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And they were that on a permanent basis. You have your own Kennedy organization. Robert Whitaker, Writer: We think of science as having this sober sort of process, something is introduced, it goes to a medical journal, it's peer-reviewed there. Narrator: As Freeman set about to be the first neurologist in the United States to attempt Moniz' procedure, he faced few obstacles. It was highly political and intended, obviously, to save his political neck. Andrew Scull, Professor of Sociology: He's started obsessively criss-crossing the country, searching out his former patients, trying to speak with them, trying to prove to the world that lobotomy hadn't been the great medical catastrophe it increasingly was seen as being. Fred Harris, U.S. Senate 1964-1973 And if the viewer has seen other documentaries devoted to these topics, or read the copious news coverage of schools and religious institutions all over the world that have covered up and evaded responsibility for abusive teachers and clerics, there’s a depressing similarity to the contours of this story. The five Kennedy daughters were not exempt from the competitive spirit and ambition that ran through the family. When three hundred thousand members of the Love Generation collided with a few dozen Hells Angels at San Francisco's Altamont Speedway, the bloody slash that transformed a decade's dreams into disillusionment was immortalized on this film. He was just 26, fresh from law school and relentlessly single-minded. Going down towards the North End, she said to the driver, she said, “I was wondering if you had any inkling as to who might be the next congressman from this district.” He said, “Well, I think I’d like to vote for that young fella from the North End, that young Kennedy fella,” he said. Frank Sinatra (archival): [singing at inaugural gala] That old Jack magic had them in its spell / That old Jack magic that he weaves so well / The women swoon, it seems a lot of men did, too / He looked a little like I used to do. They had a bed in the Air Force One for him to lie on.

The rumors about his book,Profiles in Courage broke on television. Narrator: Just one week after Robert Kennedy’s funeral, Edward Kennedy appeared on national television with his father and mother. Jack El-Hai, Writer: He believed that the thalamus was the seat of human emotion and that the symptoms we see as signs of mental illness, the hallucinations, the feelings of depression, the suicidal feelings, anxiety, all of those were the result of overly strong emotional impulses reaching the frontal lobes from the thalamus. We were the people that said yes. By God, he’s got the feeling for it, you know. / Kennedy can, Kennedy can / Who can do the job he begins? Narrator: The Kennedys failed to buy off McCormack and, when Ted was challenged to a televised debate, the President feared his inexperienced younger brother might give in to his emotions, if attacked. Tara, how are you dear? This was his victory. Not only does this article tell the tragedy of what happened to Rosemary but it also highlights the stigma of mental health and the inhumane medical treatments for the mentally ill that existed. For decades to come, his words that afternoon would be used by some to prove he had already decided to pull out of the war. Nigel Hamilton, biographer of John F. Kennedy

The whole concept of informed consent didn't exist. The method in which a lobotomy is performed starts by making an incision in the skull while the patient is awake, then one inserts a tool into the frontal lobe of the brain and move it in several directions, only stopping when the patient became unresponsive. Fortune Magazine Charles Spalding, Kennedy family friend Philip A. Rollins The President put his hand on his father’s shoulder, you know, and kissed him on the head and, as we take off, he’s looking down — he has the picture window on the helicopter — and he said, “Look at him, Dave, and he made it all possible.”, Sen. George Smathers, U.S. Congress 1946-1968: I came back to Washington with the President. The details of that crisis and Kennedy’s handling of it would be examined and reexamined for decades and its impact upon him would profoundly change the way he and successors waged the cold war in the coming years. I was very excited and I couldn’t even sleep last night. Roger Hilsman, Intelligence and Research, State Department: Bobby was very eloquent. Once again, the Kennedys left nothing to chance. In those days, however, there was a sort of an understanding in the press that a responsible, conscientious journalist would not write about anybody’s private life. We are a great country, an unselfish country and a compassionate country and I intend to make that my basis for running over the period of the next few months. Khrushchev agreed to withdraw the missiles in exchange for Kennedy’s public pledge not to invade Cuba and his private promise to remove American missiles from Turkish bases near the Soviet border. And at best we could see some people that have jobs, but so often they're not motivated really to go to the jobs. You can’t think about this. UCLA Film and Television Archive Paul “Red” Fay, Kennedy family friend We want Kennedy —. On Election Day, the race was too close to call, as the Kennedys secluded themselves to watch the results at the family compound in Hyannis Port. And that is seven or eight months of hell. In her growing years, the 1920s through the 1930s, the education system was not advanced enough to have a standardized curriculum or specialized teaching styles for those with learning deficits.2 Each school taught what they were comfortable with, and if the students could not conform, they had little chance to ever be successful. If the public were to find out about Rosemary, they might think lowly of him and of his own ability to perform as a person of political power. In 1945, as shell-shocked GIs began to overwhelm state mental hospitals, Freeman adapted his procedure, creating the so-called "ice-pick" lobotomy, a portable and inexpensive method as horrific as it was convenient.

Since Rosemary’s operation, her siblings have been keen to donate time and money to foundations built to represent the disabled, and her sister Eunice founded the Special Olympics. As the Apollo 11 crew approached the moon, fulfilling a goal set by John Kennedy, Edward Kennedy was in Massachusetts, fulfilling still another family obligation — attending a reunion party of young women who had worked for his brother Robert’s last campaign.

Jennifer King Narrator: Watching in the cold, Joseph P. Kennedy quietly gloried in his triumph. And the President called me in one day and said, “She’s gone now. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. The outcome of the Cuban missile crisis had helped relieve doubts about the young president. Narrator: In 1932, Joe Kennedy jumped on the political bandwagon and acquired a powerful patron— Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He simply had a crude notion that people who are mentally ill are sort of obsessed, he called them fixed ideas.

And the press -- they're always eager for miracle surgery, it sells papers and so, next thing you know, you start having this story out there, not of damaging the brain, but of plucking madness from the brain, and it's such a story of progress. The intended result is to help the mentally ill become easier to control. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die. You can’t make any mistakes.” That’s a very dangerous feeling to have.

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