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Use our property phonebook. myHR offers Employee/Manager Self-Service, My Organization, Attendance, and Vacation Management. Register for a website account to save your favourite properties. This site uses cookies. Best viewed with Chrome. Check your payslip, sort out problems with your pay, claim expenses. MyHR Logistics colleague guide Use this guide to help you complete some manager tasks in MyHR. All rights reserved. Login to myHR Manager Self-Service (MSS) here.

Friday 20 November See all double discount days. Isle of Man colleagues - you can update your personal information and add your bank details. If you're having problems logging in to MyHR, call the IT Service Desk on 0330 606 1844. Discounts, pensions, health and wellbeing, help with your finances, advice and support. Enter the password that accompanies your e-mail. Don't have an account? Sign in to MyHR. Find out how to access MyHR if you're a contingent worker at Co-op. Email.

It’s also for colleagues and managers in depots, Food and Funeralcare who are field or office based. This is for Funeralcare colleagues and managers who work in operations, transport, masonry and coffin factory. Looking for property contact details? Information collected in MyHR Recruitment will be securely stored and will only be made available to appropriate authorised officers of DoE or agents employed by DoE. By continuing to use this site you're agreeing to our cookie policy. <>>> PDF, 24 pages, 436KB. Can I access MyHR from home (off campus)? There are different methods depending on whether you want to access the office from home, from your laptop anywhere in the world, or any computer. Daniel Barnes tells us more about being part of the Date Code trial and the benefits he’s found. PDF, 9 pages, 242KB, MyHR Logistics manager guide Support Centre and Legal Services section. By continuing to use this site you're agreeing to our cookie policy. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use ©2020 MyHR Limited | v: . endobj Data Stored and Used in Gallagher myHR Application, myHR is an integrated HRIS application used to facilitate Gallagher global Human Resources processes including, hiring, performance related processes, and in many cases is integrated to payroll.

Do not include personal or financial information like your phone number or credit card details. Home Page Once logged in you will be presented with the myHR homepage. ��',����A�������M*��G�{t�����cM��oI��!v[��d�I~�Iw����v�% �QnFQi Mon-Fri (8am-6pm) Sat (8am-4pm) Request a call back Contact us.

Use this guide to help you some complete some tasks in MyHR.

UK colleagues - you can view your online payslip, update your personal information and add your bank details. As a result, you can log into a single portal for all your HR, Finance and Training tasks. 379KB, 14 pages. Contact. Do you already live in an Anchor Hanover leasehold or rental property, or want to apply for rental housing?

Please click Sign In button below. u�][����c���-�i'a����p�t��rkO1�7�w7�.6��Ps/L`�CH�yJ���q��)�,��)9��-�KWA��^�m��m�1%yzh��f�H�����������?���N�jޛ�Q�}�;��?�ջA��%�+ �7�����?`�m�4���10������888���ݩ��ZF�*�7r�O]�_�i�K�X�2��7���^K.d�ܒ�4^*�b�?ܱm��{~��9r�)�H��לa�F|:��I}�?����cנQw�H2 �ZB>Ԉ����F���>�q�}M���@x�EQ%��=j�s$�����fS�9 ���p�z����g?�IEp����&N`O`�u��-�4��Ѫ�I��?����+cV���U��7ډ�3Y2� ����T��2�����|jI�Ю��%�]��pM^�q�o:õ�ILWcܾ�ă�Y���9����$��Я����������(��᯻�]Ո��/������P%F=X�y~&W�]"#��{J�����B/ If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

This is for depot colleagues and depot managers who use KRONOS. This allows you to access your office-based facilities whilst out of the office.

More stories. Anchor Hanover staff can use myHR to request holidays, view payslips or update their details. PDF, 14 pages, 340KB, MyHR manager guide Insurance Your IP: Once you have logged in please check that your personal information, as viewed, is correct and up to date. PDF, 14 pages, 375KB. Use the guidance in the Support Centre and Legal Services section. S���ˤ��W�Wݿ�������v�P�*~����v er�~�:�B#A�Bz�:vmi��u����Ѿ|�7�$�,��� 3 0 obj If prompted during login, enter your Single Sign On username (e.g., jsmith) and your, Please read the Privacy Statement below regarding the use of employee data. Forgotten Password? Use these guides to help you complete some tasks in MyHR.

