savage enfield markings

(the M4 bolt action rifle in .22 Hornet caliber, and the M6 over-under .22 Hornet This is a very early example with United States Property

The 'III' marking upon the safety lever indicates that … Note the squared S for Savage and the US "flaming bomb" proof mark. After declaring war Great Britain once again found herself in a dire situation, facing a German invasion of her homeland and desperately in need of small arms to defend it. The tragedies and suffering of WWI was still fresh in their minds and most felt the United States had no business getting involved in another “European” war. Note that the rifle serial number was not usually stamped on the underside of the forestock. Savage was also manufacturing the 1928 Model of the Thompson Submachine Gun for the Auto-Ordnance Corporation during that period. The Early Rifles from Enfield The "Enfield" in Lee-Enfield refers to the town of Enfield on the northern outskirts of London, where a government arms works was established in 1804 to assemble "Brown Bess" flintlock muskets. Made for U.S. Army, SMLE rifle manufacturers were given no serial ranges to begin or end production with, so it is possible that two rifles may exist with the same serial number produced at different factories. The most common are the BSA Shirley made rifles. However, the British government did not have the financial resources to continue paying cash for the rifles obtained from the United States. 295,361 .50 caliber Browning Machine Guns Made for U.S. Army, but never issued to U.S. forces 1,030,228 produced 1941-44. 750,000 Russian Mosin Nagant rifles under contract for the Czarist government. Basic Enfield Identification and the Facts about Serial Numbers ... page will attempt to provide is a basic overview of the serial system and where to find them along with the manufacture markings and barrel date stamp that is common on most Enfields. This particular rifle is from the 65C serial number block, which places it's manufacture sometime during 1943.

Remington and Winchester were both contracted to manufacture the Pattern 14 or P14 .303 caliber Enfield rifle for the British who were at war with Germany. The J. Stevens Company was selected to manufacture the weapon.

4 Mark I. Only weeks after production began, the United States took over the contract under the U.S. Lend-Lease program. I (T) Sniper Equipment Markings (this page), Link to my page on the R.E.L. The Enfield rifles also saw service, and were manufactured in many of Great Britain’s Commonwealth nations.

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