rose vs button ears australian shepherd

There are chances that this ear shape was selectively bred for in small terriers so to protect them from  considering these breeds were bred to hunt in tunnels. Airedale Terrier courtesy Joval Airedales, I’ll describe my ears for you, but first I’ll outline my noteworthy history. The nose must have well opened nostrils.

This type of ear is exclusively seen in the English toy terrier. The name of this ear likely derives from this ear’s shape due to the folds resembling somewhat the petals of a rose. Head wrinkles are important to give the breed its typical expression. Pinched nostrils and heavy or over nose wrinkle is unacceptable and should be heavily penalised. Wrinkles on forehead clearly defined without exaggeration. If an Aussie has prick ears is it purebred? bold, globular shaped eyes. Ranchers in America also found us just right to get the jobs done.

Seriously, if the dog is going to be a pet, and the owner doesn't care, there is no reason to bother. Bats are known for having very big ears, so as the name implies, a dog with bat ears has erect ears that are disproportionate compared to the head. Rose shaped ears have small, relatively thin leathers which fold backwards so you can see the inside or burr of the ear. Standard des Australian Shepherd: In Deutschland gelten die Standards des ASCA und der FCI. Other breeds with button ears include the Jack Parson terrier and the fox terrier.

With that being cleared up. “button ears.” Their ears are semi-erect, with tips folding over and covering some of the ear openings. These factors combine to form the important characteristic of each breed, the expression. Button Ears.

The top of the skull is relatively flat. Eyes or nose never adversely affected or obscured by over nose wrinkle. Interestingly, in the world of dogs, there’s much more than erect ears and pendulous ears which are what most of us are accustomed to. If a dog’s earset is wrong, can it be fixed? The standard does not mention that these large, dark eyes should be set well apart with black rims and in fawn dogs surrounded by a dark mask. My small ears stand about three-fourths erect, with just the little tip breaking forward.
The small, thick textured pricked or erect ears of the Samoyed are rounded at the tips and set on well apart on the skull. There are various opinions on the topic of gluing the ears of an Aussie. Rose-shaped Ears. Use your thumb to feel the slight undershot bite. It should be in harmony with the rest of the head.

I thought I'd just do a quick drawing showing about where the ears should be.

However, some erect eared breeds (the German Shepherd Dog is one example) sometimes have dogs whose ears aren’t fully erect. The other side says that if the dog is superior in other ways, why not glue ears so it can be more competitive in the show ring. Today, their rose shaped ears complemented by their round shaped eyes, adds to the their soft expression. The base of the ear leather should originate slightly above eye level. Even back in 1923, German shepherd breeder Max V. Stephanitz, speculated that floppy ears are the hall mark sign of domestication. I hope to add more photos of the more extreme ends of the variation (prick and hound ears.) Ihre liebevolle und verschmuste Art begeistert uns immer wieder aufs Neue.

Sometimes they are just lower set, bigger ears but some are very, very houndy. Dogspeak: How to Understand Your Dog and Help Him Understand You (Dog Care Companions) Rodale Books; 1 edition (September 18, 1999), The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture by. Sie ist neugierig auf alles Neue und hat einen ausgeprägten Will to please. What to Do Next. The 'set on' of the ear, is the junction where the ear lobe is attached to the skull. According to the American Kennel Club, the French bulldog has bat ears with ears that are broad at the base, elongated, set high on the head and with a rounded top. In the pug’s breed standard, the American Kennel Club,  describes the ears in this breed as being small and soft, like black velvet.
The pricked or erect ears of the German Shepherd Dog are set on high on the skull. Boutchie, un Bedlington Terrier en janvier 2003.

The AKC standard, on which most if not all standards in other countries are based, does not specify a length though presumably “moderate size” would preclude long or tiny ears. There are various opinions on whether one should glue ears however, especially in a dog that may be bred. They are almost a "thumb" to the dog, and when they are removed, they weaken the front leg of the dog, as tendons are cut. Stay informed! Probably, if it otherwise looks like an Aussie. This ear is triangular in shape with rounded tips and is velvety in texture. Every effort should be made to preserve correct head shape, and the soft and solicitous expression of those very large.

I also decided to put up a few photos (coming soon) of the process, for those who may want to do it.

The black nose is set in the center of the face, the top of the nose being on a level with the center of the eyes. Technically, this ear is erect but it’s characterized by the fact that the skin folds backwards causing the end part of the pinna of the ear to fall to the side.

The suplus skin under the throat and around the face form a large fold or ruff.

