the pilliga princess

For many years, she was a familiar sight to regular travellers, particularly truck drivers along that stretch of road. One report claims that she walked in front of the truck, looked the driver in the eye and ran towards him laughing. I had never camped anywhere before where there had been no animal noises at night So with the shotgun loaded beside me and a huge pig knife in the stretcher I finally dropped off into a deep sleep at around 11 pm as I was buggered from all the driving .

This road, located between the Princes Highway and the South Coast railway line in New South Wales, has earned the name “The Bloody Mile”- and for good reason. She tried showing us even tho she was pointing directly at the little girl me and two other adults couldn’t see anything. It stopped after a few minutes. I just found this facebook page about a pilliga film that is now in 70 countries? She was dressed all in white olden day clothes. Pauline has worked in-house at Smith's Lawyers and has written for publications such as Domain, Real Living, Traveller, Time Out, Sitchu, and Houzz.

dude, youre amazing of telling story that good. I would have my eyes peeled to the road hair standing up on the back of my neck all through the night but I never saw her. A Yowie is an apelike creature with no neck likened to Big Foot or the Yeti. Given an Aussie truckers’ line of work, filled with long drives and lonely stretches of roads — often through the dead of night — it’s no surprise that they would have some spooky stories up their sleeves. As we filled up the gas tank along the way he reminded me often that it is essential never to have less than half a tank of gas when travelling in the outback. 1 talking about this.

Here’s to brighter days.

She is said to wear a red fishing hat, pulled down to eye level, and a World War I army coat. Then my brother told me the story of “Bongo”. If you are a horror movie buff, you’ll know that the urban legend was the inspiration for the 2014 film, Lemon Tree Passage, where some locals decide to take American tourists travelling through down the road for a lark.

Then we walked right, straight through the middle. There were no exits on that stretch – just trees on both sides. She was often seen with her old battered shopping trolley loaded with her belongings along the road, and truckers would see her at night walking in complete darkness. But then there are some truckers who claim to have spotted something a little bit more unusual. The ghost of The Pilliga Princess has reportedly been seen many people travelling along the Newell Highway in NSW. Come with us as we drive down the terrifying stretches of six of the most spookiest roads in Australia. The trucker who hit her said she had been wandering across the road and he hadn’t seen her until it was too late. Much has been lost in there, never to be found again, from sheep and cattle, to people and vehicles. I also remember seeing the angel of Goulburn hill too.

Extremely eccentric, the old woman was killed in 1993, after being accidentally hit by a truck travelling down the stretch. She was a recluse, old, grey haired and crazy, and they dubbed her the Pilliga Princess. And the amount of skid marks leading to nowhere. Leave it in the comments below. My Mum picked her up one day and drove her to Dubbo. Our fire was put completely out too and we was about 1m from the fire staying warm. She is buried in Narrabri north of the forest.

Similar to slim Dusty’s song, angel gear in that old would nearly kill you. As the caller’s tale goes, the fellow, identifying himself only as “Bongo,” had dialed the popular Australian radio program Overnights, which was featuring a number of strange legends and stories from a dense wooded area known as the Pilliga Scrub.

The Pilliga Princess was the name locals gave to a homeless lady who wandered the Newell Highway with her shopping trolley of collectables.

I was stuck out their for two days and night’s after I blee a front wheel barring on my old F100.

The outcome? 100% risk-free promise, ‘No Win. I actually got out an looked around but there was no other prints any where an even spookier was there was no dust any where else on my truck…. next thing I remember was bright lights and a honking horn .., a massive truck was pulling up behind me ..

For many years it has evoked fear in the hearts of some travellers and locals, while for others it has been a treasured home or habitat worth fighting to protect. It has been noted that she was actually a homeless woman who would walk along this road, often seen by truckers late at night. I always zip my swag up tight just to stop the bull ants getting in. We had only seen one dead pig on the side of the track about 10 klms back on the way in and when we stopped to investigate there were no tell tale signs as to the cause of its demise. Ok … so got into in about a good hr and felt overwhelmingly tired And pulled up in an empty truck stop for a stretch … it was so still Whatever it was, it was in the scrub between us and the ute.

Once we got back to the ute we could hear it again. Debra dowd, i grew up at the cuttabri wine shanty my mother being lorna dowd i have experiences that no one would believe so i keep them 2 myself. Anti Gravity Hill, Straws Lane, Woodend, VIC. Thanks to the person who emailed me the following image from the Australian Cemeteries Index, we now know the name of the Princess.

Australian truckers see some of the emptiest places in the country. It is the largest such continuous remnant in the state. I think dad did see her once as well but he was up and down that road every 3 weeks for 30 years and if he did see her ghost after that he never mentioned it.

And, I wasn’t game to investigate. As we approached the Pilliga National Forest the countryside was greener, there were more trees. Because the Pilliga Scrub had (and still has) unexplained stories of terror associated with it, the locals will tell you you’d have to be completely crazy to be in the scrub after dark. When I asked him who she was he said exactly the same thing, old grey haired woman with a shopping trolley walking on the side of the road. The case became known as the “Backpacker Murders,” with most victims disappearing from areas such as Sydney’s King’s Cross and their bodies recovered in the forest. Bunyips have been used as scare tactics to get children to behave; for example, this clip from a 1977 animated movie of the Australian children’s classic, Dot and the Kangaroo scared a lot of Australian kids to death. Yowies are not confined to this area but this is where they have been most frequently reported.

She was often seen hitch hiking between the two towns and getting lifts with truckies. This myth seems to be slightly more entrenched in fact than our other examples of haunted roads. The lady who served struck up a conversation asked where I was going .. etc ,, lovely lady , she said don’t stop hun! Youri is believed to be the term that Yowie came from.

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