shining force leveling guide

To get lots of rings, use the Control Opponent option in the configuration mode and play the battles where an enemy holds the ring over and over again by egressing before the battle is over. Handy hints, gameplay tips, battle strategies and sneaky tricks!

Established in July of 2001, The Ultimate Shining Force Guide has been providing Shining Force fans with almost all the information they could need to sail through the game, for more than 15 years and I intend to get the walkthrough finished off at long last in the coming weeks now interest in the game has been revived with the recent PS4 and Xbox classic game releases. Tor_Heyerdal.

You really only need one for my trick to work, but if you want to return to the battle on the way to Creeds, which is probably worth more in the long run, feel free. Creator of Shining Force III: 16-bit (WIP). These are the levels at which you will gain only 1 EXP for defeating each monster. Always check the stats of the monsters farthest away from you: the one with the best stats is usually the main guardian. These are the levels at which you will gain only 1 EXP for defeating each monster. Useful if you need to save your MP for the main guardian. So, the best strategy for using L.E. Take notes if you like. Ii'tuntoimjähädälläjät, niin miietsy iimpa'tyõhõnja. When fighting out in the open, I usually adopt the following formation, where the blue dots are Knights, the red are Fighters, the purple are Archers, the green are Mages and the yellow are Healers: The first half of the picture shows the positions to get the characters into, the second shows how they can move when attacked, the attacker being ‘X’ on the diagram. Of course, this formation often has to be altered from battle to battle. From: Think ahead Established May 5th 1996. However, you should always try to help characters who are not so good. The Lord of Darkness vowed to return in 1,000 years. This does, however, mean that you miss out on a lot of experience points and money. to your advantage is to move weak or near death characters just inside the bushes, trees, etc., and never let anyone stand on the path. It isn’t really necessary to upgrade your VICR/WIZ/SOCR attack with a strong staff. i found that first lesser demon, the two center mist demons, a harpy, a dark madam, and an orc lord all get regenerated. But like I said, theres a way to get around that, which is simply save the game before you use it. The Shining Force: Full List. Hovering characters, however, do get terrain bonus (Kiwi is an example of such a character, after promotion). of 0%), his defense is increased by 0%, and so it remains at 10. Or to Renewal? The lances may be more powerful, but on those occasions when distance is needed in an attack, it is good to be able to equip them with a spear and get in that extra attack that they couldn’t have done with a lance. The following are true regardless of any levels gained before promotion. If there is more than one route to take during a battle, divide up your force equally. The Knights can close in on the enemy (as in the diagram) or freely move about. Search anything that looks a bit different, especially bookshelves and vases. monsters will only appear if the spot they will occupy doesn’t have something blocking it, or if they’re already there. Single out and surround 2 Beginner Instance. Then, start up your game and fight, to go up a level. The reason why I say this is the best battle to do that in is because if you save and reset, depending on whether or not the ring cracks, you don’t really need the config code, which can be death on cold thumbs. There is a difference between ‘flying’ and ‘hovering’ characters. 2). ‘Cold’ coloured enemies (blues, purples and greens) should be fought with Blaze, and ‘Hot’ coloured (red, orange, etc.) A map of the Shining Force 2 world (Grans Island and Parmecia) with pages about each town, including buildings, town maps, characters, items, key events and even the books and signs you'll find there! …Light fought Darkness for control of the world. However, if you keep it you can use it in battle, usually causing some fairly powerful spell. Instructions Manual. It works for me! In addition, they can pass over high mountains. With the config code, as you know, you can make the Dark Maiden drop the Protect Ring over and over again, until the cows come home, which they won’t because apparently people don’t eat beef in Shining Force 2. Although areas of high land effect often coincide with difficult terrain, that is not always the case. Attaining level ninety-nine characters is virtually an inescapable prospect using my method. A complete guide to Shining Force 2, including battle maps, saved games, item locations and it's so easy to use! I also often find that when the enemy can’t use magic, you can tell which spell to use on them from their colour. How to play Shining Force 2 - adapted from Sega’s Shining Force 2 instruction booklet. of 15%.

The Healers are protected, but not blocked in, giving them access to everyone who may need assistance. Handy hints, gameplay tips, battle strategies and sneaky tricks! Keep all the others far away to avoid the spells, and when one of the four around the Devil needs healing, move a healer nearby to do so.

And now, the trick.

If you’re much weaker than the monster, you’ll gain maximum experience (~49 points), if you’re about the same level, you’ll gain betweem 20-30 points, and when you’re much stronger, you’ll gain only 1 or 2 points. Don’t rush in From: Lee Dalope, Protect Ring trick for healers w/ aura + boost spells, just place your party into the ideal formation for maximum coverage and cast them like crazy. Established May 5th 1996. The Archers have the furthest range so they can cover the whole team. If one dies, then it is very important to replace them right away, the last thing you need is a Devil running all over the battlefield! Save and try again

1). From: Iovix Frost. so what i do is have a flier (Peter) block the spot where the mist demon appears, and then move the party around to just keep on killing the lesser demon. This means that the enemies can only use magic on one of your players at a time, unless they have a very high level of magic, because of the shape of the area that their spells generally affect (see Fig. I realized that by using the Protect Ring on a crowd of five people at the most, the effect is that of a Boost level 1, which grants the caster, usually of a clerical class, 25 exp maximum. Shining Member Posts: 379 Joined: Fri Jan 11 2013 4:18am Location: Ontario, Canada. From:, Reset for better level-ups

First a select group of the Shining Force is presented at level 10 unpromoted. Free item repairs which is why their L.E. The Ancients fought back with the Powers of Light. The levels below indicate the level at which this happens (a + indicates the level is after promotion).

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