reverse trike roadster

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The engine is on order and I’ll update this page as I progress through 2017/2018.

Reverse Trike Chassis.

The best way to modify the tank would be to weld a new neck but the tank is aluminium and I’m only qualified in welding MIG, not TIG so I didn’t want to risk it.

The 250cc is seriously underpowered for the trike when you have a passenger and after seriously considering fitting a 350cc and taking a 350cc version for a spin, I changed my mind.

From personal experience of driving a low vehicle in the past, I recommend adding an ATV security flag to the rear so prevent your trike (and you) being run over – believe me – its a truly terrifying experience trying to scrabble out while a truck is driving over the rear end of your car. If you’ve ever owned one of the cheaper Chinese motorbikes or quads you’ll already be aware of the problems they suffer from and they’re unsurprisingly present here too. If you meet no resistance and it rolls freely, tighten it by a further turn and repeat. Well, beyond looking pretty cool behind alloys, when you brake hard the kinetic energy results in heat.

In the above picture, I drilled 4 holes and inserted M6 rivnuts into the tank. With the dash in place and the gauges fitted, I had to fit sender units for the water and fuel. Top speed is around 55 to 65MPH but the acceleration with a passenger on board remained very poor. The two question marks on the panel are because I’m not sure what they’re for.

Unfortunately/fortunately the chassis paint is black so it made the dash support I’d welded in pretty much invisible on photographs, so I used photoshop to draw in some green lines so you can see the work…, With the dash support system fitted, I roughly bolted in the dash and started to measure and fit the gauges, ignition and switches…. The threads are not handed.

The final part of the ZTR trike are the wheels. From my professional perspective (I’m a qualified mechanic and I’ve built and driven a number of kit cars in the past) – if you purchase a ZTR – it should be viewed as a project that is going to require further work to not only smarten its appearance but also to make it safe for the driver and other road users.

In order to fit one of these, however, you will need to modify the fuel tank because you can’t purchase a third party resistive sender that will simply bolt into the current tank.

I wanted to make it more suited to the UK roads. The drivers dash controls are simple and just about functional, consisting of an indicator (A), hazard lights (B), low and high beam (C), manual choke (D), Fuel Low Light (G) and lights for neutral and reverse (E and F).

Once this has been loosened, using a 13mm spanner, loosen the locking nut on the thread of C and then begin to tighten point C (with a 5.5mm allen key). Thirdly, while there is a basic voltmeter on the speedo, its lacking in finesse.

As shown above, the pedal assembly consists of two parts, a bar that the pedals swivel on (locked at each side with a castle nut) and the pedal support bar. The castor angle, camber and king pin inclination are poorly configured from the factory so the trike can exhibit under or oversteer. Furthermore, while the cap does have venting, rather than vent to the typical “plastic wallet” and tank return, it just vents to fresh air so if you do accidentally manage to overfill, fuel spills out of this vent and onto the floor.

Finally, I sprayed the edges of the tank with a high temperature chassis paint and refitted the tank back to the trike.

If if were mounted the correct way, water would run off the plastic cover rather than gather on the switch inside. Front end view of the ZTR with fairings removed.

I plan to remove all the fairings, modify them, take copies in fibreglass and then respray them. In the UK, the registration plate must be clearly visible and have an appropriate light to illuminate it at night.

This is more difficult than it may initially appear since the pedal support has a multitude of threaded rods, spring hooks and cable carriers welded onto it and all of these have to be aligned perfectly to meet up with the pedal assembly. The reverse trikes are a 2-seater three wheeled reverse “roadster” manufactured in China and are powered via a chain drive using a 250cc or 300cc Zongshen CB250 … The trikes lack any rear reflectors, and being over 1.3m wide it must have 2 fitted (equally spaced) in order to pass the MOT so one of the first jobs should be to get hold of a couple of stick on or bolt on reflectors! To design my dashboard, I started by creating a flat fibreglass sheet out of 450GSM with white gelcoat, I then measured the ZTR and then cut out a basic flat panel to fit. After the first 50 miles of riding, and every 250 miles thereafter it is well worth running through a series of checks to ensure that the bike won’t break down on you. The reverse trikes are a 2-seater three wheeled reverse “roadster” manufactured in China and are powered via a chain drive using a 250cc or 300cc Zongshen CB250 Engine.

