seeker missile tau

Once the Kroot had been absorbed into the T'au Empire, their weapons were upgraded to utilise the charged pulse rounds that are favoured by the T'au. Before the Kroot race was found by the T'au Empire, their ranged weaponry consisted primarily of primitive slug throwers that relied on the use of chemical propellants, solid ammunition, and the transfer of kinetic force. So far, T'au Plasma Cannons have only been mounted as a variant turret on Hammerhead gunships and were first identified by the Imperium during the Taros Campaign, where it is believed they were being field-tested. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Phased Plasma-Flamer is a large triple-barrelled rotary Flamer Weapon capable of generating temperatures so hot that the emitted flames are in a plasma-like state capable of even vaporising ceramite. A Marker Light is essentially an advanced T'au hand-held laser range finder that is used to "paint" targets for other T'au units to fire upon. This means that despite each charge being less powerful than an equivalent Imperial Melta Weapon of similar size, the Fusion Cascade can overwhelm its target through its sheer quantity of fire. Long-barrelled Burst Cannons are variants of the standard Burst Cannons usually mounted on T'au aircraft, and possess almost double the range due to their extended barrel lengths. Besides a powerful warhead and jet engines, each missile incorporates a Seeker array, a collection of diode receivers, which are highly sensitive to Markerlight energy beams. This artificial intelligence (AI) calculates the precise height and distance of each submunition it fires so as to provide optimum explosive damage across a wide area.

As such, the T'au Fire Caste generally does not rely on static defensive positions unless absolutely necessary, and instead uses Seeker Missile strikes from roving Sky Rays in place of artillery bombardments. Seeker Missiles are also commonly mounted on Tau aircraft such as the Tiger Shark AX-1-0, Manta, DX-6 Remora Drone Stealth Fighter, Razorshark and Sun Shark, to add to their already large armament. However, the T'au Empire also has developed weapons for allied races such as the Kroot and Vespid. Pulse Weapons are a family of advanced Plasma Weapons developed by the Earth Caste of the T'au Empire, and exclusively used by the T'au Fire Caste. Pulse and Rail Weapons technology are such examples, and can be seen as the "trademark" weapons of the T'au armed forces. Many Battlesuit pilots have become adept at stalking and hunting down enemy armour, using the mobility gained from their Jetpacks to outflank the enemy and attack the more vulnerable rear and side armour of their targets. Mounted at the end of the barrel of each weapon is a highly energetic and unstable crystal that has been harvested from the deepest layers of the world of Vespid's cloud seas. Seeker Missiles are designed to engage singular targets, forgoing a large blast radius for more destructive power. The Dawn Blade is older than even the Imperium of Man, and it was fashioned aeons ago by the strange xenos race that once inhabited the haunted world of its origin. The missile's targeting array processes the information received before feeding the data into its inertial guidance system. Whilst this weapon’s range and damage is not as great as its larger cousin, it is still an impressive anti-tank weapon, renowned for its effectiveness at penetrating enemy armour at extreme ranges.

Kroot Bolt Launchers are primitive and effective weapons that were used by the Kroot long before they met the T'au Empire. Flamers are also lethal weapons when used by Crisis Battlesuits fighting in dense terrain. EMP Grenades are technological marvels that briefly emit an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) upon detonation, which can overload electronic circuitry, causing anything from minor malfunctions in electronics to fires, complete meltdowns and other critical malfunctions. Pulse Submunitions Cannons have an extreme range and generally are used in a heavy long-range fire support role. Plasma Rifles deliver pulses of searing energy and superheated matter that has been transmuted into a gaseous plasma state that carries an electrical charge. Upon their launch, the "Smart Missiles" will search for targets within sensor range before selecting and engaging one based on criteria previously detailed by the weapon's operator. The Fusion Cascade is an experimental, cutting-edge Fusion Blaster variant that is designed to be integrated with the systems of the XV9 Hazard Battlesuit. Most likely a derivative of the Ion Accelerator, unlike most Ion Weapons the Ionic Discharge Cannon cannot overcharge its shots; instead they emit an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) upon detonation, which can overload electronic circuitry, causing anything from minor malfunctions in electronics to fires. An Honour Blade is a two-handed T'au close combat weapon utilised exclusively by members of the Ethereal Caste. This unleashed far greater damage and armour penetration capabilities for the Kroot. A potent weapon, the Rail Rifle makes use of the same technologies as the larger Railgun and Heavy Rail Rifle, albeit on a smaller scale so that it is infantry portable.

Fusion Blades are potent close combat weapons that are easily able to vaporise infantry and carve through tanks. The actual bolt-thrower is operated by an ingenious hand-crank system which drops the bolts from the magazine into position before quickly drawing the bow-string. A specialized type of Seeker Missile known as Destroyer Missiles are mounted on heavy Tau Ballistic Suits. He recovered the weapon from the pre-Imperial xenos ruins of the Dead World of Arthas Moloch, wrenching it in desperation from a fallen alien statue to fend off the assault of a Bloodthirster daemon following the incursion of the Forces of Chaos upon that deserted planet. They use the same Plasma Weapons technology as that employed in Plasma Rifles, but are far larger in size. Kroot Rifles are commonly fitted with blades near the barrel and stock, which are a throwback to early traditional Kroot fighting staves. A Smart Missile System is a Tau missile launcher that fires self-propelled auto-tracking missiles. T'au Flamers are very similar to the Flamers used by Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen in role and use, but differs slightly in construction because of the use of more stable T'au technology. They are made using a hybrid of Vespid and T'au technology. Heavy Railguns fire larger rounds at higher speeds, and these projectiles are fin-stabilised to provide extra lift, and therefore greater range when fired in-atmosphere.

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