raid: shadow legends tier list

His affinity is Magic, meaning that he is strong against Spirit characters and weak against Force characters. In the Support Tree try to get down to [Lasting Gifts]. In the masteries go down the Offense and Support trees. The second ability “Soothing Chant” heals an ally by 35% of HP – this heal can Crit, but crit damage doesn’t affect it at all, only Crit rate. Can you please update Haruspex on items and how well he handles the map? Lugan has a waste amount of Health and he is very fats for HP Champion but his Defense is not very high.

In the Support tree go down the HP branch to the [Lore of Steel], he doesn’t need Accuracy at all as far as masteries go. His base Attack is very high which is good especially since Attack equipment shouldn’t be your priority because Dracomorph needs heavy sustain in the end-game. We updated it in the last update :). With the first skill “Punish Hubris” he attacks an enemy and attacks again if an enemy has a buff. When fully booked it has a 20% damage increase, 10% of Debuff increase, and reduces the cooldown. The second skill “Butcher’s Glee” is an AoE that grants an Extra Turn and reset the cooldown of the  “On the Hunt” skill if it kills an enemy. If fully upgraded the chance of debuffing will increase to 75% and the damage will be increased by 25%, but you will need 7 Legendary Books for that. Bad-el-Kazar must be built like a tank with as much sustain and speed as possible, therefore, HP%, Accuracy and Speed items are the best for him. All champion tier lists will be put into different categories based on their factions.

God Tier champions are the most singular champions.Their abilities are exceptional, making it a must-have champion. CHOFLY ELITE … Rank/tier lists aren’t black’n’white, because of the so called ‘team synergy’. Health Pool is mediocre and it also needs enhancement.

Really helpful ayumilove:).

Says he has 5 stars in almost every type of battle….please reply so I know what to do with him. Five books are needed to max out this skill by increasing damage by 10%, increasing the Debuff/Buff chance from 75% to 100%, and decreasing the cooldown from 4 to 3 turns. Her speed is not great at all. Two Legendary books max out this ability and increase the debuff chance by 20%. “Battle Shout” could be very useful in some situations but it needs full upgrade which means that you will need at least 4 Legendary Books. Have you tried Lifesteal Set when clearing Campaign Brutal to increase her survivability? Stitched Beast – T5. The [Sniper] mastery is going to help a lot with the Block Cooldown Skills debuff. The champions in this tier list are ranked by comparing the champions of the same rarity based on their utility. The [Lasting Gifts] will help extend the duration of the Block Debuff from her second ability. Obtaining, Arbiter should be the first priority for every new player so it is of utmost importance that Progress Missions are cleared as soon as possible. This effect will be lost if Saito changes the enemy he attacks. video guide. RAID: Shadow Legends features hundreds of unique champions, each with their own set of abilities and playstyle. Her potential increases substantially base on the quality of the gears you have on her. Who should I prioritize for my next 5 star/6 star? Because of his capabilities, he is a great pick for Dungeons and Faction Wars.

However, he is really bad in Clan Boss, Spider Den, and Magic Keep. I have not seen any of these and they have been there for a while now.

He can heal the entire team with his basic ability which is the reason why he should be equipped with Retaliation Set and Speed Set. Ignore unkillable is missing, few champions have this skill but I remember that there is such thing. Roschard also has an Aura that increases the Health of all allies in all battles by 33%.

At least her third ability is  an AoE as well. Mobile | PC | Reddit | Facebook | Google | iOS. Dark Elves: Fang Cleric Outlaw Monk for double 5% Poison debuff), then he will be rated highly. In Offense Tree, you should aim [Bring it Down] and [Methodical] while in Support Tree you should go after [Lasting Gifts] and [Master Hexer]. His third skill is called Horde’s Fury for a reason.

Games Movies TV Video. Hunter’s Howl ability increases the Attack of all allies for 3 turns and then strikes the selected target 3 times in the row. @Karma: Do take note that the ranking here gives an overview of the overall score of the Champion. Her base speed is 100. Saito is quite expensive book-wise but it will pay off in the endl, so if you can max out all of his abilities. 7. She has a Passive “No escape” that decreases Accuracy of every enemy by 10 for each debuff an enemy has, her damage intake will be reduced by 4% for each debuff the attacker has. Optimal build for him is 2 Speed Sets and 1 Defense Set. And thanks for the work you’ve done for all these years, as this site has helped me a lot since back in MapleStory days! His base Speed is 98 which high enough and can be enhanced to almost 200, but you must be careful that his speed does not exceed the Speed of other members of the team (we will talk about that later). The most optimal Gear set for Executioner is, Lifesteal Set since he is not so much of an AoE Champion and relies on Defense. The sorting effect will only be shown to you without affecting other users who are viewing the same spreadsheet.

