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", 2 Suburbs, 45 Arrests: In Mumbai, Fear After Bhima-Koregaon Violence, Mumbai News | Written by Radhika Bordia | Tuesday January 9, 2018. Rajdeep has really managed to prove himself. Oes Tsetnoc one of the ways in which we can learn seo besides Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa. Was he uncomfortable with the tests?

He is an emotional man who gets too caught up in the events. "I had a dream of doing something on my own. Sorry Die hards,I have a different opinion about the malayalam/kerala television news readers.Nikesh Kumar is over the hill now and nothing nore to expect from him.Venu is very good but sometimes he questions like a policeman with impatience wriiten all over him.Shaany is the best television journo here.Anuja is all elegance and grace but unfortunately we havent seen her much on the screen except the promos of people tv. But then, these are the times we are in,” writes Sreenivasan Jain. come on haven't seen anything on this one in ages. Like someone said more the merrier. NIDHI RAZDAN IS ALSO VERY GOOD AT CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS. Jain was against the Pokhran tests and made no bones about telling the South Africans as much.". The controversy on EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) tampering has actually taken the focus away from an older, more urgent issue of voter privacy and the flaws in the present system of counting votes - an issue that's got little public debate, but is being heard by the Supreme Court. She could be with a little better grooming.

Speculation is that Rajdeep will be able to attract talent from several existing news channels. "Absolutely Indian by heart," reads a post shared by a six-decade old bakery chain, Karachi Bakery, on its official Facebook account today adding that its founder had set up the chain after he migrated to India from Pakistan after partition. all journalists have failed in some areas in life, so end up as a journalist, Eye of Horus: A comment on the title image.

She's covered Pok, made a doccumentary on tibet entirely on her own (she handled the camera+oth equipment herself) the only repoter to have gone to Pok in the midst of the Paki gons ISI and also conducts interviews rather well. posted by Anand @ 4/15/2005   A VERY GOOD POLITICAL ANALYST. By participating in the Oes Tsetnoc or Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa we can improve our seo skills. Hi everyone,it is great to learn that Radhika Bordia is doing well at her country of origin. Every day I face a stream of bile on social media which I ignore.

For those who came in late, the provocation for this piece is the ballyhoo around a series of disgraceful, and defamatory tweets about my father, LC Jain, posted by a man called Rajeev Mantri, which has prompted my brother, Supreme Court advocate Gopal Jain, and me to send him a legal notice. I wish all the best. At 10:12 AM, Anonymous said... Is it true that Radhika Bordia and Srinivasan Jain are married At 10:13 AM, Sidharth said... Really, well that's their personal life though I prefer Radhika Bordia single. As a journalist, I am well aware of the importance of freedom of speech. But I agree, I am most impressed with her work. He is quite serious and a thorough professional in his work, wherever he is and whatever he does.Iam an ordinary news enthusiast living in Mumbai suburb. SHE SPEAKS SO FLUENT ENGLISH AND REPORTS ON BIG EVENTS IN A MANNER THAT NO ONE ELSE DOES. Barkha is an aggressive woman. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless u honey. (Screenshots of the relevant passages from the book below; am summarising the key points for convenience.). I guess it's good to have more news channels. I think I have a theory, but this is not the time or place for it. no, nobody is indispensable. NDTV has a strong 2nd line of back up.

I have got an opportunity and hence I am utilising it", says Rajdeep.

So that bloody Commie is quitting the bloody Commie mouthpiece NDTV to start his own Commie mouthpiece?? He said "Gandhian or no Gandhian, no one in world can be comfortable with a nuclear device. I quite like CNBC.And on a lighter note, who's ever not liked Nidhi Razdan?

