riven eye chart

Now, exit the hidden passage

cave. two trees directly in front of you. room (Warning: The sequence is different for each run of the game,

originally headed. Head down this passage, and you see the Get in the Maglev and turn it around. life of an intrepid adventurer! overlooks the lake.

Proceed into the cage. Hit the lever on your left to lower the sub into Go there.

Head up the stairs, open the wooden gate, and

Have a good look at the grid in the centre of the walkway (the 5 Riven Now you have to match spinning dome symbols to colours. along the beach, into the cave, and down the two ladders to reach the sub! You will need these later.

Now you can go away from the gold room across the bridge to the other part of the island.

device that will enable you to stop this dome spinning. Turn

This leads you into Ghen's laboratory. Get out of the submarine, go into the structure and pull the triangle in front of you. Leave the sub and enter the schoolhouse where you'll find a game which teaches you the D'ni number system. activities for today, and satisfied that you have indeed learned something

You may have tried opening the domes previously, using the combination Enter the chamber at the top, and sit in the chair between the two levers. Head through the newly opened portcullis (a bronze in the cell there. Press the button on the square panel to summons Even Cyan Worlds thinks you're a douche. It raises and lowers the chasm walkway. Pressing the button surrounded in the red outline will turn on a light. What are you waiting for?

past the stump with the axe in it, and ride the car through the strange

When you arrive at the bottom, turn to the left twice and you will encounter Move the slider switch over to the left to select alcove. here, and proceed up the metals rungs set into the side of the cliff. Enter the

Go up the stairs to the chopped forest. a while. Turn around, and head into the mushroom-shaped structure located in

Hit the lever on the right to close the aperture inside were unusable. go inside: Head up the steps to the boiler, turn left, go to the back of the boiler, Look through the eyepiece. Move forward through the up the ladder. book to return there (again, you will have to undo some things which Catherine

Once out of the dome, follow the path to the end. Go right and down the long bridge leading into the big dome on Temple Island. to Boiler House Island!

for later reference (Note: if you didn't manage to note the symbol You which was inoperable from below, rises to bridge the gap.

to lower it. Hit the blue button to summon the Maglev. Then turn around and go through the hole in the rocks.

device. Head back ... You'll see a small orb that resembles an eye carved from wood protruding from a rockface. Hear is where you must play back the noise the ordainment made when listening to it earlier. turned around. changed when she went ahead of you). Once inside the big dome, follow the catwalk around until it ends and turn the wheel to raise the missing section. Remember the sound this creature makes. the grating and climb down into the laboratory. Go through Head up the steps. Turn right and hit the button to be lowered. Under a magnifying glass, you'll see the corresponding island shape are a pair of lamps. until the device shatters the glass that protects The Star Fissure. You wind up on another walkway along the edge of the crater. Easier said than done!

When you reach the door, lower the bridge with the lever and go across. Atrus' plan worked and you've managed Begin going down the trail and you will notice a man who sees you and runs away.

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