prayer points to break the snare of the fowler

Let a bad man meet me in the street, and ask me to commit sin! Judges 16:19-20.

says one, "if I thought such-and-such a thing were really wrong; if I were perfectly convinced of its wrongfulness, I would give it up."

Any power pursuing my life for destruction, somersault and die. It is completely at the mercy of the fowler.

And that ate at Haman's pride. Every sexual trap prepared to capture my virtues roast, in Jesus name. It is the agenda of satan, the one behind all evil snares. First, he delivers them from the snare—does not let them get in it; secondly, when they do get in it, he delivers them out of it. They were in the fowler’s net, too, when Flatterer cast a net over them, and left them in the lane; but there came one who, after he had beaten them severely, took the net off, and they went on their way, better men than they were before they were in the net. Another one perhaps eschews every lascivious and sensual habit: then Satan comes to him, and adapts his temptation to the shape of pride. 2. 2.

If he fights to try to break through the net, he'll become even more entangled. Mordecai feared no one but God - and he wouldn't bow to anyone but Him. Let us do the same. Confession: Psalms 91:3 “Surely, he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence.”. He never employs a wicked man to be a decoy for a good man.

Instead, his thoughts were consumed with jealousy: "...all this availeth me nothing, so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king's gate" (verse 13). 12. The only remaining child, her eldest son, who had come home from college to attend his sister's funeral, went out into the fields soon afterwards, for the purpose of hunting. If some of us turned aside to notice every bit of a sparrow that began chirping at us, we should have nothing to do but to answer them.

And now, to conclude, I am to dwell for a moment or two upon that word “SURELY.” The assurance of every truth of Scripture is just the beauty of it. But this new stroke of the rod of a chastening Father seemed but to increase her displeasure against his will. Many a man has taken in an evil thing, because it has been varnished and glossed over, and not apparently evil; and he has thought in his heart, there is not much harm in it; so he has let in the little thing, and it has been like the breaking forth of water—the first drop has brought after it a torrent. Let the warring angels and Spirit of God arise and scatter every evil gathering sponsored against me, in the name of Jesus.

18. I frustrate every satanic verdict issued against me, in the name of Jesus. my hearer, you and I know something about the net; we have been inside it, we have; we have not only seen it spread, we have been in its folds. Satan adapts the pride to each particular case. The envious. Has his life become your model, and does his Spirit dwell in your mortal body? They claimed, "You're doing this for yourself, not for God!" Many a man has been entrapped into sin by Satan, not knowing that it was evil! 16. 15 When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. Contents on this website may not be copied, republished, redistributed either in whole or in part  without due permission or acknowledgement.

alas! 1. Have you passed from death unto life? Take care of your best friends; be careful of your companions. They give place to a jealous hatred - and they will not rest until they see that godly person ruined or destroyed! Father Lord, give me strength to control my mind, soul, and spirit in the name of Jesus! None of God's people shall be cast away, or else the Bible is not true.

It is said that where the most beautiful cacti grow, there the most venomous serpents are to be found at the root of every plant.

Take care of your best friends; be careful of your companions. If he has said he will, he will. But if you are self-righteous, self-sufficient, ungodly, careless, worldly, there is no such promise for you; you are in the snare, you shall be there, and you shall perish, unless you repent; for it is written, "Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish." They must be kept, again, because otherwise the union that there is between all of them and Christ would not be a real one. Madame Bubble had greatly enticed poor Mr. Standfast with her offers.

We want to have a conference with you. Snares are all around us. That little bird is saying to itself, "If it had not been for the Lord - if He hadn't rushed to my side - I would have been swallowed up and devoured. Take care; take care of your pleasures. For example, by giving your polluted and bewitched gifts.

He says. It is very seldom, when Satan would decoy a Christian into a snare, that he makes use of an open reprobate. They are always ready to harass and wear out the saints of God. It seemed then as if the mother's heart would have broken. 6.


In Psalm 124 we read of fowlers and their snares. All these have been the breaking of the net that set you free from the snare of the fowler. Every warfare prepared against my peace, command chaos upon you, in the name of Jesus.

If I were to fight people on every doctrine I preach, I should do nothing else but just amuse the devil, and indulge the combative principles of certain religionists who like nothing better than quarreling.

28. "Mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird..." (Jeremiah 12:9).

Thus prospered, and plied with an interchange of civilities among her gay and fashionable neighbors, the piety of the lady declined, and her heart became wedded to the world.

He also uses wicked people to lay demonic traps: "The wicked have laid a snare for me..." (Psalm 119:110).

