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Usually they will be burned, sometimes to a crisp. Is that even possible? I often thought about this knowing that he knew the building was falling and that the phone line went dead moments before he died. I was totally aware of everything flying around me as my car was pushed across the intersection and flipped in its side. Anything? Chopper crashes in LA and no body has one of them nikon cameras? I can’t locate the article, but I think it was about the crash outside of Pittsburgh. They do have a 911 recording of someone right as the building collapse started and you can here him starting to scream as the building fell and then the line went dead. Your brain smashes into the front or your skull, which is like hitting 150 grit sandpaper, creates a lot of free flowing blood, your brains shuts down, and off you go.

So in a helo you are strapped in the seats. I feel it’s very likely most people in plane crashes don’t die afraid or in pain—but rather in confusion. Doesnt what youre hitting and how much force it disperses have an affect on the energy your body recieves? If it crashed in a town where people from that town could’ve been killed, you’d have a lot more work to do. How do forensics work on such events? Other times you'll find bodies just like anything else. A 200+ mph impact is 90 m/s. I don’t know why. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CatastrophicFailure community, Continue browsing in r/CatastrophicFailure. In that type of helicopter crash what do you think they found?

However, the impact would rip through your body extremely fast.

AM teams collect antemortem data (data from medical records, photos, media, fingerprints, DNA, etc. That's how they stay. Same with the time I got knocked out skateboarding. They will tell you that they have no recollection of being hit. Good old fashion human nature (just a saying, not emphasizing “good”) I keep imagining Jenny Rivera, but I don’t think theirs was that bad. The responders do their best but there always a chance that a few bodies won’t be identified. collisions like this and all the metal deformation generate intense heat and ignite the fuel, so anything surviving that initial impact would be roasted pretty quick. There are aftermath photos of plane crash victims out there. it makes you realize we’re really just flesh and bones. Let's say the cabin is 50 m. The entire cabin would be pulverized in about 1/2 second. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Usually they will be burned, sometimes to a crisp. Also, consider boxer's experience of being knocked out.

I’ve looked for it and it’s not the series of articles by the Florida paper. It would be like a punch that impacts your entire body, and doesn't stop or reduce in intensity. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I also thought about the people in the buildings during the collapse on 9/11. Consider any time that you've accidentally burned your hand. Literal fragments. A nightmare regardless. One of the simplest ways to presumptively identify a person is by their own wallet. I'm just having a hard time imagining someone you grow up watching on TV in a horrific state. During this process teams are split. In addition, crashes usually do not result in complete obliteration or the remains.

I contemplated what the passengers in the airliners hitting the WTC on 9/11 would have seen... essentially they would see for literally a split second a wall of plane debris then dead. An airliner is a big aluminum can... there would be no impact to cause loss of consciousness, just debris and dead. Totally unconfirmed but a friend heard from a first responder that Kobe was disemboweled and top half of him missing leaving only hands which would corroborate the fingerprint ID. Also, if not burned, just jacked up from the crash, the adults likely had their IDs, etc.

You instinctively pull away from the burn before you even realize what's going on. They had 26 seconds between the first sign of trouble and the crash. If all else fails you have DNA testing. They check the seating plan, if they have to they will use teeth and DNA analysis.

This community is home to verified forensic science professionals and students who are passionate about their work. Usually with DVI, responders use DNA profiling, Fingerprints, Odontology or physical indications (tattoos, scars, surgical implants)- although, visual identification isn’t considered accurate. Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) depends on the severity of the disaster and if bodies are intact or not. I’ll admit I’ve googled photos from other plane crashes and I believe that hearsay report. I saw a photo of the downed chopper and it appeared to be intact as opposed to total rubble. I think it was USAir flight 427.

Surely with that drop in altitude they knew something was wrong. All of these folks were rich and lived in the areas, so with their known identities, getting dental records would be fast. F'in autocorrect. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I keep picturing the crash scene in my head. Lifeless bodies fully intact? Sometimes though they can't tell and the body/remains are listed as unidentified. In the most ideal circumstances, you would have about 20/90, about 1/4 sec to see the front of the plane crumbling in front of you. It was a Cesna 182 (high wing, fixed wheels) that had catastrophic engine failure at about 10,000 feet at dusk. For example, the 911 call of Kevin Cosgrove, I can’t speak specifically to a plane crash, but I have been in a very sudden “life in danger” scenario myself (I was on fire; sustained pretty bad burns) and I now work in emergency medicine. I remember a freeze frame realizing exactly what was about to happen, and the single thought “Bad!”. Press J to jump to the feed. if you Google other accident photos, you’ll see people just filleted into little pieces everywhere. I've wondered if, in that split second, my brain would slow down time (as it does in critical situations) and I would have the sensation of being hit by seats, seeing the plane come apart, feel myself start to be crushed between collapsing rows, before it all goes black. Unless they didn't expect it at all.. which is probably better. They knew the identities of those on board- there are passenger manifestos. I knocked myself out doing something similar (also skiing), but I don’t remember that entire day. They check the seating plan, if they have to they will use teeth and DNA analysis. I'm quite impressed that teeth can resist such extreme conditions. Sorry if this is inappropriate for this sub... not sure where else to post it. I've always assumed that since the aircraft bursts into a giant fireball on impact, all the bodies get essentially disintegrated. If I was on the plane, would I have any time to experience the crash before I was knocked unconscious or killed outright? Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm wondering if it's a situation where they were able to find the lifeless bodies intact or if it's just bits and pieces in the rubble. Cool! I've always wondered, anytime there's a plane crash and people die, how to they identify the bodies to return them to family?

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I think because it terrifies me. There are some subconscious reactions that are much faster than our conscious understanding. It was between 1993-1995. I read this in the St Louis Post Dispatch. And while a passenger manifest absolutely can help figure out who was sitting where, in some crashes you have people (and parts of people) being flung all over the place, so not everyone (or their pieces) is necessarily going to be found near their assigned seat.

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