rzr pro xp problems

= .103 hp per lbs.

Kapper Outdoors was having this issue with his 2019 Ranger. By now, you’ve heard the high level info about the 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP. They instal high quality bearings, polish & shotpening the gears and setting all the tolerances correctly. The power increase is achieved with a new larger water-cooled turbo feeding a little extra boost, but there are a couple other interesting changes. The suspension delivers 17″ of wheel travel in the front and 20″ in the rear (which translates into 20″ and 22″ of USABLE travel respectively). The PRO XP maintains the 925cc ProStar twin from the previous RZR Turbo units, but includes some nice upgrades and an overall power boost to 181hp. Leonardo had always commented on the interior of the X3 fitting his 6’ 4” frame better, does the RZR feel the same?

The clutch uses roller pucks in the primary instead of the noisy metal sliders and more venting has been added to cool the belt.

The turbo is larger and now liquid cooled, helping produce 181hp.

I think the cage on this one will be fine for the vast majority of riders, certainly the best one they’ve had. . During our test rides we were unable to break a belt (about 70 combined miles of HARD riding), and we did notice and appreciate the calibration changes. 1. Tag us #utvguide or DM for a chance to be featured BODY: Lower front nose and higher back fenders, bigger doors and more light detail in front and rear. The XP Pro actually has less HP per lbs vs. the XP1000. SEATS: A total redesign; driver’s side is on rollers and a front mount allows for 3 positions of tilt.

Now you don’t have to worry about losing them when you pull the cover off. However, the top end has been upgraded and now features a coolant system bleed valve to purge any trapped air in the water automatically. We’ll be putting that to the test for sure, but we like the way it sounds.

Inquiring minds want to know. Travel 17” up front and 20” in the rear. GlamisDunes.com is Trademarked with the USPTO The new buckets feature a stiff molded frame, improved padding & bolsters, and are vented in a way that allows airflow from the door to reach your lower back to help keep you cool. Then with the “A” pillar laid back, it looks great, but increases the point of failure and collapsing in. The power increase is achieved with a new larger water-cooled turbo feeding a little extra boost, but there are a … ©2001 GlamisDunes.com. Fox’s electronic Dynamix shocks are available on the Ultimate models while the other two get Walker Evans shocks.

Another, sometimes under-appreciated, feature that we enjoyed was a new steering wheel. Also the upper cage looks to bolt to tabs or brackets at the B pillar (not directly to a chassis tube) and the rear kicker down tubes again don’t bolt to the tube chassis but a set of tabs that will easily fail vs a tube mount.

Most other improvements seem to already be on other machines.

We also get a more modern COP (coil on plug) design which eliminates the spark plug wires.

Six plugs ready to go with 12V, Switched 12V and ground.

It did fit Leo well now, he had no fitment issues, and the lower seating position definitely makes you feel more “in it” compared to the old XP chassis. ————————————————————

The PRO XP maintains the 925cc ProStar twin from the previous RZR Turbo units, but includes some nice upgrades and an overall power boost to 181hp.

Bed has 8 tie down points around sides, plus handle that can be used as tie down as well. I know they are dealing on 19’s now hard. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We connected with Pat McArdle at Polaris and got the low down on some of the features that you’ll definitely want to know about. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

With the seating being a little lower and 6” longer leg room, Sous stated in the X3 it feels like you’re riding in it, and the RZR you’re riding on it. Four torx bolts is all it takes to fully remove bed for access to top of engine.

The … , Biggest take away I thought I heard was this was the new platform going forward . Did the Pro XP find the perfect balance? Do you know if the improved suspension did anything to reduce or fix the bumpsteer issues with both the front & rear suspension? Somewhat uniquely shaped compared to any previous doors we’ve seen, they are designed to keep debris from slinging at you off the front tires, while also allowing airflow in the cabin.

IMO the telescoping steering wheel is the best original improvement they made. It can be a little tough to get to quickly at high speeds, but it definitely works. I know it’s super early but assuming the “S” will be here 2021 with some far superior upgrades . The car is available in two seat only at 64” wide with more versions to come soon.

Is this still the feeling? .

Head has cooling line on top in between spark plugs to help get rid of air in cooling system. By now, you accept as true with got heard the excessive diploma files about the 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP. In a race UTV you could feel the power gain after Weddle rebuilt the trans.

The entire machine weighs a bit more at 1736lbs dry (base). That’s something Polaris likes to exaggerate (lie) about.

If this is how real Travel was measured then Trophy Trucks would have 50+ inches, and the Baja bugs would have 25+ inches.

Do you know how that is mounted to the chassis?

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The entire tray removes quickly with a few Torx bolts to access the engine. We’ll start with the most obvious changes. Yes it is truly all new, not a dressed up XP of old. WHEELS/TIRES: Equal sized 30×10-14 aggressive Maxxis Carnivore tires are found on all corners. No reason to have both the XP & XP Pro.

