the local bar rescue

And, there is plenty of oxygen in that smoke filled room somewhere if you just breath in. Then at the end of our visit, I received my check and was over charged for drinks I did not have, 2 locals sitting at the bar said this happens often and you should always check your tab.

April, who was one of the ladies behind the bar, came over to get our drink orders. They are also active in social media and frequently post about products and upcoming events. Although the bartenders and patrons are welcoming Gary is not, his arrogance is the main reason we will not be returning, hes nothing but a glorified DJ with a crappy attitude. What a joke. The following day Capon worked with John and the kitchen staff in improving the Blue Frog 22’s menu. The rest of the family did not agree with Manny’s decision to bring Gayr onboard. The DJ here really cares!

It's now a dingy dive bar.

Crissy asks again why Gary hasn’t fixed the floor, and a big blowout fight starts. I had a rum and Coke and was happy with the drink. And, there is plenty of oxygen in that smoke filled room somewhere if you just breath in.

If I ever get my freshly primer'd  Camaro off the cinder blocks in my not so mowed yard- I'm driving it to this place. The bartender said no longer had. It was something not organized, formalized, everything that he had done for the past 12 or 13 years.

I can't get enough of the superb cold beer and friendly and charming staff! The Bridge Lounge is a curious case – it is a very small and very local bar, so why the appearance on bar Rescue? I was invited out by my long time friend, to an evening of karaoke and some camaraderie. Because he was inept in the biz he hired his cuddle-bunny Gary to be the day-to-day manger. I'm like what, how can you no longer have it?

She then ordered food, a plate of macaroni cheese balls, and she found out on the first bite that it was still frozen inside.

Not worth getting out of your car. They used to sit as a little family, but since Gary showed up, they haven’t actually sit as a family. Some of the patrons even played board games while drinking. Click here to check out their page. Anna says that she’s worked up and will take a lot to slow her down, and Jon storms into the bar to both stop the fight and set things right. The bar was renamed to The Local with a strong focus on the best of Chicago. Stopped in one day with my girlfriend to have a few beers with my friends who "where" regulars! We were seated…", "Located behind Danny's Pub, the Boar and Buffalo is an upscale place to grab your favorite whisky or other high end cocktail. We ordered the other special of lemons drops 2 for $3. I was personally disappointed in what the place looked like and the fact that Gary was back. He pacified the two and sat with them along with John’s wife Kelly who was the bar’s manager. very dark and smoking is allowed.Ashley the bartender was great but I wouldn't rush back there. Now with Manny at the helm, struggling to keep his father’s legacy alive, his mother Harriet is left to cover the $4,000 a month losses with her retirement fund. no food so not a café. The two spies enter the 1,900 square foot space, grossing $28 per square foot in sales, $122 less than the required break even point of $150 per square foot.

We stumbled upon Captain Jacks and were pleasently surprised to hear live music and to be seated so quickly even though they were busy.

The bar was situated at Chicago’s River North district which was considered as one of the city’s busiest neighborhoods. Customers praised the drinks but things fell flat on the food as confusion reigned in the kitchen and the orders were delayed. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad40bccad209c74174954cf4d724fe8f" );document.getElementById("faad4cc2b9").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chix on Dix is a Detroit “Gentleman’s club” that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue. If you've seen the Bar Rescue episode where this place was re-done, don't expect it to look the same as what Taffer left them to work with. Inside the décor focused on Chicago and the bar area was decked with a redecorated refrigerator and a new turbo tap system for the beer faucet. ;) only thing that's really missing for me and it's not a huge deal is.

Harriet believes that if Gary did things better, the business would be better. Loved this place! Nobody trusts him, and he has no experience. The servers are on point getting drinks very quickly. She gave us a warm welcome. When the bar opened, it was an immediate success. Freaki Tiki is a Clearwater, Florida bar that appeared on Season 4 of Bar Rescue… A month after Taffer rescued the bar, sales have reportedly skyrocketed to almost 50%. The BP Oil Spill indeed had a huge impact, as the Bridge Lounge is a local blue collar neighborhood bar and should be packed. Mother and son locked horns and their arguments were often exacerbated by Mimi’s short temper.

I said she could charge me extra for the solar my girlfriend just don't like strong drinks she told me Bar rules say no so I asked her for a Coke and a shot of beam on the side she asked me if I was going to pour it in the drink which I should've said no but was honest and said yes and she said by rules we can't do that !Needless to say three regulars did not return to that bar prices were good beer is flat barmaids friendly just has weird rules. The bar has been thriving since its filming in early 2016, and reviews are positive for the bar since.