There is great power in godliness and great authority in holiness.

First, then, THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER. They can wait patiently for a long time to catch their victims. I do not doubt that many of you have been saved from ruin by your sorrows, your griefs, your troubles, your woes, your losses, and your crosses. All curses and demons programmed against me, I neutralize you through the blood of Jesus. But this new stroke of the rod of a chastening Father seemed only to increase her displeasure against his will. I take authority over ever cage of darkness assigned against my life. 1.


Behind every tree there is the Indian with his barbed arrow; behind every bush there is the lion seeking to devour; under every piece of grass there lies the adder.

Join our best Life changing telegram group. For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. You've got to go on with God's work! He will put sworn enemies in league together just to hinder your labors. Please call: +2348099828623. Ezekiel 13:18. Some bird, one of God’s own ones too, has been taken in the snare; and is now groaning and crying out because, alas! Every warfare prepared against my peace, command pandemonium upon you, in the name of Jesus.

Very often by trouble. Every snare of oppression, break by the power in the blood of Jesus.

And so the good easy man, not opening both his eyes, I think, but shutting one of them a little, lest he should see too well to be able to fill his pockets in the dark, is a little taken aside; and by-and-by he is led to discover that the act which he has done is the taking of him in the snare of the fowler, for he has been sinning against his God, and his God therefore punishes him for it with many stripes, and lays his rod upon him. The Bible makes it clear: Demonic powers are at work laying traps for Christians! Psalm 124:6. You spread your wings of faith and soared into the heavens. Satan is the fowler; he has been so and is so still; and if he does not now attack us as the roaring lion, roaring against us in persecution, he attacks us as the adder, creeping silently along the path, endeavouring to bite our heel with his poisoned fangs, and weaken the power of grace and ruin the life of godliness within us. Watch your tongue what you say. ... Every snare of the fowler and noisome pestilence assigned against me, be roasted to ashes.

Then I betook me, as you saw, to my knees, and with hands lifted up, and cries, I prayed to him that had said he would help.

“Oh!” one says, “I cannot give up such-and-such a thing, it is so pleasant. We've lost our freedom! His son Amnon was killed in a drunken stupor at the hands of Absalom. 6. At other times God keeps his people from the snare of the fowler by giving them great spiritual strength, a spirit of great courage; so that when they are tempted to do evil they say, with decision, "How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?"   It was an incredible plot devised to destroy all the Jews, and in the process Mordecai. Then could she lift up her hands to heaven, exclaiming, 'I thank thee, O Father!—the Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken away, and blessed be the name of the Lord.'

Likewise, the devil won't set a trap you can see. 6. Avoid unfriendly friends. 2. 3. I've suffered so much.

There is one man here; he tempts him to drunkenness.

Commit every day of this month into God’s hands and tell Him to have His way in your life in Jesus name. "...In the way wherein I walked have they privily [secretly] laid a snare for me" (142:3). Some sold birds to people who wanted them as pets. "—Psalm 91:3 . You have all heard the old story of the celebrated painter who was painting in St. Paul's, and who, looking at his work, went gradually back, inch by inch, to get a view of it, so that he might see the excellence of its proportions, until his feet were just on the edge of the platform upon which he stood; and he would have fallen down and been dashed in pieces upon the pavement beneath, but just at that moment a workman who stood there, desirous to save his life, and not knowing how to do it, hit upon an expedient which proved to be a very wise one.

What then were that mother’s feelings? Another man is utterly impervious to any temptation to that bestial habit; but, it may be, he is easily taken in another snare—the snare of lust; therefore Satan adapts his temptation to the hot blood of the man who naturally would be inclined to live a life of sin.

Poor Christian and Hopeful got into the fowler’s net when they entered into the castle of Giant Despair; but the key of promise picked the lock, and they escaped. But the second thought was, that God delivers his people, even when they get into the snare. 13 You will tread on the lion and the adder; the young lion and the serpent you will trample underfoot. 1. World Challenge Inc, is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Often those last dollars should have been set aside for food and milk money. Peace was restored to her soul. Snares in thy substance; snares attend thy want; Snares in thy credit; snares in thy disgrace; Snares in thy high estate; snares in thy base; Snares tuck thy bed; and snares surround thy board; Snares watch thy thoughts; and snares attach thy words; Snares in thy quiet; snares in thy commotion; Snares in thy diet; snares in thy devotion; Snares lurk in thy resolves, snares in thy doubt; Snares lie within thy heart, and snares without; Snares are above thy head, and snares beneath; Snares in thy sickness, snares are in thy death.

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