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Transmedicalists, who often, unfortunately, face varying levels of suffering, trauma and bigotry due to their experience with gender dysphoria, often see those within the transgender community who do not experience a similar level of suffering to have not "earned" being a part of the community. All I feel when I read it is undermining a language I need to argue my rights and a fact about myself. De-radicalization anon here! Philosophy tube and Queer [not sure if it's relevant here, but since someone posted the video I think it's fine?] Oliver "Olly" Thorn, creator of the similarly philosophically themed YouTube channel Philosophy Tube, and PBS Host and YouTuber media critic Lindsay Ellis, have often collaborated with Wynn and previously publically acknowledged that they are her friends.

[5][6], In October 2019, Thorn discussed his sexuality in his YouTube video "Queer✨", where he came out as bisexual and stressed his sexuality was trans-inclusive. Butler reconciles this with her famous quote (again, that Natalie herself quotes in Jordan Peterson): Is it not a sign of despair over public politics when identity becomes its own policy, bringing with it those who would "police" it from various sides? Having discussions with someone who disagrees with you doesn’t mean you're meeting in the middle or selling out your values. hey tumblr friends, I made A NEW VIDEO. Upon learning they were also featured in the video, many of Wynn's critics took to the social media platforms of these other influencers, demanding that they address the controversy with Wynn.

On August 2019, inspired by his friend Hbomberguy's Mermaids stream (which featured Thorn), he hosted a five day charity stream where he read the complete works of William Shakespeare for the Samaritans,[29] with special guests such as ContraPoints, Jim Sterling, Mara Wilson, Kyle Kallgren, Dan Olson (Foldable Human), Maggie Mae Fish and SonicFox, among others, voicing characters from the plays. unrivaled in its ability to mobilize audiences online, discussions surrounding the legitimacy of what BreadTube does, challenging pronoun-announcement doctrine, featuring controversial trans activist Buck Angel, similarly ostracized for a Buck Angel appearance along her side a while back, an effort lead firstmost by whom upon befalls life’s mundane injustices, an established fact that social media poorly reflects the electorate, the legwork of stripping minorities their rights, TikTok Can Coexist with Instagram, but It’s Going to Destroy YouTube, QAnon Is Running Amok, and the Time Has Come for Interventions, Chris D’Elia and the rise of Twitter as a platform to call out sexual predators, Killed by the ghosts of Social Media Past, How to Run a Zoom Cocktail Party (and have better classes, conferences, and meetings, too), Fluid Bodies and Shifting Boundaries in the Internet Age.

Tipy na vedecké aktivity počas karantény". This situation can often feel like a transgender person or persons are being singled out because they are trans, with everyone else recognizing their "otherness." “The early queer theorists weren’t your typical tweed and jacket elbow patches academics. Yet, transmedicalists often target them with mocking, questioning of their genitals, intentional misgendering, name-calling, and other harassment tactics. He also discusses gender and sexuality from a feminist perspective.[23][24][25]. [30] The stream helped raise around $130,000 (£109,440), about 26 times more than what Thorn expected. Thorn studied Philosophy and Theology at the University of St. Andrews, where he also participated in Mermaids and the St Andrews Revue. Besides Harris Brewis, "Opulence" also featured the voices of several other prominent activists, including Kat Blaque and Oliver "Olly" Thorn (a.k.a.

Like I can't imagine feeling affirmed by queer theory, despite its claims to represent me and my rights. I'm giving away a philosophy degree for free! THANK YOU to everyone who helped out! To see the project of political revolution through, the left would have to need more than a dozen semi-popular YouTube channels and a litany of serial shitposters on Twitter.

Thorn raised over £100,000 for Samaritans. [36] The video was also praised by Lukáš Pokorný in the Czech magazine A2. [12] His first video titled "I think therefore I am" about René Descartes was uploaded in May 2013. Perhaps everyone needs to learn that, as long as you feel safe and healthy, we need to begin to create conversations; not with the goal of justifying a preconceived viewpoint or "winning" the argument, but with the goal of learning and opening ourselves up to understanding that the answers may not always be so immediately apparent and the world cannot be so easily defined. I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to say. Philosophy Tube has been met with positive critical reception and has over 680,000 subscribers and 41.4 million views. Buck Angel’s views were even quoted by Garham Linehan, a transphobic right-wing Irish comedian whose actions against the British transgender community were the inspiration for prominent YouTuber Harris "Hbomberguy" Brewis to create a video game live-stream of Donkey Kong 64 for the transgender charity organization Mermaids. ContraPoints Is Political Philosophy Made for YouTube. As of October 2020, the channel has 752,000 subscribers and the videos' cumulative view tally is 47 million. However, he has become a much more divisive figure within the transgender community itself due to his transmedicalist viewpoints. His videos discuss philosophy through a left-wing perspective often informed by developments in contemporary politics. Many of us transsexuals are also appalled and upset at the hate and anger coming from the transgender agenda. When discussing the division points inside the academic left, she points out that this tension occurs between "classic" feminism (second/third wave) and postmodern feminism. The stream lasted five days and featured guests.

", In her own statement, Lindsay Ellis said "I do find [Angel’s] behavior troubling, and I don’t agree with his statements on NB identities.

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