sepulcher sentinel vs tayrel

Hey thanks for compiling this. KEEP These 10 Rare Champions ⚠️NOT FOOD⚠️. I also use mine in Spider .. in nuke team she is Insane ... Kymar , 2 RG's and Rae or other aoe ... and Lanakis .... either she go 1st or before the Kymar reset ... and it's amazing or 1st round i use her boost and 2nd after Kymar reset team atk and again super good.

I've been using hyria vs force CB and she works well.

You can also find the role and affinity of any epic or legendary champion in our tier list. "flat stats, where do they go?

Some of the most important aspects to consider when building your team is: How you prioritize these aspects dictates how you should build a team. to put the emphasis on what you have said, that she is a damage enabler, I replaced her on UNM CB when I got there with warlord, I was a bit unlucky I did only 11.9m with her it was more like 14-17m, without here it was harder to have increase defense buf and jareg without ally attack has less changes to place decrease attack, team was slower, and warlord we know how he extends those debuffs ;) in those runs she did only 1.5m warlord did 0.5m but overall damage per turn was better and run lasted longer.

All input welcome on this one. I’m curious if SS is worth it?

Bad-El-Kazar also has a skill that removes all debuffs from his allies, which is very useful. I'm wondering if anyone can help me decide which atk down champ to use for CB.

Therefore, we’ll look at some of the most crucial aspects you should consider when choosing which champions to put on your team. is the counter bugged again or is damage being taken off?? This is the team we found that was able to do so the quickest.

Great vid, and timing!

Because you fight other players’ teams, you can face an endless amount of unique teams. There are four affinities, Magic, Spirit, Force, and Void. so, if you are looking for a good ATK down champ then proposing Stag Knight or Coffin Smasher. With more than 400 uniques champions in the game, players can create an unbelievable number of unique teams in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Still a powerful skill if it triggers and a second DEF up will mean 100% uptime if timed right. If you are looking to farm spider, building a team that can clear it quickly is essential. Created Aug 26, 2018. Void is a special affinity that doesn’t deal extra damage to any affinity, but doesn’t take extra damage from any affinity. Stag night feels like he is more geared towards arena and doesnt he do atk down on aoe? Here is a list of teams suited for different modes of the game.

In my fire knight team level 20 and does great.

relentless or the higher speed?

Any chance you can do a video on Defiled Sinner? I replaced Tayrel with Sepulcher Sentinel and i cant be more happy.

The following skills and attributes are used to determine the best champions for Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends. Lanka is is sleeper OP, been using her in CB for a month! Tayrel - atk down, back up def down Dracomorph - poison, def down/weaken Minaya - heal and block debuffs Dutchess - block buffs and stun eater . I just pulled her and wasn’t sure if I should build her. Well that video was actually right on time! If you use jareg, you really wanna push for high spd on vamp so when he gets stun he can shake it off so he can attack and hopefully heal back up. Sepulcher is by far the best option of the three, Jareg will perform well enough unm so invest in another area imo.

I had the same problem. Heya :-) first Champion i use a Reflex Set and doing very fine. Could you look at a relatively un used legendary? My current team is: Martyr (lead) - Counter, def down, def up, back up atk down. Having a balance of affinities or having primarily Void affinity champions ensures stability.

I replaced tyrel with jareg and got about 3-5 mil more on average on nm. I've been sleeping on her cause her kit doesn't synergize very well. Not only does he pack a lot of attack, but his skills are all damaging abilities. I also saw a video where Infernal Baroness, Nethril, Skullcrusher, Gorgorab, and Tayrel was successful against Spider 20, but again same problem….no Tayrel. The following is one of those teams that will have high chances of beating most levels if they’re upgraded enough.

then you grab someone that can 1 hit a sinlge person like mountain king. Notice, it is also very costly to acquire. Tayrel - atk down, back up def down Dracomorph - poison, def down/weaken Minaya - heal and block debuffs Dutchess - block buffs and stun eater.

With COVID-19 @ the hospital I've hardly had getting out of this rut and making progression since it since early March.

Alure Epic. He brings an aura that boosts the entire team’s defense stat by 25% at all times. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I've had her for two months, but had no idea where and how to use her. I'm thinking that Tayrel isn't the best option for me as 1, he has 3 active skills so he isn't using his a1 as much and 2, his a2 is pretty redundant as I have martyr and draco.

Some of the very best champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, which can be used in almost any team composition include: Let’s look at some of these champions and which qualities of theirs makes them solid picks all around. Total gut buster.

Besides his efforts here, Jack contributes to other outlets - making tier lists for Tierlistmania, business-related posts for Medium, and more. I also have a duchess, Nethril and Yannica (leech). Seems so, yeah?

Tayrel. SHOWN EVERYWHERE! I really love Sepulcher, just depends if you wanna spend the books and energy. RAID: Shadow Legends! If you use jareg, you really wanna push for high spd on vamp so when he gets stun he can shake it off so he can attack and hopefully heal back up.

its funny when lanakis stays alone in ice golems because rest of the team is wiped out, one of the minion revive is blocked and she slowly but surely finishes the boss solo :) I have with her 2-3 minutes runs there. The campaign features a wide variety of enemies and bosses, which changes what the optimal team is throughout the campaign. Even though most epic and legendary champions in RAID: Shadow Legends excel at some niche, some champions are better picks in almost any situation.