The Whippet and other Sight Hounds were bred to run at high speed in a double suspension gallop. This type of ear is characteristic of dogs selectively bred for tracking. In dogs with semi-pricked ears, the ears are basically erect, but they tend to fold over at the tip. I am adding a photo of my dog Lucy, who shows one "button ear" and one "rose ear" in this photo.

button ears. Massive and round with wrinkles large and deep, it should be neither “flat faced” like the Pekingese, nor upfaced like the Bulldog. Collie (Smooth)Tenterfield Terrier puppies. This an extreme form of the drop ear characterized by very long ears that hang down a lot and have distinct folds. In some cases, they are the result of a cosmetic surgical procedure known as “ear cropping.”. Estrela Mountain Dog and other Livestock Guardian Dogs, German Spitz (Giant) Volpino Italiano and American Eskimo Dog, Xoloitzcuintle and Peruvian Hairless Dogs, Australia's 150 years of Dog Registration, Junior Showmanship - a Royal Melbourne Show Initiative, The Australian Shepherd - Quite un-Australian. Slightly undershot. As the namme implies, this ear resembles somewhat the flame of a candle. We have two varieties: Toys weigh less than 12 pounds; we Standards weigh 12 to 22 pounds. Technically, this ear is erect but it’s characterized by the fact that the skin folds backwards causing the end part of the pinna of the ear to fall to the side. My tendency to bark (I’m certainly not button-lipped!) Der Unterschied ist allerdings, dass die entgültige Ohrenform frühestens erst nach der Zahnung des Hundes feststeht. Personally I think my ears accentuate my “Let’s go!” Terrier-Perfect expression. Both ears are correct by the breed standard, but many find the button ears which fold forward to be more appealing than the rose ears which may stick out to the side. They taper to a point and are set with the orifice facing the front. The Button ear is the most common ear seen today. Basically, these are long and narrow erect ears.

 |  Those long ears basically drag to the ground and help stir up scent molecules, observes, Max von Stephanitz, Hoflin Pub Ltd (January 1994), Peak Performance – Coaching the Canine Athlete, M. Christine Zink DVM PhD,  Howell Book House (October 1992).

I’ve asked five breeds to give us an earful (of course!) What are Accidental Behavior Chains in Dog Training? Die Standards unterscheiden sich jeweils nur leicht, zur besseren Übersicht werden hier beide Standards in einer Tabelle aufgestellt. Manchester Terrier courtesy Roberta Berman. There is no health or soundness justification for changing them.

There can be a small amount of lift at the back of the ear, but if they are required to be set on low, they should never fold above the level of the skull. If the owner is more interested in having "standard" ears, you can use a little "Tear Mender" or other latex glue product to help keep them in the right position. The leather of the ear then covers the orifice, protecting the ear canal from the earth flying from the tunnels when the dog is digging. This is the traditional ear position seen in many “wolfish looking” dogs such as German shepherds, Belgian malinois and several Nordic breeds such as Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes and Samoyed.

Hound ears come off the head lower, closer to the line from the outside corner of the eye, and will hang down to the jawline or lower. The name of this ear derives from the word “filbert” which depicts a nut of the hazel family.

But while I don’t often push life’s panic buttons, I do have classic button ears.

The underjaw must also be deep and the lipline viewed from the front must be a gentle curve and not an abrupt upside down V shape (froggy) and not hidden by heavy flews. The picture on the left is before that, and the center is right after, and the far right is after a couple days post-gluing. Dogs with prick ears or who have produced prick ears should be bred only to mates with naturally (aka non-doctored) correct earsets. The people of the Shetland Islands developed me as a small, hardy dog to protect gardens, herd sheep and work alongside man. This ear may at a a first glance appear semi-pricked, but instead of the ear bending over at the tip, the skin fold is longer and therefore covers a larger amount of the ear. Whether we call them button ears or not, my ears’ functionality is unbeatable. Possibly, depending on what genes are contributed by his mates. Dog breeds with semi-pricked ears include the collie, Shetland sheepdog and fox terrier.

Finally, artificial alterations in appearance are in violation of show rules because they are a form of cheating – changing the dog to improve its ability to win in conformation. Its most characteristic trait is the small silky tassel found at the tip. We’re bright as a button!

The wrinkle above the nose should be unbroken, but it should not be penalised if it is “broken” or “split” in an otherwise excellent head. Many people are attracted by erect ears because it gives dogs an over all wolfish, alert and intelligent look. This not only detracts from breed "type" but also predisposes the dog to more ear infections, since no air can get in the canal.


As the name implies, these ears are upright, and therefore, pointing upwards. Dogs Get Diarrhea From Stress Too. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier's and Bulldog's rose-shaped ears are set on high at the back of the skull. Dropped, pendulous or pendant ears are the opposite of erect ears and hang straight down from the head. Ha ha! You may recognize me for my jet black and rich mahogany tan coloring. For while breeds such as the Basenji have erect ears, and breeds such as the Bloodhound have hanging ears, these breeds may have (typically an unofficial term!) On Passion her left ear (right side of photo) is a button ear, and her right one is a rose ear. At that age, the ears may do a lot of funky things, and sometimes get stuck that way. Both ears are correct by the breed standard, but many find the button ears which fold forward to be more appealing than the rose ears which may stick out to the side.

Within a litter, some specimens may exhibit the typical butterfly ear while some others may carry a dropped ear. To glue or not to glue, that is the question!

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