sherwin williams super paint vs duration

The performance, considering hide and coverage was above average. When I price Duration for one coat it is more than 1 coat of SuperPaint but less than 2 coats of Super. Even tho super pro painters can paint with anything, they do have their preferences -- and there's nothing wrong with that. Sherwin Wiliams primer was used as the base.

Fast and reliable service!

I quit using Aura for wall painting about 2 years ago though I will still use the Matte finish when people want a washable flat. She then came to me and asked about Duration. Thanks so much and would love to see a picture of your rooms! VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I couldn't get it to one coat white on white where caulked cracks in posts mildewed under the current paint (A100). I recently painted over some shiplap that was stained about 4 years ago with a oil based stain.

Why would you quote a 1 coat price when one coat would effectively nullify a mfg's warranty, (due to required mil thickness), thereby putting any warranty issues solely on you? compared to normal paints which have a count of 100 (not sure if this is true). So I tried it... and I HATED it. Duration for the regular BenM colors and Aura for the Affinity colors -- that is if you can logically break out your color specs that way. The whole reason I used to love Aura was for it's levelling out properties.

He didn't even need to tape the ceiling or baseboards. NC- I agree with you.

Many of these reasons are behind the scenes snapshots into what you painter might be going through as a business that contributes to his pricing and model that the average homeowner might not understand. It took forever to get a decent look. Of course, the "finished" look and outcome is the most important to us. I couldn't put as much paint in the pan as I would with Aura and this slowed me down.Duration Matte is NOT Matte. Have…, The Quick and Easy Guide to Painting Shutters Painting shutters are one thing you can…, Choosing Exterior House Paint with Confidence The paint that you have on the outside of…, An Exterior Paint Condition Checklist for sellers! Yuck. If you don't hit the sale you are over paying. Fastest Way to Paint Home Exterior Siding Here we are going to cover tips on…, Raleigh Techniques to Painting Exterior Trim Welcome to the Raleigh exterior painting specialists blog post!…, The Ultimate Exterior Caulk Breakdown Let’s put those exterior caulk skills to the test! Very annoying!

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery.

Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Sat - Sun 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Best advice is ask questions, do samples, be patient/don't get in such a hurry, COMMUNICATE, don't assume your contractor knows what you want. Super paint has also been reformulated numerous times over the past few years. The contractor price in the earlier 2000’s was around sixteen dollars each gallon. - " But Joe, I'll cover the prep with great paint!" My answer would be an analogy: "Would you bake a bad cake with the best frosting"? Let the homeowner and Sherwin Williams deal with each other. Current prices have surpassed this by more than doubled. I love this color!! Still a hard choice although we do belong to Direct Buy and can get the Sherwin Williams at a great deal!

It is more like Eggshell-Plus in terms of gloss. Really? The cost to paint my living room, dining room, hall, breakfast room and family room was only $1100 and worth every penny! If you mix brands, Aura Matte and Duration Matte, the gloss levels will not match.

It begins to separate very quickly even in the pan. Expensive paint that doesn't perform. Can anyone tell me which of these is better. We use it liquid caulk........two coat everything when doing exterior....... Benjamin Moore, PPG, Sikkens, TWP, Wood Defender, Airless Sales and Service. 3. Whatever the reason he likes SW, it's always a good idea to make the painter happy if you can.

Doing it in a finished space will involve taping off everything and requires a huge amount of time and labor.

For more company information, select the button below! Super Paint claims the contents of around 43% solids.

I find BM to be easier to use and get results I want. Part of what gives the Affinity colors that final, chic look is the finish of the Aura paint - matte is my favorite. If it flexes then you will tend to get lines in your paint. I've used BM for years.

Its a numbers game, the warranty become void if the homeowner sells there house, the average HO keeps there house for 10 years. The fact of the matter is not even…, Choosing Exterior Paint, Painters & Colors Don’t be that neighbor. Not a big stretch there. I'm sure she did some research and saw "one coat on repaint for lifetime warranty." I am looking for the Honda Civic of paints...affordable and reliable all in one. She said neither of the other bids mentioned 2 coats. Professional Interior Major Painting Jobs: Spraying vs. Rollers and Br. For the next few weeks, we are going to cover various interior and exterior painting products. I just looked at the BM "strip" to look at your color "Wilmington Tan" and with the Powell Bluff they look beautiful together! Jasper49, I just had my entire main floor repainted in my new home in Florida. 270 locations nationwide! 3. For interior, I use the Natura BM paint (used in hospitals, etc) to avoid VOCs. - When touched up, the touch-ups are easily spotted.

We recently purchased a new home and have been repainting many of the rooms.

Do you have people in the home who unknowingly touch the walls? Opinions on that? - It doesn't adhere to the wall, doors, etc. The dining room took two. Sheen finishes are difficult to blend when touching up.

strut right here — it might just be featured in an upcoming ideabook, Tired of winter yet? One week later the room STILL smells like paint if you close the door.

quote from above "If you don't hit the sale you are over paying.". I used a oil based primer and laytex paint both from Sherwin Williams. I find it easy to work with, no lines, dries smooth, good coverage, and cleanable. Do the users tend to take hot showers with a lot of steam? Paint companies have labs where they design & test paint formulas.

I hear ya, I have not had any of those problems that you and Straight have had, if I had I would probably be sitting here saying it is crap.

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