And Nidhi is undoubtedly charming. why only he ?it is in almost all tv so called jornalist.they have very limited or no knowledge of subject but pretend as if they know have seen many started their channel. Contrary to Mantri’s protestations after being served the notice that he is an 'ordinary citizen,' he is the founder of a venture capital firm, writes for leading publications, and has a sizeable Twitter following (including the Prime Minister). Find Radhika Bordia Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Radhika Bordia and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. He is planning to start another news channel -- a "journalist driven" channel. Her programs are really a treat to watch.IMO, at best Nidhi Razdan is a mediocre journalist. since rajdeeps venture in ndtv i had admired him as a journalist,an excellent orator.rajdeep was a queen bee in ndtvs is a big blow for ndtv.but still life moves on and others will try to abridge the rajdeep factor.As far as nidhi razdaan is concerned she is excellent in her presentations and discussions which tells highly about her proficiency in journalism.i am personally fascinated by her physical attributes and enjoy her news reading whenever she is on air. The only proof that Mantri supplies to back up this drivel is an undated piece in The Telegraph by KP Nayar which claims "(Brajesh) Mishra (National Security Adviser in the Vajpayee government) met an array of South African officials and ministers, most of whom were expectedly nasty. Bhagyaratna Vijayji Maharaj, as he is known now, took a vow of renunciation a fortnight ago to join an order of Jain monks. Hence the notice, asking him to delete the tweets and issue a public apology, or face legal action. Do we need yet another news channel? Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia. !God bless u Rajeev...i am 200% sure dat u'll do an amazing job in votevr project u take my opinion...u r not just a journalist...but a person whom God has sent... to tell us the true meaning of courage (journalism)...the world needs people like u...Bless u...ANJALI SONI. There can be no two views on that.".

and whosoever says dat Rajeev is no good....can go to hell!! i switch on the other channels only to watch an accidental favourtie. The violence at Bhima-Koregaon on January 1 and a protest shutdown in its aftermath have left Dalit colonies in Mumbai - and near the city - angry and vulnerable. Wish him all the best.Ashok Upadhyay, it is indeed a big shock dat Rajeev is quitting ndtv...i am one person who can actually WORSHIP HIM!!! That's interesting, so there are people who like Zakka Jacob. best of luck to him and his new venture. To find more information about Oest Tsetnoc please visit my Oes Tsetnoc pages. i am practically in love with him...he is one impeccable orator and he has done some fabulous job in ndtv. Anil Bordia was an Indian educationist, social activist and former civil servant, widely respected for his contributions to the Indian education sector. yes, pretty good. As for trouble in NDTV ... i dont think so....NO ONE IS INDISPENSIBLE. I have been a fan of hers for a long time but she only has one programme a week. Did you think there would be no consequences?

In fact R and I talked about this after watching his interview with Prakash Karat, the newly elected CPI(M) General Secretary, some time last week. Barkha just sounds stupid specially during the Bihar election show. For those interested, the facts are as follows: my father was indeed appointed High Commissioner under the Gujral government, and was recalled by the Vajpayee government in October 1998. At any rate, Mantri, either wilfully or out of ignorance, thought it fit to make such a remark, and his many online fellow-travellers ensured his bilge ricocheted around Twitter-sphere. Now what abt Headlines Todays Zakka Jacob .He is an enchanting guy both in appearance and presentation...Good luck to him.... Haven't seen enough of Zakka Jacob. Take, for instance, this very month - packed into one lunar cycle are three moon-rich concepts that allow us to revel in being Indian. Nidhi Razdan is getting married to lyricist Neelesh Misra?

I was never a fan of Sardesai or Barkha Dutt though. Though Nidhi Razdan is my personal favourite at the moment. She has a spark.

Blog: When It Rains, Especially, Kishori Amonkar Will Be Missed, Blog | Radhika Bordia | Wednesday April 5, 2017, When I told Kishori Tai of the many moods her music evoked, she dismissed my romantic waffling with a sharp "But you just said you don't know classical music or how to recognize ragas, what moods are you talking about?" In less than one year CNN-IBN is giving a 15 year old organisation tough competition.

I suspect –  though I have no way of knowing – that the assertions in the Nayar piece would have originated from 'sources close to Brajesh Mishra'. I love the moon-talk in our land. she has come up from ranks and deserve to be where she is right nowher avid fan.

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