He has a 30% chance to repeat this skill. If the strike is not critical it greatly increases his Critical Rate instead. She also places a Shield buff on the target equal to 20% of their HP. Have 2 Clan mates that have her puilling over 10m by herself in NM currently. The cooldown of this ability is 4 turns but it can be reduced to 3 turns with only 1 Legendary Book. Martyr is Legendary Defense Champion from the Sacred Order Faction. To fully book this ability you’ll need four books, three of them increase the damage output and the last one decreases the cooldown from 4 to 3 turns. Sinesha(no books) It would be good to have gloves with the Crit Rate as the main stat, while you should go with Attack as the main stat on the Chest Plate. Her base stats are somewhat decent for an Epic Champion being that her base Speed is at 100 but her HP, Defense, and Accuracy are not that great and a little nerfing by Plarium games wouldn’t hurt. +3★ Rating His Attack Power is very high but lower compared to some other powerful Attack Champions. In the Support tree activate the [Eagle Eye] Tier 6 mastery for the Accuracy. Love the site and have used it a lot when it comes to who to use and where. Because of all this, we recommend you choose Kael as your starter champion. His third skill “Blizzard Rage” is an AoE as well. She is not a very demanding Champion as far as the booking process goes, it takes ten Legendary books to max her out and those can be quite useful. If she is well protected she will deal with anything on the other side with ease. If you’re using her for the Clan Boss and Faction Wars do equip her with an Accuracy banner. The value of [Shield] and the damage done is proportional to the Valkyrie’s DEF.

If maxed out this ability has a 100% chance of fully depleting the enemy’s turn meter. His base Attack is not very good indeed, but you need Bad-el-Kazar to be as tanky as possible to be effective in the end-game. It is really helpful. This means that before every turn Cillian receives one of those buffs becoming significantly stronger than his base stats represent. Sorry delete previous message please, and this one, wrong place. Her base Attack is not too great but it is viable since doesn’t really need to be a great damage dealer. Ah that’s fair about the spreadsheet. Elder Skarg has an Aura that increases Critical Rate by 30% to all allies in the Arena and he has a passive ability that decreases the Damage Received from Legendary Champions by 15%. Dark Blood passive ability enables him to be healed by 20% of his Max Health whenever he is critically hit and when that occurs he places a 60% Increased DEF buff on all allies for 2 turns. Many support champions can decrease the duration of enemy buffs and debuffs on ally champions. nvm, was using an old version on cache lol, Hey, Corpulent Cadaver is missing also, cheers, @Johndengineer: I have re-checked the champion list and Frozen Banshee is indeed listed above :-), Never mind, I just noticed I mistyped the name when searching for it *facepalm. Both buffs last for two turns.

With his second skill, he focuses on the single enemy who is after executing the skill completely useless because he will be affected with Block Cooldown Skills debuff and Block Buffs debuff for 2 turns and those debuffs cannot be resisted. @Trimonium: Beast Wrestler is already added into the page!

If fully maxed out with Books this skill can have its turn cooldown reduced from 3 to 2. Lua (Fully booked) I regret taking her to 6 star before some of the others, and especially booking her. In other words you won’t waste time by taking this kind of particular champion to lvl 40 or even 50, and maxing their skills, because they – in turn – can grant you an early access to areas, where you can then already start farming the gear, potions and exp/food for the rarer god-tier hero. Her game is good in Campaign, Spider’s Den, Fire Knight, Minotaur’s Labyrinth, Ice Golem’s Peak, and all Keeps but not amazing, right underneath that is the Dragons lair. People usually put him in Defense teams. Health Pool is 20k but it needs to be at least 55k. Elenaril’s main weakness is her squishiness. Follow on Twitch for Daily Streams! Prince Kymar can also speed up all allies except him by filling their Turn Meter and resetting all their skills.

Is a S or A common better than a C level Uncommon.

She heals by 50% of the damage inflicted and a shield is placed on this champion equal to the amount healed for three turns. Quen Eva can be deadly in many game mods but her full potential can be seen in Arena Offense, Ice Golem Dungeon, Spirit Dungeon, and Force Dungeon.

He has an Aura of increasing Ally Speed in Faction Crypts by 15%. Five books max out this ability, increasing the damage by 15% and decreasing the cooldown from 5 to 3 turns. SS is basically better than S, S is better than A. Is there a rule of thumb for maximum * rating to take the different rarity champions to? Also, it heals all allies by 25% of their MAX HP if they have less than 50% HP.

Knight Revenant: Wurlim Frostking, Sepulcher Sentinel, Coffin Smasher Bloodgerged can be used with success Magic Keep, Force Keep, PvP, Campaign and Clan Boss battles but his true power can be seen in Ice Golem’s Peak where he will prevent Ice Golem from reviving its adds. Increase her Speed close to 200, increase her Crit Rate to 100%, and if you want to use her in the end-game try to increase her Accuracy over 210. High Elves: Fencer

Two Legendary books max out this ability and enhance his Buff chance from 15% to 25%. Seeker is nothing more than ordinary when we talk about PvE but when he is used in the Arena he becomes a beast. Most importantly all those stats are practically irrelevant compared to her skill-set. Roschard sole purpose is to protect the team in combat. At the same time, Khoronar is buffed with Block Debuffs and 60% Increased Defense buff for 2 turns.

In Support Tree, she should aim [Methodical] and [War Master] while in Support Tree she should go after [Lasting Gifts] and [Master Hexer]. Zavia has an enormous ATT Power and considerable Speed but she is squishy as the majority of other ATT Champions. In Offense Tree, he should aim [War Master] [Kill Streak] and [Whirlwind of Death] while in Support Tree he should go after [Master Hexer], [Sniper] and [Cycle of Magic]. Battlesage

HE : High Elves

With his first ability ‘’Shield Bash’’ he attacks an enemy and has a 15% chance of placing a Stun for one turn.

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