into purple. I haven't played VRChat in about a week. For clarity, here is a screenshot with all icons on, and a listing of what the icons mean. I'm blocked by several dozen people and I'm still trusted. Avatar Feature Icons: If these have a red X on them, they have been disabled by your Safety Mode Settings.

This is for users who do not wish to show off their higher rank for whatever reason. I'm glad they removed the Veteran rank at least. If you really want to override their Nuisance rank, you can unhide their avatar or add them as a Friend. Once you’re done setting this up, close the menu. At the top is a row of “Safety Modes”, which are preset settings for the Safety System that we’ve developed.

World Creation, Optimization, and Community Labs Tips, Creating Content for VRChat on Oculus Quest, Setting up Unity for Creating Quest Content, Uploading a large amount of low-effort content.

Using this menu also allows you to send a Friend Request to the user, turn their voice on and off, and view Details on the user (which brings up the full social Menu for that user). If you log in and travel to different worlds often, then yes, the folder will come back, and yes, it will fill up again. As of right now, we have one known user in this thread that stated my stats look more impressive than his, besides his friend count which is only 15 higher than mine that was promoted in the 200s.

Their Trust Rank displays below their avatar thumbnail, and the thumbnail is highlighted in the appropriate color .
Just speculating, but possibly age of account is taken into consideration as well. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I think if I had 15-30 more friends I would get it even if my play time stayed the same as it is now.

you spent a lot of time idling. You've also said I've been blocked 5 times, implying that it's a lot. September 2020 Aus Von. For example, if you see the Shader icon over someone’s nameplate, that means your Safety settings have reverted all the shaders on that user’s avatar to Standard. Using the toggle will revert you to User. Although we can’t share exact details of how we mitigate these types of attacks, it is something that we are both prepared for, and can easily adjust to adapt to potential problems we did not foresee. Just navigate to the path C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\VRChat and entirely delete that folder. Got Known User once my friend's list increased by 8. about 100 friends, i dont think i've ever been blocked or muted because im a mute anyway, no worlds, 2 avatars. After seeing the other responses I agree, especially with your second number.

You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with VRChat as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. -Apparently someone blocked me 2 hours before I got known user according to the API. I'm tired of people asking why my glasses are opaque orange.

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