Large parking lot out back. The back bar is built with two-by-fours and has never even been painted, and the floor is full of plywood and sheetrock. That's the last whiff - my God folks, are you really that stupid? Fluorescent tank tops also a must for the bust here. Not impressed. Rose’s drink is strong, and when she asks what it was, the bartender says “island punch.” None of the drinks were good, and even a little “vomit-esque.” Shortly after the spies receive their drinks, one of the bartenders again picks a fight with Gary. After dinner, we were in the mood to have a couple more drinks and sing karaoke. Fun in the sun for sure! I'm not even qualified to offer my opinion on the facilities or the staff - except one. I live in New York and have never even smelled this bar. As the customers dwindled, the profits went downhill as well. I write about anything and everything that catches my fancy, but mostly I try to provide the answers to the questions our readers ask every day.

Large parking lot out back. I'm like what, how can you no longer have it? When Gary came in, within the next week, the floor was gutted entirely. Normally I don't mind a little smoke, but I think i was the only one not smoking.

Lucky for us the manager was sitting right there and showed her how to make one - In a rocks glass. It was so much better before Bar Rescue ruined it. We made our way inside via the front door. It's now a dingy dive bar. Decent sized bar with decent stools. She first noticed that the bar looked like a children’s playroom complete with toys on the ceiling and board game boxes on the shelve. Crissy, Manny and Anna’s sister, gets into a big fight with Gary and asks him for details on his managerial experience. You rock April. The karaoke is obnoxiously loud, we have also heard the owner manny saying he hates the bar and doesnt want to be there and accused the bartenders of over pouring and giving free drinks in front of everyone (he is rarely present). I'm not sure where this guys' expertise lies but it sure isn't hospitality. 2 other reviews that are not currently recommended, in American (traditional), Seafood, Sports Bars. King, Mia Mastroianni, Russell Davis. Fluorescent tank tops also a must for the bust here. Then you will think yeah that was interesting and fun. He is the owner of a consulting business for bars and nightclubs that helps them find their feet again after a sustained rough patch. Probably pretty smart to order some domestic beer here. I'm also the guy who's always glued to an LCD screen of some sort. Even if we can't go out to bars right now, at least we can vicariously experience them through Bar Rescue, a reality TV show that follows host Jon Taffer as the entrepreneur travels the country and transforms dingy, failing bars into upscale destinations. John effectively led a cohesive staff as the general manager and his mother learned how to step back and serve as an owner. IF here ever was a place where galactic wash-ripped jeans were still in it's here. Taffer appeared to have shown Gary the door but before the crew hit the city limits the loser was back. The bartender said no longer had. I don't get any of that, but then again it ain't me losing money...Sad. The drinks are good, but the parking lot can be a bit hazardous when crossing across Alt 19. No fear the mullet here in this fine establishment. Created by Darrin Reed. Note the sign. It was so much better before Bar Rescue ruined it. She also stated that the juvenile décor was what made their bar unique which Taffer countered by saying that it was what drove customers away as the grown-up patrons couldn’t relate to the childishness of the place. It was the right moment for John to flex his managerial muscles by reminding Jay of what must and must not be done. Prices are rediculas. They also have an official website which you can visit by clicking here. Taffer convened with the staff and showed the statistics that there were barely any families in this part of Chicago.

Meh. The DJ here really cares! I had one beer and that was enough for me. A few tables around on a raised floor. Eventually they combined the old and new names of the bar to come up with Blue Frog’s Local 22. Sony Adds New Free Avatars Ahead of PS5 Release, Sunday Night Football: Eagles Remain At the Top After Ugly Win, Venezuela: Maduro Says Country Has Gasoline for 20 Days. This prevented the bar from utilizing their sidewalk patio and in turn led to huge losses in profit. Jon Taffer, a bar/nightclub consultant, and his team of experts offer their expertise, helping real bar owners "rescue" their failing establishments by overcoming challenges and possibly saving them from closing. Went with friends for a quick stop in. Manny looks stressed and Anna points out that he doesn’t like conflict. Located in a shady part of town a bunch of us popped in after a birthday celebration. no food so not a café. We would return as the bar is nice. Harriet wants to keep going because of her husband’s dream. $1 each. So far the reviews on Yelp have been mostly positive. One of the drinks is a “spring crush” and Brody orders a screwdriver. Wife and widow Harriet Cladakis agrees.

bartender close the doors I'm like why are you doing that we have an open tab we're ready to spend some money with you and tip really well but then you close the doors and said oh that's the policy of the owner. And GARY is back.The drink menu was thrown out the window along with the concepts that Taffer put in place. Friendly locals there when I went. Keeps an up to date Facebook page. Mimi was still hands off and let her son do the work. Although this was not the kind of bar I would usually frequent it was fun listening and watching the karaoke. And as the cash flow sank, the tensions rose.

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