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Nadakhan's magic and manipulation allowed him to quickly defeat his foes both verbally and physically. Despite these aesthetic changes, the eighth season continued the story of the previous seasons.

Princess Vania attempts to catch the falling Master Wu and Cole, but their combined weight tears her wings loose. The Ninja are then brought into custody. As Kai’s younger sister and the only girl in the team, she is renowned as a bold and strong character. The other Ninja learn of the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu's location from Clutch Powers and break into the Explorer's Club to obtain it, running afoul of the club's manager and irritate club members. Upon arriving at Torchfire Mountain, the only place where the Fangblades can be destroyed, Pythor reveals himself and steals the blades back, leaving the Ninja to die. When Lord Garmadon discovered the island in Season 2, the Overlord convinced him to join forces and assume command of the Stone Army in order to build a super weapon that would upset the balance of light and darkness in Ninjago. Its likely why it returned to its homeworld following Season 2, didn't show up in any of the following Seasons.

One of the other ninja replies that, When Bansha briefly possesses Misako from a distance in "Grave Danger", she yells ", Speaking of which, the Ghosts in season 5 seem to really like the theme for. Clancee, being the kind-hearted one, gives the Ninja some food (to which he declines) and an eyepatch to make the pirate look. The Ninja now go on more adventures on their quest, Clouse, father of Malikai, is a ghost seeking revenge on the Ninja. At the ruins of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, a strange vortex opens up to admit a mysterious hooded warrior who is then confronted by Master Wu; the pair recognize each other and Wu reveals that it has been forty years since he last encountered his enemy. Presenter Danny Murphy takes on three challenges per episode in this 10-part CITV series. All 3 friends find themselves plunging into the mountain. The Resistance just barely holds out when they finally do return in "Green Destiny". Nya tells Jay that she also saw her future: the first time she met Jay. Jay then realizes that part of his future was coming together. The ninja occasionally wear primarily black suits, since that's the most iconic colour for ninja to use. LEGO 71703 NINJAGO Legacy 4+ Storm Fighter Battle Toy Jet Set, Masters of Spinjitzu Toys for Kids. For a brief moment, Mystake holds Garmadon at bay with her rage. That is, except for Jay's final wish. Kai makes the same discovery after visiting Saunders at the museum with a piece of Vermillion Tribe armor, as well as learning that Saunders is Krux. Then, he sends all of his army with trucks at various locations, and the Elemental Masters follow them, but it turns out to be a huge trap, as Chen is already attacking Ninjago with his full force. Season 11: Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu has Aspheera, a former friend of Master Wu and a trained sorceress for the original Serpentine Tribe who desired to learn Spinjitzu. When the Devourer's venom is purified from his body, he appears as an ordinary elderly man wearing a black gi with white sleeves. Although the Ninja believe Zane's dead, Wu discovers from Aspheera, who has been imprisoned, that Zane is banished to a distant and remote realm called the Never-Realm. The Ninja follow, but are stopped by Nya, polluted with Dark Matter. A battle aboard the Iron Doom ends with Wu removing the Reversal Blade, which sets the Iron Doom adrift in time, and giving it to Kai and Nya, who are then dropped in the present where they use it to save their father,only to find that Wu has been lost in time.The Ninja then turn to Lloyd, who determines to get rid of the Reversal Blade before turning their energies to finding Wu wherever he may be in time.Lloyd is declared the ninja's new master. Nya, as the Master of Water, creating a giant water vortex, a scene which comes from the climax of the Season finale. finds out that he may still be alive. Unfortunately, before they can act to stop it, the Time Twins and their forces arrive and inform Kai and Nya that they will help them to retrieve the final Time Blade from its hiding place. The Ninja call Lloyd to meet them and inform him of the situation. P.I.X.A.L.

The ultimate evil Overlord was defeated by the heroes in the middle of a crowded city in a major "final" battle that apparently destroyed the Overlord forever and created a clearing about the size of a small park. Jay tries telling Flintlocke, but Nadakhan thinks he is telling fibs, and the first-mate believes him, so they decided to put Jay in a dangerous game: Scrap 'n' Tap. Cole is a prisoner of the Skull Sorcerer while Princess Vania races back to the surface where she tells the ninja and her father what she saw below. Pythor collapses the stage and steals the cup, while Cole finds his true potential and saves his father. It is also revealed, though Kai's own realization, that Lloyd is the destined Green Ninja. Season 10: The leader of the Oni, Omega and his army of Oni. The ninja quickly gather their things and race to Cole's rescue. Meanwhile, on the Dark Island, Garmadon is guided by the Overlord to an ancient clock and he dons the Helmet of Shadows, starting the clock's countdown to the Final Battle. The ninja enter the Digiverse, the digital reality, where they make their stand against the Overlord. There, the Ninja find Zane's father, Dr. Julien, who explains that Samukai brought him back to life, forcing him to construct the Skeletons' war machines. Now they are Sky Pirates. Nadakhan = 'Not a con'. Also, when Cole claimed he didn't fear anything from this world, Zane pointed out Cole was afraid of dragons. With no other hope of saving Wu, Kai and Nya are forced to enter the sunken library of Hono Mizu in the Boiling Sea, a volcanic region where their parents hid the Reversal Time Blade. Kai recreates the Golden Weapons to help the team fight the Oni.

