tracker 800sx problems

If the plates have been exposed to air, the exposed area will likely be damaged by severe sulfation. The other day I got stuck and smoked the clutch out a bit trying to get out and since that time I have had a constant "clicking" noise coming from the primary clutch. As a result, order from the drop down box Light Options:  Amber Kit:  All 4 Amber lights  or  Double Lights All Amber: 8 Amber lights  or  Triple Lights All Amber: 12 Amber lights. Battery was replaced and problem went away and then came back. And when plowing you need all the capacity you can get. 1 0 obj <> endobj 5 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Fields[]>> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream Leave it in L or H if its facing downhill, leave it in R if uphill.

When it comes to batteries the whole “you get what you pay for” is usually very true. In addition you can customize the UTV with Double or Triple lights. This is a specific example of using more power than the charging system can handle. It doesn’t matter whether the bike starts or not. This cause is actually more common than you may think, especially if you use a lot of power-hungry accessories like a winch, a GPS-navigation or a phone charger. All these problems can be cleaned with carb cleaner, air compressor , fine bristle brush, and a thin brass wire. 2019-04-09T12:23:32-05:00 In Addition, have you seen our Textron Street Legal Kits? This guide will tell you how to troubleshoot the issue. The sulfation may also give a false voltage reading, tricking the charger to mistakenly believing the battery is fully charged when it’s actually not. ONE, you do not want any possible feedback from the LED Electronic Flasher into the ECU of your UTV. Paste as plain text instead, × TIA. Compare amp hour ratings and cold cranking amps. American SportWorks LM650 starting problems.

In other words, with the right Textron Prowler turn signals, you can really tackle every type of terrain. Make sure your battery is in good shape and not too old. Our Toggle Switches (TS) LED light kit comes with 2 surface mounted ¾” inch amber (front) LED lights. Consequently, electronic feedback can cause problems with your ECU and they are very expensive to replace.   Your previous content has been restored. I'm also the owner and editor of To be able to isolate what is causing the problems you need to observe how the bike is behaving in different situations. Sep 5, 2019 #2. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Bogus boat", "Do not buy any … Hi, I’m Haavard, and I’m the guy behind Boost ATV. First of all, it has a pilot light for the turn signals and 4-way emergency flashers (hazard warning). Get a boat trailer wheel chock and use it. With the bike still off, measure the ohms between all 3 wires. Your readings should not change from your cold engine readings. This is a quick and easy job that should be done early on in your testing and definitely before you discard the battery. Get a good quality battery to save yourself for a lot of frustrations. Replaced positive battery terminal. application/pdf approved LED lights (no brackets required). Start the bike when the engine is cold. If not you have a broken wire or a bad connection at either end of the cable. When your battery is sulfated it not only loses its ability to hold a full charge, it also leads to self-discharging quicker than it should. When the battery gets older it loses some of its capacity. To perform the test you will need a multimeter with the possibility to measure amperage draw. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to How Long Do They Last? If you park uphill, leave it in Drive. Robust 2,000 lb towing capacity, 1,000 lb tilting cargo box, and Help 2018 Stampede, Supporters, Website Links, Other Clubs, etc. Most Importantly, we always recommend that you install a steering column mounted turn signal switch kit. A loose or corroded connection of the ground cable, 6. You have to jerk it out of park and it makes me sick to do it. To perform this test you want to make sure the open circuit voltage available at the battery is above 12.4V (at least 75% charged). The maximum amperage draw with the key turned off should be found in your specific bikes user manual, but it should generally be less than about 50mA (0.05A). A charging system not functioning properly will have the same effect on the battery. Are any connections bad, or do you notice any wear or damage to the wiring, creating an electric bleed that will draw a current?

Anyone looked at or have experience or thoughts on the new TRACKER 800SX side by side? But over the years the bikes have been fitted with more and more power consuming features and electronics like power steering, electronic engine controls, displays and navigation systems. Every little bit helps. But before you conclude on what your issue is and start buying parts, I recommend you do some further testing. Meanwhile, the Motor Vehicle Department and your local police departments will be impressed. This will increase the RPM’s (revolutions per minute) of your engine compared to driving at the same speed in the high gear range. The battery is left drained/discharged, even only for a few days. All batteries will die at some point. You may be out riding all day and everything seems to be working correctly. There are many aspects I like about my Stampede and many I don’t.

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