upheaval dome vortex

As the line current is slowed by the rising frequency, charge builds in the nose of the current channel, just like pressure builds behind a bottleneck. Kenkmann, T., Ivanov, B.

The current is detouring around the Sentinal-Arlington Volcanic Field, the magnetic field of which pushes the current around due to the Hall Effect. A prominent central peak dominates the structure and is ringed by a syncline (Huntoon 2000).

These deformation bands are additional evidence of an impact event at Upheaval Dome. Observing the geology of the structure gave me doubts that this is the result of an impact. These are at angles that increase between the second and third bifurcations, from 40 to 50 degrees with respect to the outgoing inductive current, because these currents are flowing backwards with respect to the line current, and the positive bias in line current increases as reactive power is drawn away in successive discharges, which widens this angle. A far-field positive charge builds parallel and adjacent to the charge building in the line due to capacitance. When meteorites collide with the earth, they leave impact craters like the well-known one in Arizona. Documentation of planar deformation features provides the definitive evidence for the impact origin of Upheaval Dome. M. P. A. Jackson, D. D. Schultz-Ela, M. R. Hudec,I.

Recall from Eye of the Storm – Part 3, these dome and crater pairs were caused by coronal storms which left immense tetrahedral monoclines where the wind deflected abruptly, creating shock waves. A reactive discharge results creating box canyons to either side, rotated roughly ninety degrees to the line current and forming a “cross”.

Mechanical thickening of the stratigraphic section by conjugate thrust faults and ductile crowding structures adjacent to the opening transient crater remain from the crater excavation stage. This left depleted ground where the linear mesas are, while the canyons were excavated by sputtering.

One thing that’s quite obvious in the canyon-lands of Utah, at the heart of the charged capacitor dome, is that the rivers meander wildly, yet they keep true to trajectories along the electric field. Chakra & Vortex Points of the Earth (World Sacred Sites) Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand. As supply line current encounters a conductive path to the ground potential in the aquifer, the supply line voltage is affected. Compactional deformation bands found within the Wingate Sandstone at Upheaval Dome require between 0.7 GPa and 4.6 GPa to nucleate. So this is very big lightning. Please “search“ for specific craters. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Popular Pages. Lunar and Planetary Institute Third International Conference on Large Meteorite Impacts, August 5-7th, 2003, Nordlingen, Germany.

Peter W. Huntoon, Upheaval Dome, Canyonlands, Utah: Strain Indicators that Reveal an Impact Origin. Structures produced during the three stages of cratering are preserved at Upheaval Dome. This is another area where capacitive, reactive charge built parallel to line current prior to the resonant discharge bifurcation.

It’s to the right of the line current because of the “right-hand-rule”, which says the magnetic field is penetrating the ground at these places and saturating it with induced currents.

It’s interesting to see how complex number math actually displays itself in Nature. The vectors represent Nature finding it’s own balance. ( Log Out /  Thanks Ian. Second, the reactive inflow currents are slow and cold. Upheaval Dome - photo taken from the rim. Similarly, the San Rafael updraft dome has tributaries of the Green River shooting through its center, and the downdraft crater is avoided by the arc of Green River and its tributaries. Specific Features: The crater appears to be composed of three concentric rings enclosing a central mountainous area. My exploration and documentation of craters (presently only on this planet). The samples were taken from bedrocks ~1.3 km northeast of the proposed crater center and 450 m southwest of the ring syncline axis. 2005. The impact created a large explosion, sending dust and debris high into the atmosphere.

The Grand Canyon especially exhibits these types of reactive discharge.

Or it could be an artifact of the way the circuit connects with the volcano subsurface, where it can’t be seen, producing an effect similar to the diagram. In other words the current is pushed away from the volcano while in opposing phase, and pulled back towards the volcano as phase rotates, then pushed away again as phase completes a rotation.

This displays the channels of a multiple vortex wind where the tornado’s inflow bent into the central updraft of the induction coil.

