pocket go 2 vs rg350

Was wondering what you guys thought about each new system. Thanks for sharing. It does look amazing, the shell is incredibly good looking.

Mupen64 runs every N64 title I throw at it with zero issues, and PPSSPP surpasses what the RockChip has been able to do for me. save your money for an emulator that can actually play the consoles the RG350P doesn’t. The OGA’s RockChip is truly powerful, and for the longest time it was my go-to handheld, but I will assuredly be retiring it after experiencing what the RP2 is capable of. And build quality, Android 8, Wifi & BT. The resolution of this is better than the resolution of the oga and the rg350p. The front of the device appears to have two analog sticks, but on closer inspection this is not the case. This one, just didn’t make it on my list as a well engineered sample. How can you say this is a low resolution screen when it’s better than most of the devices you feature at a ppi of 229? Psx games work perfectly fine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

At this point I feel anything less than an RK3326 is a bit of a step backwards.

There were OGA’s for sale again on Hardkernel but 40$ of shipping ! I think you should go for the RG350. I have no interest in playing n64 or ps1, I only want to play Gba, nes and snes games. I need an honest opinion here guys and gals – i have been doing a lot of research about retro handhelds and have been trying to make up my mind. you can adjust the volume in some of the emulators. I understand that you aren’t impressed by the internals, especially considering how dated Android 6 is, but this device is incredibly optimized. It should play up to PS1 with good frame rate. Perhaps I just got lucky. The RG351 is a clone of the already existing Odroid-Go Advance, which already has several clones on the market (Powkiddy RGB10, ZPG Pro, RK2020). It can run games like Phantasy Star Online and Sonid Adventure with relative ease, and at an amazingly crisp resolution.

yeah, no. That’s ~18,000 units in the wild in the first month, no small feat for a niche product such as this. I have settled for the 350m for 8 and 16bit Era.

Emulation performance is surprisingly good for most systems. That this chip is a step backwards from the RK3326 machines?

There’s also a HDMI output, headphone output, expandable storage via microSD and a USB-C charge port too. It would have been better to just come up with a proper single boot solution I think, instead of relying on two different options in order to cover all bases. What gets me the most though, is that the consoles supported by the RP2 that aren’t by the RG350, are not working well. Rg350 looks insanely sexy, and looks really solid. The best is RP2. The website cannot function properly without these cookies, and can only be disabled by changing your browser preferences. Always looking for more options. Sure. PSP is a mixed bag, as some titles perform better on either device, so it’s a case-by-case basis. The new RG will be similar (up to dreamcast) but probably with better button layout. I've had the pocketgo 2 for a month and a half now. If my pg2 breaks I'm going for the rg350 unless there's something new at that time. Odroid Go Advance? The RockChip is used in devices like the Odroid-Go Advance, Powkiddy RGB10, ZPG Pro, RK2020, and the upcoming RG351P.
(You would think they would research other handhelds and their history >.> RG350 *cough)

It’ll be interesting to see which direction MooreChip go with their next device though. The only games that would make use of it are arcade games and psx, but every psx game has backwards compatibility for the standard controller.

Get the RG350P for your classic console needs, and wait until there’s a newer arm CPU on a smaller die (preferably 10nm or below), that will not only use less power, but also will have a higher CPU frequency, and be able to emulate higher end consoles like the PSP and PS2 fine. Unfortunately the choice of CPU and non-committal dual boot option is a deal breaker for me. What's the difference between the stock FW and Rogue CFW? I'm not looking to play many 3D titles anyway, mostly JRPG titles with the occasional platformer. PocketGO is a rebranded PlayGO. One of the selling points of this device is the ability to play local multiplayer via netplay. MT6580 is maybe a bit weaker than RK3326 but at least it won’t be a battery hog. Of course this chip is more powerful than the Ingenic chips, but compared to the RK3326 it is a step backwards. Waste of money. The PocketGo 2 has a couple points in its favor (it is the one I own) but none that I think would justify holding out. Having Android also means I can sideload Steam Link and let my desktop render the more advanced titles. You have to push so hard for it to work. Guys you have to be fair.
Again, I get your initial concerns, but you really do owe it to yourself and your followers to actually purchase a Retroid Pocket 2 and give it a proper review. N64 and above are all out of reach for these systems and I personally have no interest in PS1 games besides some platformers, so if you do want to play some DualShock games then the RG350 might be the right choice. Anybody with experience owning both? After installing the Flycast standalone APK, Dreamcast performance is ineffably smooth. PSP, Dreamcast, Mame, NeoGeo, all need a 2Ghz dual core, or 1,8Ghz quad core to run the emulation smoothly.

The PGv2 is a good device, but at least my unit has some issues that should have been corrected before shipment. Not to mention, the main systems they’re emulating on these handhelds don’t need much more power then what is currently in these systems. I’m picking this up for some portable n64! – Weak processor.

Battery life is great. If they made a system with a higher end chip and more then 1gb of ddr3 or 4 ram that could run every system and then some with zero lag, what reason would anyone have to buy the next generation of handheld? Both use the opendingux and the community support/development is great for both.

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