mining feasibility study checklist

Studies for mining projects are typically commenced when an exploration programme has identified a mineable resource and pre-feasibility studies have shown that development of the resource would lead to an economically viable project. 4. 11. Once a project is in operation, historical records and "life of mine" plans will provide the most significant data. Is the management adequate and appropriate for the operation?

6. Checklists bring focus and minimize sidetracking down unnecessary paths. You consent to these cookies by using the site. 1. 1. Are there process royalties payable? Connecting With Investors – Any New Ideas? I enjoyed your article also, and concur that each project requires tailoring to achieve the desired objectives and commonly the process is in more than 1 stage with a higher level review to begin before a more indepth review subject to passing the high level review. changes in rates after a certain amount has been paid? Hi Mark, Thanks for the feedback and comment.

It is not unusual, especially in operating mines, for the ore reserve estimate and the mining plan to be out of agreement because they are not always updated with the same frequency. Obtain a complete organization chart, from the first level of operator to the highest executive, including the owners of the corporate entity. What are the transportation costs to the refinery? Are there management and personnel characteristics that contribute to the success of the operation?

I have sent a copy to you. Have the ongoing costs been estimated? 1. Browse our full library of content available for purchase including hard copy and digital editions. Often a sub-optimal but acceptable design is used as the basis of the feasibility study with further optimisation undertaken (or not) once the project has been approved. If not, who does? What selling prices are to be used in the evaluation? 3. 5.

Engage a translator who is familiar with the specific technical terms associated with mining and metallurgy. So, as easy as it is to be impatient with the company you invested in raising money only to spend them on studies, these are all an important part of the process. This information must be confirmed before any other work is done. Are the personnel adequate and appropriate for the operation? Can you get copies of them? There is always a learning curve in the first months which results in some loss of efficiency in the beginning of a new operation. Environmental issues are significant at a number of levels. Pit Wall Angles and Bench Width – How Do They Relate? Capital costs are also a critical factor in the rate of return calculation. Are there camp costs? Are capital costs included for decommissioning? Webinars, conference recordings and special events. Remember that labour costs will be at least l00ffJo in that year. They account for most of the owner's investment and they determine the amount to be borrowed from the banks. Regards, Ken. payments based on the number of tonnes, ounces, or pounds produced? It may appear self-evident that one should use the same system of measurement for all aspects of a project. It is often easier to find data and assumptions and back-up calculations in a feasibility study than in an operating mine's records. Discounted cash flow rate of return (DCF ROR)? 4. I will appreciate it if you can please share your excel DD checklist Normally, the feasibility study will take place in parallel with the baseline investigations of the EIA, and will be guided by its results on an ongoing basis.

For these reasons the Prefeasibility Study must be prepared with great care by experienced people, and its conclusions should be heavily qualified wherever necessary. As there is a very low probability of an exploration project proceeding to become a mine it is evident that this risk is quite a serious one at the Scoping Study stage. Whether a particular bank will actually lend against the project is another question, depending on many matters that are outside the control of the feasibility study team. Many good projects have failed because of difficulties among the owners. 3. Thanks for the insight on due diligence, and would appreciate it very much if you could kindly share an excel copy of your dd check list?

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