panaeolus cinctulus utah

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Haymower's mushroom, lawnmower’s mushroom. fung. Arr. =Panaeolus cyanescens var. 1993; Stamets 1996; Reid and Eicker 1999; Dennis 1970; Guzmán and Pérez- Patrica 1972; Stijve 1992; Guzmán et al. MICROSCOPIC FEATURES - no described Order Agaricales, Family Psathyrellaceae . & Broome, Ann.

Pleurocystidia chrysocystidioid, 35.7–52.7×15.3–22 μm, metulloidal, ventricose-fusoid, thick-walled, granular, with golden yellow apical incrustations. Brit. platyphyllos Alb. bispora Malençon & Bertault, Champignon Supérieurs du Maroc 1: 301 (1970) Weeks, in Weeks, Singer & Hearn, Lloydia 42(5): 472 (1979) 50): 28 (1983) Pl.

basidiomyc. - Cheilocystidia hyaline 2014). Pegler (1977, 1983, 1986) reported this species as Copelandia cyanescens from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Trinidad and Sri Lanka. SPORES - sometimes beige from top, pale end, at the site therefore often two-tone Brit. fung. 12(3): 195 (1991) Panaeolus cyanoannulatus Atri, M. Kaur & Amand. - inside reddish-brown Panaeolus cinctulus is a cosmopolitan species that grows solitary to gregarious to cespitose (densely clumped) on compost piles, well-fertilized lawns and gardens, and, rarely, directly on horse dung. SPORES Translated from Gerhardt, E. (1996). bispora Malençon & Bertault, Champignon Supérieurs du Maroc 1: 301 (1970) fung. fung. Discussion. Panaeolus cyanoannulatusis a blue-staining species with well developed annulus on the stipe. Widely distributed. - not described

- cylindrical, hollow, whitish, brownish towards the base =Copelandia cyanescens (Sacc.) Panaeolus foenisecii.

Dopamine. 11(no. (Buenos Aires) 2: 95 (1977) STIPE LAMELLAE Quél. The result is that one finds many specimens in the process of transforming their colors, with different tones in distinct areas.

- It is the only rough-spored Panaeolus species (Panaeolus by its black spore deposit) in Europe (and anywhere?). BASIDIA

Pileipellis cellular/hymeniform; hyaline to brownish in KOH. Reported from North America, South America, Europe, middle Siberia, Africa and Hawaiian archipelago. Gerhardt, Beitr. 56): 557 (1871) Chemical Reactions: KOH on cap surface grayish to negative. No type collection exists. in Mém. (London) 1: 633 (1821) =Coprinarius fimicola (Pers.) fung. India, Punjab, Hoshiarpur, Jeewanpur Jattan, 295 m asl., in a group on a mixed cow and horse dung heap in a pasture, 18 July 2008, Amandeep Kaur, PUN 4223. =Coprinus cinctulus (Bolton) Gray, Nat. fung. Hymenophoral trama regular, composed of thin-walled 5.7–18.5 μm broad hyphae. Color brownish and mottled, with the edges remaining whitish, blackish when fully mature. A separate study should be considered to describe the human effects of each isolated, individual chemical listed above. - Stem 65-120 × 2-3 mm, slender, central, translucent gray Discussion. Panaeolus subbalteatus (Berk. Note By Rockefeller: The species concept of Agaricus (Panaeolus) cinctulus is based on a drawing made by Bolton in 1791. =Agaricus varius Bolton, Hist. 1. (Complete English Description Needed). Panaeolus microsporus Ola’h & Cailleux, in Ola’h, Revue Mycol., Paris 33(4): 288 (1969) =Agaricus cinctulus Bolton, Hist. communis Alb. Aeruginascin, Weeks, in Weeks, Singer & Hearn, Lloydia 42(5): 472 (1979) 35): 39 (1979)

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