Premium and Elite trims offer a 6-pt harness, DYNAMIX Active Suspension 2.0, Ride Command and other performance features. Fuel tank is bumped to 12 gallons with vent for faster and more complete fills, 9.

shocks/20” w. WE or Fox, DC/USB Outlet…Console/Upper dash (Premium), Instrumentation…Analog Speed/odo/trip/hour/rpm/fuel/gear/clock/2WD-4WD, Suggested retail price…$22,999 (Base) $24,499 ( Premium) $28,499 (Ultimate), POLARIS COMPARISON: RZR XP 1000 VS. GENERAL DELUXE, 2021 POLARIS GENERAL XP 1000 Factory Custom Edition, LARGER FUEL TANK FOR YOUR POLARIS RZR & YAMAHA YXZ, Can-Am’s 14 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Please leave us your thoughts / questions in the comments below or on our Facebook page, and make sure to stay tuned into our YouTube channel as we put the new Pro XP through some long term abuse! Adjusting for different driver heights will be no issue.

Can Am had to add the big gusset and they still fail at that point. Key off heat dissipates instead of heat soaking.

I also suspect the Pro 4 will be a huge hit with the market. Secondary clutch sliders have been ditched in favor of rollers. Complaints about space in the previous RZR lead Polaris to focus much attention on driver comfort & confidence. An extreme performance side-by-side with 182 hp. The dash has more blanks for extra switches and the power sitting behind the dash ready to plug into. The seats are 2.5″ lower in the chassis to improve the handling and overall feel, but the front end was designed to maintain all the sight lines from the previous RZR chassis. Ride Command Group Ride feature now uses built-in antenna as well as cell for off-network riding, Polaris RZR Pro XP 12V Power Distribution, 10. I like what they have done, seems like most existing RZR owners are not to pleased.

No more possibility of spark plug boot not being installed proiperly on plug.

This RZR is an fully new fabricate from the ground up with an all new chassis, a brand new mammoth cab and 181 HP.


This may be the star of the new Pro XP. Another notable feature is the doors. The Ride Command (Ultimate model) has front/rear cameras as well as a buddy/group ride feature that works without cell service similar to the Trail Tech Voyager Pro. The seating position is lower to the ground, the seats are all-new, the harness system is more comfortable that previous versions, and the steering wheel tilts and telescopes for a better fitment.

Even with the issues found in the XX, I believe the XX still has the best & strongest chassis design of all current UTV platforms, but the Pro is a big improvement for Polaris. This RZR is a completely new design from the ground up with an all new chassis, a new spacious cab and 181 HP.


Clutch is completely upgraded and 2x as durable, 3. The stator has 900 Watts of output. The steering wheel has been upgraded both in style and function.

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2020 POLARIS RZR PRO XP: WHAT’S NEW AND WHAT’S NOT. SPECS: 2020 POLARIS RZR PRO XP, PREMIUM, ULTIMATE, Engine type…Liquid-cooled, twin cylinder, DOHC, turbo charged, 4 stroke, Starting procedure…Turn ignition switch w/shifter in park, Reverse procedure…Brake on, move range selector “R”, Claimed dry weight…1736lbs, 1749lbs, 1773lbs, Front…Dual A-arm w/prel./comp.-adj.

This RZR is a completely new design from the ground up with an all new chassis, a new spacious cab and 181 HP. The lack of triangulation & diagonal bar in the “B” pillar area is a huge fail.

XP1000, 1512 lbs @ 168 hp.

Great write – a couple of questions for the BLOG; do you think the cage will need to be an aftermarket for better strength like the “S” or past models? The cockpit of the RZR XP Pro line is immersive, and gives the driver a more connected feel than ever before with a Polaris RZR. ENGINE: The 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP is only available as a turbo. Polaris it touting the 181 hp which is a gain of 13 hp, and so many who have tested the new XP Pro claim it to be a huge improvement. UTVGuide.net is a site dedicated to UTVs - Tech, Build, Ride and Race we cover it all as enthusiasts. All PROs will ship from the factory with 30″ Maxxis Carnivores which we have found to be excellent all-around tires, we’re excited about that choice. The “2.0” of the Dynamix system includes a re-calibration of all modes intending to improve both ride and handling, as well as the edition of what has been fondly referred to as the “OH S&!T” button…more on that later. But hears a little fact.

The takeaway here is that everything is better / stronger than before.

The primary clutch has been designed to throw debris OUT of critical areas where it can cause wear, and serviceability of wear components has also been improved. . The front wheel is a 14X6 and the rear is a 14×7.

Airflow is directed to all four sheaves for better heat dissipation. Along with the cooling improvements, changes were also made to address durability and serviceability.

Copyright 2020 | MH Newsdesk lite by MH Themes, on "2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP: Tech Review". I believe the gain felt in the Pro are actually in the clutching, and maybe from the improved drivetrain and not the actual HP increase.

Okay, you’ve seen the ride reviews (if you haven’t, check them out here.) This website uses cookies to improve your experience. shocks/ 17” w/ WE or Fox, Rear…IRS  3-link Trailing-arms w/prel./comp -adj.

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