Two things can be said about these reactive discharges: One, the current of electrons and negative ions in the discharge – the “dragon’s blood”, so to speak – is a destructive force that excavates the land in explosive arc-blast events. Truth is, ancient man was intimate with an environment more extreme than we have today, and understood it much better than we do. A record of the gravity-driven modification stage is preserved as:-listric normal faults that carried material back into the transient crater; There are no remnants of Paradox or Hermosa strata, some of which are insoluble, either in the core or around Upheaval Dome to reveal that salt moved through the structure, and; The energies required to produce many of the classes of structures observed in Upheaval Dome, to cause the shattering of sand gains in the clastic dikes in the core of the crater, and to possibly cause the hydraulic fracturing at Roberts rift. I showed the work at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles in November of 2018 and the show consisted almost entirely of kiln formed glass pieces with the exception of one still photograph taken at an energy vortex called Upheaval Dome.

In the first image, the linear mountains were inductive reactive inflow currents. It is your responsibility to get permission, if needed, before visiting any location listed on this site. For a crater of 5 km diameter, the expected uplift is approximately 350 meters. UPHEAVAL DOME, UTAH, USA: IMPACT ORIGIN CONFIRMED. These reactive discharges shot out of the body of the dragon, due to pulsations in the flow of current. Grounding the connection allows certain harmonic frequencies, called third-order harmonics, to bleed away without interfering and unbalancing the primary phases. D. J. Roddy, R. O. Pepin, and R. B. Merrill, eds., pp. The resonant reactive discharge that blasted the river apart, creating a junction, also created mountains on reactive inflow vectors. Adjacent to the capacitive discharge there are linear mountains (red lines) radiating away from the crux of the river branching. These capacitors are filaments of positive charge that build-up before the line current explodes in reactive discharge. Kenkmann, T., Jahn, A. Scherler, D. and Ivanov,B.A., Structure and formation of a central uplift: a case study at the Upheaval Dome impact crater, Utah.

As the area around Upheaval Dome reached an equilibrium, the rocks underground heaved upward to fill the void left by the impact. Not all junctions occur as a result of resonant frequency. The rock layers that are now at the surface within the dome were once buried 1 – 2 km underground and are not visible anywhere else in the nearby area. Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution IV (2008). # The Roberts rift is a unique northeast-striking, circa 10 kilometer-long fracture located approximately 25-30 kilometers northeast of Upheaval Dome and hypothesized to be the result of impact at the dome (Shoemaker, 1998). There are many craters documented on this site. The structural character of Upheaval Dome is identical to that of proven impact craters; The temporal relationship between different classes of strain features and the strain orientations that can be deduced from them at Upheaval Dome are consistent with the different stages of crater growth, whereas they are inconsistent with those of diapirs. Energy is both released and absorbed as current alternates, spitting out and sucking back in. b Navajo Sandstone: Stratigraphic range: Early Jurassic (Toarcian and Pliensbachian): 191–174  Ma. Charge built in the ground and then was drawn away by three large short-circuiting filaments (three canyons perpendicular to the river at top center in the image) that shoot from the line current orthogonally through the arc, zig-zagging to touch each filament. In particular, lightning surges will pass to ground without surging the primary circuits. Change ). Large Meteorite Impacts. The Paradox Basin is an evaporite basin containing sediments from alternating cycles of deep marine and very shallow water. The surrounding rim-rock on the right side of the dome is cut by parallel, triangular bites, adjacent to scalloped walls on the opposing side of the canyon wall farther to the right. Structurally the feature is a deeply eroded dome - an area where rock units are up-arched a few hundred feet - surrounded by rocks that are nearly horizontal and undeformed. Navajo mountain sits next to the San Juan Junction.

In Impact and Explosion Cratering: Planetary and Terrestrial Implications. Information about meteorites from across the web. One certainty is that the crater is younger than the Jurassic Navajo Sandstoneb which was deformed by the impact and is the youngest unit exposed in the vicinity.

DC bias and a very dirty signal to the current closes the current angle down to the 40 and 60 degree angles seen at the Green and San Juan junctions.

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