mu 2 private server

Eventos Admin Y Gm Play2Win Server, GRAND OPENING AUGUST 04, 2020 - FRANCE HOST - SEASON 3 - x9999 EXPERIENCE RATE - 32767 MAXIMUM STATS - BALANCED PvP - WEEKLY CASTLE SIEGE - BETTER ANTI CHEAT - ACTIVE STAFF - NO CUSTOM ITEMS - HUNTABLE END GEAR ITEMS. [EXP 9999x] [DROP 100] [SEASON 4 EPISODE 6] [FREE VIP] [FREE START CREDITS] [10k START STATS] [MAX STATS 32767] [DAILY EVENTS] [EASY EXC ITEMS] [SPOTS IN ALL MAPS] [GRAND RESET SYSTEM] [ONLINE 24/7] [FRIENDLY COMMUNITY] [ADVANCED ADMINS] [POINTS PER... Mu Migration Online Season 6 Ep.3 Experiencia 500x - 300x Sistema Party Exp. 3. ⏩Experiencia Master: 25x. Unique Game server, Finde die besten Wow Server anhand von Host oder Ort auf unserer Topseite und spiele kostenlos. X1000 AND X15 WORK! Drop 35% Mu Online Europe private server Season 15 Part 1 3 Servers for each taste, X10 NORESET, x50 slow, and X500 Easy server! Custom server files, [EXP 1000x/1500x] [DROP 50] [97D] [UNIQUE VIP SYSTEM] [MAX LEVEL 350] [DAILY EVENTS] [UNIQUE SERVER] [ONLINE 24/7] [FRIENDLY COMMUNITY] [ADVANCED ADMINS] [POINTS PER LEVEL: 5/5/7] [UNIQUE GM SYSTEM] [JOIN US NOW], Season 3 Exclusive ][ Exp: 9999x ][ Long Time Server ][ Stable Server 24/7 ][ New Ancients ][ New Sets Customs ][ Unique Gameplay ][ Ballanced PVP ][ Castle Siege Weekly ][ Join NOW]. Max Resets 200 For best experience while browsing servers on our top list, please Enable Javascript in your browser. Play to win: RealMU!!! Server Version Season 15.2 Bless Bug: OFF Excellent server 3 season 1 episode with the addition of higher seasons. New server for max style server fans will be opened at 26 June! Balanced PvP Server Experience: 1000x Event's everyday, PVP/PVM | New Bosses | The best systems in the world. Below are listed most popular mu online private servers based by player voting. MuO Play S15 Just Opened - Starter Bonus Quality and Interesting game is the value of MuO Play [X5 NonReset, X200 Slow, X1000 Fast], Freebies for new characters, Many great features: Quest System with leveling road, New Jewels, Jewel Bank, Automatized Monthly Events, Market, Lag-free and long term, Join the Opening of our project Today We have great plans and great prospects. Stats Máximos: 65.000 AZAMU Season15 - [FREE FREEBIES - Low x50] - Custom Quest System! Experiencia: 500x - 300x Maximum Level: 350 - Online helpful admins 3 Worlds, more than 3000 Online on all servers! Unique Progress gameplay reward - Battle Pas Resets Points Per Reset: [ NO FO ITEMS - MAX 3 OPTS!] Reset: 400

Wings & items from S14,S15 !! Asgardmu Season 15, New server x10 NORESETS OPENING 11.SEPTEMBER! dk/bk=550 IF YOU BRING A FRIEND YOU GET 500 CREDITS Mu Instinto Online [Exp x500 - x300 | Drop 40%]. Play2Win Server Server info: 150EXP / 7 Points per level for: BK, SM, ELF / 10 Points per level for: DL, MG Unique Progress gameplay reward - Battle Pas Resets Quest System in game with epic rewards! Server 97i + 99b good old build. Reset Points: 250 Explore and fight! Online Since 2012 Q1 ⏩Spots: 6/8 mobs. !. Exp: 1.000x

items in a shop / No skins / No offlevel /... 1. * NEW MONSTERS Points Per LvL 5/7 Max ML : 220 Search and find the Top 100 Mu Online private servers ranked by votes, version, type using our top list and vote for your favourite. Admired maps, bosses and events.

Get Game Server Get Login Server Get Datapack . Experience 50x Server Hosted in USA With 24/7 Support⚡MU NENUX⚡SEASON6 EPI 15 New Long-Term Project Private Server Opening on August 17, 2020.

