saurolophus vs parasaurolophus

[20] Saurolophus, as the name suggests, is a saurolophine, as it has a saurolophine pelvis and a (largely) solid crest. [7], Two species are regarded as valid today: the type species S. osborni, and S. angustirostris. [5] The Dinosaur Park Formation is interpreted as a low-relief setting of rivers and floodplains that became more swampy and influenced by marine conditions over time as the Western Interior Seaway transgressed westward. At the end of the crest is a swelling of the nasal, which is often termed differently. [42], In the Fruitland Formation of New Mexico, P. cyrtocristatus shared its habitat with other ornithischians and theropods. [7] Numerous vertebrate groups are from this formation, including fishes, crurotarsans,[44] ornithischians, saurischians,[7] pterosaurs,[45] and turtles. [14][15] The first named species, therefore the type, is P. walkeri. kryschtofovici. However, while the character is, as mentioned above, drawn with a long head-crest, which Edmontosaurus, or "Anatosaurus" is not believed to have had. [5] In some faunal lists, there is a mention of possible P. walkeri material in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana, a rock unit of late Maastrichtian age. [16][17] It has been estimated to have weighted around 3 tonnes (3.0 long tons; 3.3 short tons).

[12], As its name implies, Parasaurolophus was initially thought to be closely related to Saurolophus because of its superficially similar crest.

Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc. New York, New York. Additionally, a fourth species, P. jiayensis, has been proposed, although it is more commonly placed in the separate genus Charonosaurus. Plant material would have been cropped by its broad beak, and held in the jaws by a cheek-like organ. [4] Although this idea seems unlikely,[21] Parasaurolophus is sometimes restored with a skin flap from the crest to the neck. [12] In 2014, the species was reassigned to a new genus, Augustynolophus.

[37] The first to propose the cranial crests of lambeosaurines related to temperature regulation was Wheeler (1978). [2] The second specimen, the first known from the Kaiparowits Formation, was originally unassigned to a specific taxon. Its feeding range would have extended from the ground to about 4 m (13 ft) above.

[4] Parasaurolophus remains are rare in Alberta,[5] with only one other partial skull from (probably) the Dinosaur Park Formation,[6] and three Dinosaur Park specimens lacking skulls, possibly belonging to the genus. Maryańska, Teresa and Osmólska, Halszka; 1981. [13] Of the Parasaurolophus species, P. cyrtocristatus it is the smallest, and has the most curved crest. Some Parasaurolophus are seen in the first movie, stampeding away from the Great Earthshake, along with Saurolophus (even appearing in the same shots), and make a small appearance during a musical number in Journey Through the Mists. It has been estimated to have potentially weighed up to 11 tonnes (11 long tons; 12 short tons).

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