MyHR Currently selected; MyHR Home Currently selected; Recent. � 5]��1���Z�גd�(��l�C��²�o_�o��I?���%+Bw�g���8?����ZH�U��������^R�

Login to myHR Manager Self-Service (MSS) here. Forgotten password? Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Newsletter. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check what to do if you or someone you manage is ill, and how to manage business travel and remote working. �M�9vh�m��G�n~�PԌ�=��pg��kX��|5r�4�����-@K��s����������M�b/��e��gR��~�gwOw��>��2v�) �E������z��Ά�Aߍڮq��Qv��˽�Z��YsUZ����"\�,��59��F ��լ.�O�Q %���D�L�w5�|y�v��R�Է@z% �Bs(Otx�9��_b�~���7��~����wۡ��y�_c�-�����wT`*���r�>�ī!8ߒ]�����硻&=��B,�%���&�]üDex�_ˆ^sh#i�[0���Q#V��sNJ��1���!�=ݤ�#I���|]�"wF=�m���*�I�R؇?�j��H竻%�����Ny. Store managers should continue to use TARA to record holidays, sickness absence and overtime. Sign in to MyHR. PDF, 24 pages, 446KB. Don't have an account? ,�e)����ʟ9*�鬻����-�JL Read more about how to use MyHR securely. This is for colleagues and managers who work in the support centre and Legal Services. This website uses cookies which track activity so that you get the best possible experience. This is for food store colleagues, store managers and area managers. MyHR colleague guide Insurance Access MyHR MyHR manager guide support centre All rights reserved. )E�s���Km�a�j���)�ۿ�*���햒W�ea���D?�S� �Q�K�ơ�����e�]�Fx��J�҂�SG�ǝ!^�L�G̋�gw(p1���R MyHR integrates with MyFinance providing a single, fully integrated HR, Payroll and Finance management system. Don't have an account?

Sign up now. Residents can securely access your rental and leaseholder account details through MyAccount. >Ox�C�;'�V����\]�ø�H�|�^��f�PȀ�?��fI�^��Q�+����� We believe that the data held within MyHR is as accurate as possible. Honest Value, our new value brand launches in store today. Co-op colleagues homepage. Use this guide to help you complete some tasks in MyHR. Queensland Department of Education and Training The section of the website you are trying to access requires a DETE Logon ID and password. Password. Appropriate measures are. endobj Manager Self-Service . ���$|Tþ`��OBռ���,=]���w����n)��v)���?D�P�����VdG�TQ����p��&E����'f�3{Y}f��������*S8�E�wn-�%�=GI�ЍuKq�B�FXP�ӂ�G�r��cgR��6R5CN����o��>�T�W+�ߞn|Vߝj�S�n���0Yxou�ݭsE�a��J*9�}sP�\m����AN;Ȳ�"A�$�my��U���E�?K�ϟIn�-�(O�}x,0�W��9�I��'IQ�1���o��{��s�P_՟��g�.�!6��Щp�z?�� Sign up now. MyHR colleague guide support centre Please refer to the remote access tools page on the ITS web pages. Thursday 19 November See all pay days. • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.

By continuing to use this website we will assume you are happy and cookies will be set. MyHR colleague guide food stores MyHR manager guide Funeralcare Login to ESS . 9��_�k��ϠT��Q���� ����Z�w�a��V����� ��2���9�'E�$\i��u� 稡oH�5�;�j�+�tx �����@)A����p`���c7���s���7xmK*zϐE�����*�Ev�S�o��sGF��fP)�����5��kAM� bu�����"?%�pjOY_����)z�*��RPrI�@ ]�b��G\�dw��� %PDF-1.5 £15 million raised for local causes. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 11 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 841.92 595.32] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Use this guide to help you complete some tasks as a colleague in MyHR. taken to protect employee data from unauthorized, unlawful access or disclosure. © Co-operative Group Limited. Affiliate links. Next double discount day. The bar across the top of the screen lists the main ... historic payslips and P60’s through this page within the myHR. <>

© 2012-2020 Titanium Technologies . PDF, 24 pages, 447KB, MyHR colleague guide for Member Pioneers

You can manage your colleague’s employment information such as processing new starters, making contractual changes, transferring colleagues and processing leavers.

The MyHR Recruitment application is optimised for Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. %���� <> Employee Self-Service. 4 0 obj • Feel free to make updates and if you have any questions or believe that any information is inaccurate please do not hesitate to speak to either your departmental administrator or email HR Services. Coronavirus . MyHR colleague guide food stores PDF, 9 pages, 237KB If you're a food store manager or area manager Use the guidance on How Do I to help you complete some manager tasks in MyHR. stream Forgotten password? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. MyHR@Home Employee Portal; Learning Management System (LMS) access; LMS documentation - Employee Access; Job Postings - Internal employees only Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed86fe65c7636de Sign up now . Login to myHR Employee Self-Service (ESS) here. Getting transfers right myHR SSO Login for AJG Employees, Ex-Employees, and Contractors.

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