How cool would it be to leave a bunch of champs in the pit and come back weeks later to a team of brand new champs to play with.

Top player and YouTuber Kizzle has created this specific team for clan boss.

This subreddit is maintained by the players and fans of this game.

Synergy is another aspect that is great to keep in mind when creating your team. If you can of course. The first overall team created by Greta Duvalle from Gallifrey consists of Prince Kymar, Arbiter, Fu-Shan, and Dracomorph. Thanks for all the great tips. Therefore, we’ve gathered some examples of the best teams created by top players of the game. its just a funny idea i had. Seeing some actual examples of great teams is, however, always very inspirational. @Blair Crowding apparently if smeone does aoe increase atk before her. Thanks again for the great content and stress relief :). Several places were found that match your search criteria. The balance of roles on your team is important.


Fire Knight: 5/5 Tier: ★★★ Brakus the Shifter Legendary. You can connect with Jack on Twitter. Go for her. Would love to be your next "account takeover". RAID: Shadow Legends | MISCREATED MONSTER CHAMPION GUIDE, TOP 3 EPIC IN THE GAME! RAID: Shadow Legends | HE WHALED TOOOO HARD! At higher difficulties sometimes a fee more turns is all you need to hit that top tier chest and that's the advantage of jareg. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RaidShadowLegends community. I do have Bad L, and some other Legendaries, which Legendaries would be similar to Dracomorph, or Epic?

From our experience, having a mix of these skills will allow you to take on most setups of enemies. I'm trying to see how often she could extend Marked or Grizzled Jarls' "Block Debuffs" by comparing it to the buffs on your team here.

She may easy replace Tayrel for ATK down... if you have a reliable Debuff extender like Vizier (at least Septimus) running a CA team and have someone else with DEF down (Rhazin), Tyrel is better at landing the Attack down, but her other kits are better than his in CB.

Jack is an avid gamer who isn't afraid to take on a challenge. Jareg is my next 6* (just waiting on a training event to milk the points) to do exactly this. Both are ready to turn into lvl 60 but I need to know wich one I should evolve first.

This subreddit is maintained by the players and fans of this game. Does she push herself to front of turn order even when its 191 speed tuned? Champion Discussion.

The number of champions paired with all the various aspects of combat and upgrading makes for an incredible number of strategic opportunities. Choosing a single team is, therefore, difficult, but we did find one with impressive results.

If Martyr does def up and Minaya does block debuffs those two are already doing half of what Sepulcher brings. All these video’s you come so close to what they have…but I found one thing about Chofly’s Coldhearts…they deal damages in the millions. Champions with the Magic affinity deals extra damage to champions with the Spirit affinity, but take extra damage from champions with the Force affinity. Cause warlord alone is not enough to extend the debuffs... @Hellhades, how do you get around Valkyrie pushing herself in front of the rest of her team when the clan boss has an affinity? My whole team speed is around 190 to 200, so should I keep Lanakis speed at 190 to 200?

Give me a shout if you'd consider it! She seems good for cb but need to use her. Buff/Debuff has pre-conditions to trigger, Buff/Debuff is the lower rank version (e.g. I'm a doctor working in infectious diseases in a city with a decent COVID-19 cohort, and it's awesome to be able to totally take my mind off of all that drama even if it's for a few minutes a day.

Increase DEF 30% vs. 60%) Buff/Debuff lasts only 1 turn; Check out full Champion ratings here.

My team gets squashed in arena every time since I went relentless. In RAID: Shadow Legends, Poison and HP Burn are considered the most effective skills in fighting Clan Boss.

Frank is there (Shield Set) for those times when I don't go first. Hello, Hades, really nice video! Is she good if I put books in her?

Or perhaps any other way to use him effectively. I have a spd team in clan boss on ultra. Hi Hell Hades, I really like your videos it's helps me alot. We are going to show you some teams that are designed to do well in all game modes, but also some that excel at specific aspects of the game. 25 to 28mill. A good clan boss team consists of speed (to get as many attacks in as possible), survivability (so you stick around for longer), and damage dealing (largely with attacks and debuffs that damage based on the Enemy’s MAX HP).

If you are looking for an overall boost to your team’s defense and crowd control capabilities, go for Tayrel.

StewGaming has created this team for Fire Knight, which consists of Martyr, Rhazin Scarhide, Apothecary, Pain Keeper, and Steelskull. All of the following team examples are from top players from the rank one clan in RAID: Shadow Legends, Gallifrey. Another example of synergy could be an extremely tanky HP champion and a support champion with a lot of healing skills. Can you pls do a guide on Martyr pls? If you're in a team of 4 is the order random or set by team slot?

And then the second+ attack is truly random?

If I do 60 is HP better to do or attack I was think HP for sustainable, HH please can you do a video on Sir nick, would like some knowledge on the best way to build him.

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