pearson arrow surfboard review

Possibly looking at getting a pearson arrow longboard and wanted to hear an possible feedback on their boards. Talk to a few people and see who feels right., Sounds like OP is a new surfer though, so maybe not ready to buy custom yet. Superblue foam, 6oz glass, and a 2+1 fin setups are the call for a more performance board, and I would go as short as you possibly can, especially since wave-catching tends to be easier than on mushy waves. Infinity Rad Noserider w/ Cluster setup or single - What size btwn 9'0" to 9'6"?

Doug Haut 7’6 mini nose rider tri fin surfboard. Wax residue, scratches, scuffs. # or website so that I could contact B. Wynn or Paul Baymore directly? "But surfers are stubborn," said Mr. French, who has made epoxy-finished boards since 1989. This board is supposed to be more like a competition board that can maneuver well yet still noseride. I could surf virtually any conditions with this board and i really enjoyed it on bigger days.

Pearson arrow surfboard; Approximate dimensions: 9' x 23" Missing fin; Other Info: Fair cosmetic condition, significant signs of use and wear. In any case, they were not able to get me replacement fins despite telling me numerous times that they could. "So they got a bad reputation. "But epoxy is less responsive in overhead waves.". John, Great maneuverability, noseriding and wave entry. This board would work well on a fast and steep point break when your only competition in the water are shortboarders! I've noticed a few comments on possible quality issues with some of their boards. Dave is extremely available/approachable with questions and fields calls personally. Smaller, local shapers, like Bob Pearson of Arrow, a company in Santa Cruz, now also make epoxy boards. Up next is the Donald Takayama In the Pink board. I brought them a fin that had their logo printed on it and said, "What about this?" He emailed me back the same day. Sign up for the Newsletter and receive your free electronic copy of the guide: This guide was written with help by surf coaches who have trained professional surers on the WQS & WCT. In recent years, the most talented shapers have figured out how to work with different thicknesses and densities of EPS foam and to modify their design to compensate for the lighter material. I've never heard of any quality issues with their boards, and mine has held up like a tank for the past 3 years of learning and abuse. I'm not a fan of Arrows. Be the first to review “Pearson Arrow 9’8 CJ Nelson model longboard surfboard” Cancel reply. Well I have to say Pearson makes some killer boards and so does infinity. i got my 9' longboard at norcal surf shop in pacifica, shaped by shaun rhodes. Also second on the Ward Coffee suggestion. I've seen some fair shapes from him. My board was polyester but Paul's epoxy shpaes are very light and strong. I going from an 8 foot soft so I'm not sure if I have enough knowledge on board design and what I may like, The Arrow graphic is so ugly!

Foam - Clark SuperBlue, Supergreen or Classic foam? Greek 7’6 shorty surfboard mini 5 fin longboard.

Pearson Arrow 9’8 CJ Nelson model surfboard. ", A competitor, Richard Novak, the owner of NHS, the parent company of Santa Cruz Surfboards, agreed that epoxy is superior: "Now the industry is saying, 'Why did it take us so long for us to switch over?' "Who wants to ride a" — he spat out a string of expletives — "beer cooler?". He's helped me pick out fins, and wetsuits, and has always been a joy to engage with. Surfed in 2'-5" swells and good in most conditions. ward coffey comes up a lot as a top shaper in santa cruz i got my 9' longboard at norcal surf shop in pacifica, shaped by shaun rhodes. He just made a 9'2 I believe with a step deck and a flex tail I think it was. Later someone else told me he was new and didn't know what he was talking about. This thing is incredible in 3'-5' glass/semi glass Summertime surf. Pearson Arrow hp modern LB - Which pro signature model: Mohr, Tanner or Moriaty in a 9'0" to 9'2"? The cluster fin setup also works better in faster waves, but get 2+1 boxes so you change it if you don't like it. Your Review. How to decide? I'd definitely go talk to him if you're in the market for a new board. He has tons of old templates as well as new stuff. It was better than anything I ever surfed before.". i got my 9' longboard at norcal surf shop in pacifica, shaped by shaun rhodes. He did a great job and did a resin tint (red on the bottom and yellow on the deck with a black resin pinline). They are far more durable than tailor-made ones and are designed by some of the world's best. I haven't seen anything rescent from him but whenever I saw a board from him it was killer. ©1999-2020 - All rights reserved, Swaylock's and Quiver are registered trademarks of, 0xcE50B20133612101F9d2BF4bc2CBdf71F6465f95. Because EPS foam — the same material used for coffee cups and beach coolers — cannot be coated with polyester, which melts it, shapers use epoxy instead. More options than ever exist to satisfy surfers of all appetites.
Faster and more maneuverable than most longboards I've surfed.

Guy is known for his longboards and you see about 10 of em in the water everyday. Al Merrick, whose company, Channel Islands, sold 20,000 boards in 2005, estimates that 20 percent of his orders for custom boards are now for epoxy, a twentyfold increase since Clark's closing.

There were people who said it was sacrilegious to switch." Theres another guy Tommy Eden. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. AT 2 Mile Surf Shop in Bolinas, Calif., John Moore guided an electric planer along a thick loaf of foam. I was planning on talking to the people wherever I plan in getting the board from what I should do. The first models "were junk, barely surfable," said Chris Mauro, the editor of Surfer Magazine. "Now there's a conversation, with people asking, 'What are the pros and cons?' I've also had some rides on a buddy's board, a 9' performance 2+1 setup. (Numerous efforts to reach Mr. Clark were unsuccessful. Nice board but very thick bulky. First off Paul Baymour from Fly surfboard makes all boards out of Epoxy. Great all around longboard for Nor Cal conditions.

It's got to be a good epoxy board.". They make great boards all around.
In addition to handmade epoxy boards, mass-produced, machine-molded boards like those made by Surftech and Santa Cruz Surfboards, are also available. "Because though surfers moan about everything new that comes along, in the end it all comes down to the ride. Name * Email * Related Products.

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