nicknames for chance

10. 42. 42.

In other words: They’re ditzy.

Chica is a Spanish term that translates to ‘girl’. Many friends use the word bae fondly among each other. They usually think outside of the box. Moose: You can use this nickname to tease your friend about their height. 4. A nerdy, dorky attitude will earn a friend this name.

They always have something to say.


They may not like it, though. Amiga.

I love playing games, exploring new technologies, buying cool gadgets.

Someone who wants to be a big shot one day and is exceeding can wear this name proudly.

Because they just wanna jealous the girls Because most of the boys don’t mind jokes and the nicknamess!

28. Princess is perfect for someone who is spoiled and acts like royalty. Evil Twin: If your best friend is decidedly more risque than you, this would be a one of the better things to call your best friend.

Sparkles is a great name for someone with a sparkling personality. This article has many nicknames available.

They always seem to want to crack jokes and play games. It was popularly used back when Myspace was popular. Chicken Little: If your friend always thinks that the worst things are about to happen, this is a good nickname to go with.
7. Good luck! Double Dare: This nickname is perfect for a friend who is a true daredevil and never turns down a dare from anyone. Amiga translates from Spanish to English as, “Friend.” It is the female pronunciation of the word.

Handsome means someone is extremely good looking and should be used on someone who is attractive. A great name for someone who is a little chunky, but ensure they are okay with you using this term. Look at this rundown of magnificent epithets for that cool young lady in your life.

Someone who partakes in some gross behavior or activities. 43. Given to someone who is married or is to be married soon. That sounds like it would be the perfect name for a group of three best friends!

The Mechanic: This is one of the best things to call your best friend if he or she happens to be great at fixing or repairing things. Einstein: If your friend thinks that they know everything, you can use this nickname to be ironic. 1. 15. is a great nickname to give someone who is a hopeless romantic. Give this name to someone who always knows how to incite laughter or laughs a lot themselves!
Twiddle Dee: If one of you is called Twiddle Dee, you can always call the other Twiddle Dum. Cheese: This nickname would work well if the other friend is called Macaroni. Perfect for someone you would say, “She is such a gem,” about. 17. Someone who works on a farm, ranch or comes from the South could be considered a cowboy. Another way of calling someone a mama. 44. 25. For men you would say, “Amigo.” Bae.

Another term to use on someone who is really attractive and buff. Thank you for sharing your positive comment.

They always know how to cheer up everyone around them and they never seem to frown. and is still used today. Nemo is just a cute name that comes from the famous movie Finding Nemo.

Someone who is swift on their feet, or is a dancer, usually ballet may have this name selected for them. Someone who is rich and is a womanizer may be called Sugar Daddy. Godzilla: This is one of the funny nicknames for friends you can use if your friend always seems to break things.

20. Daisy Duke is the sexy, country girl from Dukes Of Hazzard, she usually wears short shorts and has a southern accent. 5 years ago. Sometimes, what you really need are funny nicknames for friends. Someone who very sneaky may be called Snake.

Giggle Belly: If your best friend is always smiling, then this would be a fun nickname.

37. , she usually wears short shorts and has a southern accent.

Would you like to Add A Nickname? Names similar to Chance. When you do something heroic, you should earn this name.

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