sobell mandolin for sale

Gibson Oribe, Jose Leho Ukuleles McInturff, Terry Holcomb, C.F.

Chapman, Alan Kelday, Bill Altman

DT Guitars Kraut, Raymond Tailpiece:   Brass

These early mandos from Stefan are loud and clear with his distinct European tone.

Franklin Guitars

Artinger Lame Horse Kinnaird, John ... Stefan Sobell.

Sexauer, Bruce Body width: 14.2″ (36 cm) Greenfield, Michael Ryan, Kevin Ebata Mauel Guitars

Striebel Guitars

Karura Cases

Dominelli, Marcus Schenk Osthoff, John Ten string and twelve string versions are known as citterns. Henderson, E.J. Re: Sobell mandolin for sale Years ago, like 30 years ago, a friend ordered a mandolin from S. Sobell, and I was there when it arrived. Bear, G.R. This beautiful Octave Mandolin features a 22.875" Scale and 4 courses. Redgate, Jim

The action was set up by Stefan and I consider it to be perfect needing no adjustment since its original purchase. Pre-War Guitars Co.

It was these musicians who travelled with their citterns and introduced them to audiences all over the world. Bishline Banjos Noble Pederson Asher It does have a repaired surface crack on the treble side. Audirac, Gerard

Ian says: 1990 Sobell Butterfly German Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood. Moonstone Claxton, Ed Lavoie, Benoît

Running Dog Guitars (Rick Davis) Bown, Ralph

Ehlers Guitars Shipping would be extra. Trim: Herringbone Buendia Guitars

Avian Musselwhite Tuners:   Gotoh minis

Kopp, Kevin

You can find mandolins from a variety of different leading music brands including Bridge, Stagg and Ozark. Asher Halland Guitars Sanchis, Ricardo Turner

True North (Dennis Scannell) Robinson So these are becoming very hard to find. The octave mandolin is a tear-drop shaped instrument strung with four courses of steel strings, usually tuned GDAE or similar, one octave below mandolin pitch. Wood, Randy Striebel Guitars Hernandez Guitarras

Stotzel Guitars Karura Cases

Gruner Veillette, Joe Lambe, Wes Froggy Bottom Ribbecke Guitars Melville

Gold Tone Sanzone Guitar & Mandolin Co. If I meet the buyer in person I would of course prefer cash. Beitel, C.T. Mayes V. Da y Sobrinos De Domingo Estesto Hopf, Dieter Gruner Kehlet Solomon Gaffney Guitars Eichelbaum Fender Gibson Olson, James Burguet Godin Collins Guitars Rivero Arnold, John Gold Tone Berkowitz

Stewart, S. S. Banjos Rainsong Guitars

Casimi Guitars Holst Shopis, Rodrigo


Parker It is in very good condition. Bear, G.R.

Michaud Made

Hamblin, Kent

Wilborn Guitars Beardsell, Allen Daily, David S. Carrington Ten string and twelve string versions are known as citterns.

I built my first mandolin in the early 1970s. Henderson, Wayne Dream Guitars sells & reviews some of the world's best mandolins by your favorite makers, presented in an honorable fashion with expertise & guidance. Hoffman Sanders, Ashley Foley

Beard, Paul

Rivero Brown, EddieLee EVD (Edward Victor Dick) John Taylor is selling his 1999 Model 1, which he bought directly from me. Regal Guitars

Beitel, C.T. McPherson Lozano MacCubbin Guitars Bamburg Porter, Steve Monteleone McAlister Paul Reed Smith Pringle, Douglas JGS Guitars Muiderman, Kevin Fredell, Gustav Hamblin, Kent It has more sustain than a mandolin and more space for fingers.

Marzal, Jesus McIlroy Revelator Kronbauer

Lehmann Stringed Instruments Sobell Octave Mandolin Cocobolo/Euro, 4 Course, 3 Day Trial on All In-Stock Instruments Anywhere in the US.

Webber Guitars


I will post information as and when I am building them again. Walker, Kim

I will be sorry to let it go but the time has come to pass it on to a musician who will benefit by & appreciate this stunning instrument. Tippin, Bill


Retrograde Guitars Mountain Song Guitars

Mandolin Tunes:

Imai, Yuichi Rothel (Röthel, Jochen) Froggy Bottom

If you call and miss me, leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Originating from the lute family, a Mandolin is an 8 stringed instrument that adopts a hollow body design.


Robert L. Vincent Guitars McConnell, Jordan Alembic Ameijenda, Ariel Woolson I haven’t tested all the available pickups, but the Highlander works really well in all my instruments and is the best I’ve come across. Gustavsson Kragenbrink

Tom Anderson Guitarworks Reyes, Manuel Khomiachkov National Reso-phonic

Oxwood Handmade Tom Anderson Guitarworks Gonzalez, Juan Miguel Bown, Ralph Baggs, LR Stefan did see the guitar a few years ago and gave it the thumbs up.

Stefan Sobell is not currently making any mandolin family instruments due to his large backlog of guitar orders. Big Hollow Guitars It is upgraded with Cocobolo Rosewood and an L.R. Breedlove

The Guitar Company Of America Ome Edward Victor Dick String Instruments Parker Bozo Tippin, Bill Threet

Pinkham, Ron Woodsound Studios


Tezanos, M. Bellucci Oribe, Jose Fingerboard and bridge:   Ebony Dammann Custom Instruments

Shopis, Rodrigo

Indian rosewood for sale; Brazilian rosewood for sale Visesnut Cases

Please note that the buyer is responsible for the 3% fee. Kronbauer Tuners: Gotoh Gold Minis Fox, Charles As a result, we cannot show you the price until the item is in your cart. Guardian Cases Lipton Fischer, Paul This is the first we've seen in quite a while and it's a good one.

Trussart, James Fraulini

Chantus (William King) Brandt, Greg Fernandez, Jeronimo Pena Cervantes, Alejandro Northwood Bouchereau Rugiere

Eko JGS Guitars Applegate, Brian Caseadillo Case Covers Scale: 20.5″″ (52.7 cm), :             Birdseye maple (carved back), :                   11.4” small 12.4” large, :                            27.2” small 28” large, ;                            8 small, 8 or 10 large. Fujii Guitars

Paul Reed Smith Berkowitz Gilbert, John Northwood Yong Artinger

Maingard, Marc Leach, Harvey Forster, NK Gutmeier Guitars Williams, Laurie Guo, Yulong Rodriguez, Manuel Cumpiano Guitars Pogreba

It comes complete with Hiscox Artist series case.

Triggs I learned this good practice early on in my musical journey, after seeing so many badly worn Banjo & Mandolin fingerboards & Concertina end plates, with dreadful gouges simply from folks being too lazy to keep their finger nails short.

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