They're strength allowed them to defeat and abandon Skales and the rest of the Serpentine in their tomb, and Kozu's army proved to be more than a match until the Ninja recieved their Elemental Blades. But dark forces once more threaten NINJAGO Island as the Teapot of Tyrahn is rediscovered by the ghost of Clouse, Master Chen’s former right-hand man. Misako reveals that there might be a way of avoiding the Final Battle: returning the Helmet of Shadows to its pedestal. Zane's real age is even harder to figure out, due to the fact that he. The ninja team's dragons leave for an indeterminate amount of time for what's basically dragon puberty before showing up in time for the ninja to begin battle with the Overlord. His endgame is the use a spell requiring the elements to transform his new criminal empire into the Anacondri tribe he worships. Nelson persuades Antonia to help him warn Master Wu. Facing the Overlord, Lloyd summons the Golden Dragon and defeats him, freeing the city from his control. These mini movies were released in 2011 and show the lives of the ninja between the pilot episodes and the first season. Okino soon realizes Prime Empire is not a real place, merely a simulation and he is part of it. When he denies, they take matters into their own hands and defy him.

On Dyer Island, the ninja instead meet Bob the Intern, who used to work for Dyer. This destruction, caused by the ninja defeating the Preeminent, leads Nadakhan to vow revenge. Ronin offers to capture the Ninja in exchange for a 'clean slate,' meaning all of the crimes he committed, will be undone. Arcturus heads into the trail of a comet, where the fused molding of the Golden Weapons is located. This angers Garmadon, who swears to destroy Lloyd and the entire Ninjago City. In the eleventh season in 2019, the show switched from a 22-minute format to … Wu tells Cole about a legendary Temple of Earth Elementals known as the Heart of the Mountain. The Ninja are shipped it off to Kryptarium Prison. The villains' plan is soon revealed as the Iron Doom arrives in Ninjago's past just after the Time Twins' original defeat at the hands of the Elemental Masters, who are soon attacked by the Vermillion. After freeing Kai and battling several Nindroids, the ninja make a last-minute decision to board the rocket ship, as it blasts off into space. "The Curse of the Golden Master": After the hooded stranger blocks Lloyd's power, he removes his hood, revealing himself as, "The Way Back": The Ninja have managed to hit Nadakhan with a Tiger Widow Venom dart, which slows down a djinn and kills a normal human, Jay tries to wish that Nadakhan was not a djinn, as he is too weakened to twist Jay's words. Season 4: Master Chen, the leader of a criminal empire, organizes the Tournament of Elements as a guise to successfully steal the powers of the current elemental masters, which he then uses to turn himself and his followers into Anacondrai in order to take over Ninjago. After the ninjas have defeated Nadakhan and his pirate crew, things went back to normal, for everyone. Then, they fix the Land-Bounty and escape the beetle.

Lloyd and Red take on their journey to find Zane. Kevin and Dan suggest that the 3 Ninja disguise themselves as Sky Pirates to sneak the poison on Misfortune's Keep, and pass undetected by speaking pirate dialect, apart from Lloyd, who seems to be horrible at talking pirate. They start building a Raid Zeppelin, the blueprint Jay wrote his message on. Sibling blacksmiths Kai and Nya meet a mysterious old man Master Wu, who seeks their help to train under him against the threat of his soon to return brother Garmadon and his new army of Skulkin who dominate the Underworld under leadership of former king Samukai, whom Garmadon overthrew. In the Digiverse, the ninja confront the Digital Overlord, but they are being swiftly overwhelmed, as he gains more of Lloyd's golden power from the outside world. When Akita and Kataru arrive, Boreal freezes Kataru. Towards the end of the episode, P.I.X.A.L. They eventually overcome her and reach the coast, but Garmadon uses Garmatron, infecting the balance. The Ninja now must race to stop this new threat, know as Morro, who was the Ninja's Master's First Student, A past enemy named Kronos has risen by the help of other villains planning to conquer Ninjago. In the Realm of Oni and Dragons, the Dragon Hunters release the Ninja and Faith after realising that Iron Baron showed his true colors and cares only about himself. In "The Royal Blacksmiths" Cole mentions Clutch Powers, the main protagonist of a previously released LEGO film.

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