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The guy by his own admission is at an upper-mid tier university program. Yikes. Pretty much every American ever.

I'll answer throughout the day tomorrow if anybody wants to know anything about med school, Caribbean life, and whatever else. We find out own housing and such.

God says: "Good, come, sit to my right". The concern is there, but it drives me to do better. The sad thing is i've met a couple carrib students that talk like this. Don't do it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. ;).

No one would take his ass if he applied as a backup. Applied gen surg and didn't match?

I had a 3.7 GPA I believe in undergrad with a 33S MCAT. The Cayman Islands have St. Matthew's medical school that has an impressive 31.8% match rate. I want ER but may have to go IM or IM/ER and switch in. That being said, I'm definitely getting a good schadenfreude feeling from it so I didn't mind the read haha.

Acceptance into medical school is not as cut and dry as this is my GPA/MCAT.

Not good at all. in the first sentence he goes "as a budding activist it makes sense to be a physician", but then talks about how he wants the big money and job security of a doctor. Saba Medicine School began working in the year 1992, and since the time that time; it is known to be outstanding amongst other clinical universities for Canadian and U.S. understudies. Press J to jump to the feed. Well that's odd, it states their starting class is in Fall 2016 is 952 which includes BOTH start dates as in 2009 each class started with around 430 students with the number increasing. As someone pointed out, Saba in particular had a 60% match rate. honestly I think he was just a shitty person and did not know how to write essays. You could SOAP into fam med. Antigua and Barbuda have two Carib MD schools that have a combined match rate of 46%. More on this later. Lol yeah I read this blog. You should do a full AMA thread if youre legit.

My buddy graduated from a Caribbean med school, and is now a radiologist who just got job offers from Duke and Stanford. However it's also true about the residency's. My doctor back in the US is from the caribbean and she did her residency at Yale. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I would estimate SGU has around a 40-50% match rate and a 55-66% overall residency placement from students who start to students who actually end up in residency. I think the school skews the numbers somewhat, but I have only heard of a handful not matching into something so far. I am not going to comment on the actual medical education one may receive. That's scary.

What was it like living & studying there?

It doesn't matter if you're a doctor or an electrician or a housewife raising kids, everyone has something valuable and important to contribute. If I don't get accepted into a US medical school, I've considered this, but I'm very concerned about being able to find a residency. (Ross, AUC, etc.).

Of them, the average GPA and MCAT is around a 3.2-3.4 and a 24-27.

r/premed (and honestly the entire premed population ranging from SDN to people still using hotmail and DSL internet) has needed a resource for many years that shows what going to a for-profit medical school in the Caribbean is really like.

source, source, and source. Are you afraid of not matching?

That's 350 per class that's in purgatory. All I can do is say my piece and let those that want to risk it to go. It's like that for a reason. You'll hear SGU say they have the most US residency placements for the past 7 years combined. It's around 80% MATCH RATE for ACGME residencies with another 6% being able to SOAP, which is what Carib MD's apply into, which is obviously way higher than the 50% match rate of IMG's overall and the 30% of students who need to SOAP into a residency resulting in around a 66% placement rate. This guy is still just as full of himself as he was the day he applied to med school and turned down his DO acceptance. Well this is where it gets interesting. Please read more here.

God: "Wonderful, you sit next to my left." Understand you will work harder for less recognition and that nobody will hold your hand and make sure you pass. He wanted to do surgery and had "multiple interviews" but decided he liked family medicine better. And this is SGU , one of, if not the "top" carib MD program. I will try to be unbiased but quick disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of these for-profit schools and so my post will inevitably be anti-Carib MD. Saba has a match rate of 58% among US-IMGs.

Good luck to all that read this and still pursue it-- may you actually make it out. I am rotating through clinicals now and not a single resident or attending cares what school I'm from, only the caliber of my work. You tell me that's not better. Except that 29% of them find residency OUTSIDE of the match (as reported by them). They're in extremely undesirable locations in undesirable specialties. Doctor: "I believe in: First, Do No Harm.Then, Beneficience, Autonomy, and Justice."

Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. Now the actual match rate doesn't exist because SGU doesn't want you to know, but there's a HUGE disconnect between students who enter, students who actually are enrolled in the program, students who match, and students who SOAP into something. and etc. I just didn't get in anywhere and didn't want to wait to try again. In case you didn't know, you can match OUTSIDE of the match at unfilled programs. Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. The big 4 properly teach, especially Saba in my opinion and our clinical hospitals regularly praise Saba as some of their best students as we are self sufficient and hard working. I kind of find it hard to believe that no USMD and only 2 DO schools offered him interviews if he was really as good as he said (especially over something like a name). I have no opinion about these schools, only the ones made for US students to come back to the US. You know how many people would KILL to make at least $200k/year in an extremely stable job market?

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