⏩Maximo Lvl 400. Exp Rate : 5000x Character Information: Reset Level: 350 Keep Stats: No Max Stats Per... MU League (servidor slow) Experiencia X40 Drop 30% Max. Server Started 05.04.2020 Complete Season 6 Episode 3 Max Stats: 65535 7 Characters with all available evaluations Items upgrade up to +15 Item options up to +28 Original Small Wings System for Low level Characters Global Message (Post) Command with anti-flood option ... NEW X100 START 07.11.20! Drop: 25% * NEW BOSSES B... Mu Migration Online Season 6 Ep.3 Toplist reset in 25 days, 9 hours and 44 minutes. Welcome to OriginalMU 0.97-0.99D (exp 13&x150) (Drop 30) (PVP) Приведи друга и получи 5$. Item options up to +28

Easy level up, easy item grinding, non-stop PVP! Char unlock level: 1lvl Server Events: BC / Chaos Castle / Happy Hour Grand Opening 17 October, Server Information Top 100 Privat Server die in Germany gehostet werden, füge Deinen World of Warcraft Server hinzu und mach Werbung bei uns. Fun drop style and easy loot! 498.

AZAMU - for those who appreciate quality server, low-rate exp, and active support We are offer to try our non-standard implementation game process More interesting then ever. Many innovations and thoughtful solutions to improve the gameplay.

Paragon Network - Private server organisation focusing on... New premium mu project based on latest season 15 Episode 1 server files! The first world will open with x200 exp server, dynamic EXP! elf/me=550 Easy to collect Wcoins and Goblin points just by playing game! Complete Season 6 Episode 3 Toggle navigation New servers. NO - Webshop, Free play server and xShop is enabled.

6 Real Warehouses Mu Online Private Servers. Master Exp: 10x. Balanced PVP and PVE. Ancient F.O Items on Land Of Trials More than 20 years have passed but mu online is still massively played all over the world. EuropeMU Online S12 Premium, No Bugs, 1 Server x1000 with more to come, Advanced Spots, Minimap, MUUN, RUUD, Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel Sets, Nicely Configured Events, Items, Drops, Increased Monsters Power, No Full Items and Stat Points, Join ... Join MU Online!

FACEBOOK:, OTH MU, New Server Dynamic Exp: 100x & Master Exp: 10x.

ML Rate : 5000x

Get L2J CLI Get Geodata . - No itemshop, no fo items. General Information

Grand Reset 28 Reward 10k Credites

New Characters Bonus Points: 1500 Master Experience 45x Experiencia 500x - 300x Server Started 10-10-2020 *Season 12 Episode 2 *Exp 145x Drop 70% *Max LvL 400 *Max Reset 70 Reset Points 500 *Active Quest System *Active Event System *Active Anti-Hack System *Join Us! Item Drop: 40% Huge reset rewards, fun gameplay! Version: Season 6 Epi 3 Experiencia: 600x - 250x Item Drop: 30% Stats Máximos: 65.000 Reset: 400 Puntos por Reset: 0 Grand Reset: 500 RR Master Level: 200 x GR Master Exp: 10x, Server Version: 97d+99i Reset rewards! Starter gifts, lucky set for all players! Armate sin 1$ y diviertete con tus amigos. Mu online Europe Official Season 15 Episode 1! Pvp Balanceados, Mu kaimas S15 X9999 OPENING SEPTEMBER 18.

Unique with our Hard Economy system, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting and well-considered Gameplay and Good Configurated server [In MU We Trust] - Join Us. Server Information: Server Name: DarkRage Server Version: 97d+99i Experience: 9999x Drop Rate: 50% Max Resets: 12 Raised every Sunday at 22:00h with 2 Server UpTime: 24/7 99,99% 2. Private Mu Online Server. New events, sets, ancients, wings, pets and boses await to be looted and conquered. Server info: 150EXP / 7 Points per level for: BK, SM, ELF / 10 Points per level for: DL, MG [MuWaRTeaM - Season 2][No Reset][Exp: 1-10x Dynamic][Drop: 50-70% Dynamic][Good events and quests][VIP System][PC Point, Cash and Gold Credit System][Vote System][Shop Map][/Offattack][/pickitems][/offstore][Exchange Jewels System][Exchange Gold Cred... SUPER HOT MU ONLINE, NEW SKILLSALL NEW MU ONLINE SETSNEW WEAPONS2 NEW MAPSMOBSSKILL TREE LOT MORE NEW 3RD LVL WINGS3RD QUESTS. PoPyNx-MU Online Season 6 Episode 2 OPENING on the day ⚡21 / 06 / 2020⚡ 05:00 PM PERUVIAN TIME! Season: 6 Episode Ep 3 DexterMu.

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