Therefore I ended up having to buy a right handed calliper, strip it down and use it to modify the left handed calliper…. Once I had the dashboard cut-out and fitting properly, I covered it in a thick (sticky back) aluminium tread plate, and then refitted all of the switches and dials.

One of the first things to check is the chain drive since once driven from new, this will stretch and begin to sag. After double checking the fitment of everything and my welding, I sand blasted the front of chassis and gave it a new coat of chassis/rust protection paint. the vanderhall venice speedster is a three-wheeled, single-seat cruiser with sleek, simplistic silver vintage metallic body and shark-gill side panels. Until the tank is bonded, its safer to use a plastic jerry can.

Read more about the benefits of the Reverse Trike 3-Wheel Confiugration of the ZTR Roadster

This can be a real pain the ass if you’re not a dealer and may require a DVLA inspection so always check before you part with your money. Its a a nice idea but positioning it sideways was not well considered.

The reason I chose to replace them was because the original shock absorbers are oil and with such a light front end, when travelling on particularly bumpy roads (as in the UK), the oil shockers suffer considerably. The end result is that the water soaks into the sponge, which then soaks through the leatherette seat cover and you have a wet ass. First up, a few pictures with all the body fairings removed. Door er een bestelwagen van te maken, bijvoorbeeld. To do this, I used a rubber sealing mount between the tank and the steel plate, and then a secondary sealing rubber mount between the gauge and the top of the steel plate. Note that both sides of the wheel must be tensioned equally, to do this you can count the number of full counterclockwise turns on point D and copy that number of turns to the other side. The marked holes are where the VDO dip tubes bolts are.

“Fishtailing” the hoops ensures a positive connection to the original roll hoop, It was then just a case of welding the new hoops to the original roll hoop and test fitting to see how they look…. I purchased a 180mm VDO Dip Tube and a VDO fuel gauge (these are not cheap) and then set about modifying the tank. They rattle, have an unbalanced/uneven tick-over (poor quality throttle body), they’re prone to overheating, have little torque and they vibrate to an excessively painful degree.

However, due to the configuration of pipes and radiators it is very easy to create airlocks if you’re not careful. Once the head of the pin is past the castle nut, you can insert the flat head screwdriver into the head and ease it out.

The digital section of the unit shows the speed in MPH or KPH in large numbers, the current battery power level as a block level that rises upwards, the current mileage and a trip mileage. However, on a standard vehicle its not entirely necessary unless you just want to reduce braking effort at the pedal.

I wanted to modify the front to add a “dash” for a speedo to seat in. The originals are 305 mm eye to eye and the shortest remote gas are 310 mm eye to eye so it takes some compression to fit them.

This isn’t because of feeling my passengers legs (I’ve had no complaints so far :p ), its due to the steering. Since the ZTR is a somewhat bumpy ride already it will flicker even if you have half a tank and you go over a bump. The problem with a sideways position on an aircraft switch is that when it rains the water wells inside the cover resulting in the switch rusting in a matter of days. In fact, without careful consideration, fitting a larger disc and/or callipers on the front will increase your braking distance…. I do not recommend upgrading your brakes unless you know what your doing…, The difference between the old discs and new, larger discs, Large discs are often enough to increase applied brake force.

If you consider the excessive vibration too, its highly likely all your hard work will just fall off on your first journey. 1,051 Likes, 6 Comments - Grigory Butin (@grigorybars) on Instagram: “#doodle #sketch #design #cardesign #transportation #automotive #concept #conceptdesign #supercar…”, nThree electric vehicle aims to provide you with affordable, personal vehicle that features the comfort of a car yet with the cost of an e-bike.

The new gearshift system – note that I haven’t fitted a new gear knob yet.

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